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On April 1, 2009, Mr.Hero624 posted a fake GCB Awards fanfic, with fake winners. Though some denied it after finding out, all the users who read it, believed it to be true. Some users even thought it was true, after Hero confessed that it was an April Fools joke.

Announcer: Live from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it's the GCB Awards! Please welcome your host, Adidas! April fools. Here's your real host, Vornoff!

Vorn: Hello GCB, and welcome to the 6th annual GCB awards, I am vornoff, and I'll be your host for the evening. So, sit back, relax, and get jiggy with each other. The first award is best n00b, and to present that is the regular annual winner, the president Uber.

Uber is no where to be seen. The crowd becomes silent.::

Vorn: Oh, that Uber's such a trickster, on April Fools of all days.

Threm, who was the stage manager for the evening replied.::

Threm: Hey Vorn, he's really not here.

Vorn: Oh well, I guess I'll have to announce the winner. And the nominees are, The Uber Jedi, Magnetic Badger, adidas,The-Backpack. And the winner is, Backpack!

Backpack runs up to the stage.::

Backpack: Yes, you guys love me! Now can someone give me a job?

Vorn: Our next award is worst n00b. Adidas is the regular winner of the award, but since he is permanently banned, he is ineligible for the award. To announce the award, and old winner, Mario2.

Mario I want to kitu CRM iere you, I want to kitu CRM iere you very much so, with my preroi CRM now in all of your holes.

Vorn: Someone please get him off the stage.

Security bloi CRM nows mario out.::

Vorn: Well I guess I'm gonna have to announce this award as well. The nominees are Dr. Chocolate, Backpack, lilb, and Goku. And the winner is, Goku!

Goku comes up to the stage.::

Goku: By the power levels of 9000, I have superseded myself into become the best! I am an award winner, something that many of you will never be able to feel...

Vorn: Umm, this is one of those bad awards.

Goku: What? Oh...

Goku leaves the stage dissapointed.::

Vorn: Wasn't that fantastic. Well our next award is most intelligent, and to present the award is a user who lacks it, Mr. Hero.

Hero: Hey, I resent that!

Vorn: Oh don't be so serious.

Hero: I have feelings you know! Just cause I'm a virgin, doesn't mean you can make fun of me.

Vorn: What?

Hero runs off the stage.::

Vorn: Do I have to give out every award? Anywho, here it goes, the nominees are Escee, m00, Frog, and Dillo. And the winner is, teh cow!

m00 comes up.::

m00: Mooooooooooooooo

Vorn: Thank you m00. The next award is most enthusiastic, and let's hope this next presenter doesn't [F-word] us over. Here is Liz!

Liz: Hey guys, I know I haven't been around much lately, but I'll make it up to you with titties! Not mine of course, well maybe, if I get drunk enough.

Shortly after Liz flashes everyone.::

Liz: Alright, so the nominees are, Traptor, Backpack, Nestclop, and DaBest, and the winner is, Nestclop.

Nestclop gallops up to the stage.::

Nesty: Tingle rules!

Vorn: Thank you Nestclop, and a grateful thanks to Liz. Well our next award is most optimistic, and well Threm was the only one to get voted for that award, so we'll just skip that one. So the next award is most dedicated. To announce this award is Luis.

Luis: Hey guys, how's it going? Well, it's an honour to be up here announcing this award to you all. I always thought...

Vorn looks at Luis, and taps on his watch.::

Luis: Well the nominees are, Frog, Traptor, Panda, and Conapple. And the winner is, Conapple!

Just before Conapple can get on stage, Vorn stops Luis.::

Vorn: Wait a minute, let me see that ballot. Just as I thought, Conapple's not even on this thing. Cheating for your alt, how despicable. The real winner is actually DaBest.

DaBest: Ha, yes! I am DaBest!

Vorn: Well onto our next award, most creative. To announce the award, Frog.

