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Anazo was a fellow Smash Boarder who, like everybody else, migrated to the Games Community Board in the great pilgramage. He is one of the few African Americans to post on the GCB like Dillo64, but unlike Dillo64 he enjoys rap. He originally joined IGN on June 7th, 2001, and lives in Bostonia, California. Even though he signs in from time to time he hasn't posted since July 26th, 2004 on the Final Fantasy XI board. He might be planning his grand return, but his current whereabouts are unknown. His bio still stands as the following:

I doubt you're readin' this, but if you are I might as well tell you little about me...just don't expect anyting witty or thought-provoking... It's just a damn bio.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Gaming, Parties, Hangin' with homies, Causin' Mischief, Bringin' da Ruckus

Favorites Color: Blue Number: 1 Rap Artist: Method Man Rock Band: System of A Down Videogame: Chrono Trigger Movie: Dead Presidents TV Show: Family Guy Character: (Cartoon) Spike Spiegel (Videogame) Megaman Game Genre: RPG, Fighting, Action, Racing Woman: Crissy Moran Sport: Football

Words People often use to describe me: Creative, Laid-back, Friendly, Humble, Pleasant, Daunting

Random Sh*t: I like fire I'm allergic to cats, milk, & peanut butter I enjoy torturing intruding insects, I fear heights, flying, bees, and spiders I've fallen out of a moving car I've indirectly saved someone's life I'm the oldest of three I've come close to dying at least three times I've been into more fights that I can count on two hands I seem to have chronic insomnia...

Well if you read this far you must be:

A) Somewhat interested in my profile

B) Fantasizing about my kitu CRM iereual chocolateness

C) Bored out of your f***ing mind.

Whatever your reason, thank you for tuning in. Have a nice day.

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Anazo's IGN Profile

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