Frog: I surely thought I would have been at least nominated for this. Ah well, the nominees are Traptor, Conapple, Dillo, and Hero, and the winner is, well I'll be, Conapple.

Announcer: Conapple is not in stage, to accept the award is Supergreg.

Vorn: Wait, I thought Luis was Conapple.

Greg accepted the award.::

Vorn: Well I'll be. Anywho, our next award is most emo. PDL has come a long way to announce this award.

PDL: What, you guys told me I was announcing coolest user. I hate you guys. Well as long as I don't win this thing.

PDL opens the ballot.::

PDL: What, I don't even post here anymore! How the hell did I win! That's it, someone give me a knife...

Security takes PDL away.::

Vorn: Maybe we should stop doing that award. Well the next award is biggest pervert. To announce the award, here's Yoshidude.

Yoshi: I seem like an odd choice to announce this award, but here it goes. The nominees are, Liz, Nestclop, Vorn, and Panda, and the winner is Vorn.

Vorn: Well I'll be. Thank you all. Well onto the next award, Coolest user. To announce this award, here's Panda.

Panda: Thank you. The nominees are, Threm, DaBest, Traptor, and Solar, and the winner is Solar.

Solar: I'd like to thank the GCB Meet for allowing this award to be possible.

Vorn: Well Solar, you might as well stay up here, cause you will be announcing the next award, most likely to be modded.

Solar: I remember never winning this award, because I've been a mod since the beginning! Ha take that guys.

Vorn: No need to be rude.

Solar: Sorry. The nominees are, Threm, Escee, Chrono, and Dillo, and the winner is, Dillo.

Dillo: I'd like to dedicate this award to April. I love you girl.

April ducks and covers.::

Vorn: The next award is most likely to be permabanned. Since Didaz is already perma'd and ineligible, this became the closest vote of them all. To announce the award is Didaz.

Didaz: Hi! Thank you for letting me in the building. The nominees are, Nestclop, Sub, Blink, and Dr. Jawn, and the winner is Blink.

Announcer: Blink is in jail, so adidas will accept the award for him.

Didaz: Thank you.

Vorn: Well onto our next award, best icon. To announce the award is DaBest.

DaBest: Wait, does this mean that I didn't win? This sucks. Well the nominees are, Behnom, Hero, m00, and Threm. The winner is Hero.

Announcer: Hero is still crying over being a virgin, so to accept his award, Conapple Pokopo.

Hero walks up to the stage in a very poorly made Conapple costume. Everyone could tell that it's Hero.::

Vorn: Now I'm confused.

Hero/Conapple: Knowing Hero personally, I know that he is really happy to win this award.

Vorn: Umm, Conapple, why don't you stay up for the next award, best icon maker.

Hero/Conapple: Okay. The nominees are, Hero, DaBest, and Dillo. And the winner is Dillo.

Dillo comes up and raves some more about April.::

Vorn: Well it looks as though I'm scheduled to announce the next 3 awards. Best Mod, Best Mod Colours, and Best Mod/VIP/Vorn Title. The nominees and winner are the same for all 3. The nominees are, Link, Luis, Solar, and Yoshi, and the winner is a shocker, it's Link.

Link: Yes you guys finally like me!

The crowd starts booing and throwing tomatoes at Link. Link runs away like a sissy.::

Vorn: The next two awards are best sig and bio, and each award only got one vote. The winner was DaBest in both counts, but these awards really are a waste nowadays, so let's just move on. The next award is Best polls. Escee will present the award.

Escee ascends from the sky.::

Escee: The nominees are, Traptor, Frog, Panda, and Dillo, and the winner is Panda.

Panda at this point highly intoxicated trips as he's going up the stage, and breaks his leg.::

Vorn: Let's move on. The next award is Best Topics... I'm being told that Panda has actually won this award, and that we should just move on. So the next award is, Nicest User. To announce this award, Traptor.

Traptor: I'm not announcing this [S-word] Everyone on the GCB is a bastard as far as I'm concerned.

Vorn: I guess I'll announce it. The nominees are Yoshi, Nate, DaBest, and Threm, and the winner is Nate.

Nate: Cool, I honestly thought I stopped being noticed after I stopped being a n00b.

Vorn: Wonderful words. Next award is Most Generous. Threm will you come up and announce the award?

Threm: I hope people didn't factor in adoptions to this when voting, cause adoptions are lame. Anywho, the nominees are, DaBest, Hero, Panda, and Dillo. The winner is DaBest.

DaBest: What can I say. I am simply DaBest.

Vorn: You know, you should get your head out of your ass. Sorry, I just had to say that. The next award is most improved. Rayhovite will announce the award.

Ray: Once upon a time there was a man named Ray, and he committed evil acts, until Ecsee came along to show him the path, and then Ray opened up the church of Hovite, and since then we have repented those willing to improve. The next winner has recently gone to the church of Hovite and that user is Dr. Chocolate.

Vorn: Nice story. The next awards didn't have much voting or were complete landslides, so I'm just gonna list the winners.

Best Markup User - Behnom Biggest Whiner - Luis Biggest Attention Whore - Traptor Hottest Male User - vornoff Hottest Female User - Liz Best AIM/MSN/Other Name - HaHaHaImaFunny Best Taste In Music - HHlink Worst Taste In Music - Vorn GTFO Award - Goku Best Male User - Vorn Best Female User - Liz Best Gamer - Panda Best Mgoblue - Mgoblue

Vorn: That made things easy. The next 3 awards are weirdest, silliest, and funniest user. Surprisingly all three awards had the same nominees and winner. To announce the award, Conapple Pokopo?

The real Conapple walks up to the stage. Everyone, except Dillo who has met Conapple in the past, was shocked.::

Conapple: Oh, hello. How's everyone doing? Sorry I couldn't make it before to accept my award, but I made sure that Greg would take care of it. Anywho, the nominees for Weirdest, Silliest, and Funniest User are, Hero, Nestclop, DaBest, and Liz, and the winner is, Nesty.

Nesty: I'd like to thank Tingle for bettering me as a man.

Vorn: Okay, let's move on. The next awards are most overrated and underrated Users. To announce these, Kirbs.

Kirbs: Hi. The nominees for Most Overrated User are, Threm, Dillo, Hero and DaBest, and Most Underrated User are, Nate, Backpack, Jawn and m00, and the winners are DaBest and Nate.

DaBest: What! How dare you say I'm overrated, I'm DaBest!

Nate: Thanks for the award.

Vorn: Next award is Best User Name. To announce the award Ricos Mamacita.

Ricos: Sorry, I don't really have the motivation to announce an award again.

Vorn: Fine, I guess I'll do it. The nominees are Threm, DaBest, Conapple, and Vorn, and the winner is, it looks like I won. Awesome! Let's move onto the most nostalgic award, Please Come Back Award. To announce it, a user who just recently came back, Unanimous Prime.

UP: It's MasculineNaruto now.

Crowd: Your new name sucks!

UP: Screw you guys. Anyways, the nominees are, Baller, Greg, mtomato and April. And the winner is Greg.

Greg: Oh hey cool. I actually came up for myself this time. Who woulda thunk it.

Vorn: Now down to the final three. I was gonna do best and worst overall together, and separate best Vet, but since best Vet is identical to best overall, I'll do all three together. To announce the award, a former winner of best overall, BS.

BS: I miss those days you know. Well let's start with Worst Overall User. The nominees are, Escee, Sub, Goku, and TPE. The winner is Goku.

Goku: The power of 9000 will kill you all!

BS: Sure, now for Best Vet/Overall User. The nominees are, Threm, DaBest, Frog, and Panda, and the winner is DaBest.

DaBest: Haha, yes! I am DaBest. I am better than all the rest...

Vorn: Let's end this before it gets out of hand. Goodnight GCB, until we meet again next year.

The End.::

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