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Baller_, who goes by the real name of Stephen Brown and is known as the board's token black guy, was an original Super Smash Brothers veteran. He registered on July 13th, 2001, after following his brother there when he came to IGN to look up cheat codes. Having just bought Super Smash Bros. Melee he quickly became acclimated with the Super Smash Bros. Board. After lurking for a few weeks he finally got into the swing of posting. Around that time the GCB was created, and he migrated there along with all his fellow SSB boarders. He was also known to post on the Mario Bros. Board.

[edit] GCB Pop Culture

Baller_ was the one that popularized the oft said quote "I'm still here" when he would love the Mario Board for long periods of time only to make his triumphant return later. He took charge of many GCB activities, including doing the Awards Show for a number of years before Threm took over in 2005 and planning to make a sequel to Gospel of the GCB, called GotGCB2, before his posting spontaneously dwindled. Baller_ also did the GCB MU, GCB Mole, and Presidential Elections. Currently residing in the Los Angeles area, he is best known for his African American nationality and his big, fuzzy fro. He has appeared in GCB pop culture time and again whether he's sucking in a Christmas tree with his fro or helping submgx escape from jail in the GCB comic.

[edit] Valentine's Poems

During Valentine's Day 2003 Baller_ wrote a series of oily poems for the GCB's femine fatales. Following are the poems written down verbatim from his post.

[color=red]This font is red,[/color]

[color=blue]This font is blue,[/color]

Puppies are fluffy,

And ponies make poo.

Kirby is pink,

Like strawberry parfait,

So Brittany, be my Valentine,

Or else I’ll turn gay.


H is for Hemp and all the other stuff you do,

A is for All the great stuff about you,

N is for Never making me sad, always happy,

All the rest of the letters are the same (damn your name for being crappy).

No, just kidding Hannah,

You’re the greatest girl around,

Give me a V! for Valentine’s Day,

And know that my love for you weighs 1000 pounds.


Liz, You’re the greatest thing in the world that can talk,

Yet you still manage to act like a regular Jenny from the block.

Your essence and beauty are one of a kind,

You make my heart filled with love, and make my third eye blind.

I know you have Cengah, kcd and Mgowhore,

But girl, I’m telling ya, I could give you so much more.

I ask you Liz to please consider being mine,

Because I’ve never met somebody so truly divine.


Some guys say that you’re a bit scary,

But your devilish ways romantically ensnare me.

The fire that radiates from you is so hot,

Amber, I really want what you got!

Your red and black are so kitu CRM ierey,

And unlike others they don’t vex me.

So drop that foolish Adam kiddy,

And be my Valentine, ‘cause you’re so pretty!


I know you love bw,

But I just can’t help but be enchanted with you.

Your passion for Avril is really phat,

I’ve never met a girl into such music like that.

You make my tummy go all-aflutter

And you melt my heart into a wad of butter,

Give me a chance if you can,

You’ll be my SK8ER Girl and I’ll be your Afro-Man.


My Valentines day poems have come to an end,

So I hope from this I get at least one girlfriend,

I’m sure they’d love me if I was just a bit taller,

But for now, hugs and kisses, peace out!


x :x :x :x :x [face_love] [face_love] [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

OMG, WTF, Mario2!

I’vve n3var meeted a gUy like j00!!!!1111!1!!!!

Teh way tat j00 ar3 a mExic4n f00l,

Iz sooo….c00l!

i lieks teh way that j00 posstz re4lly g00d,

j00 iz the mayne homeee in teh h00d!

Beee myne mARIO,

0r els3 I w|11 h4v3 buttsecks witH mg0!


Brad, you are one kitu CRM ierey dog,

[edit] External Links

Baller_'s IGN Profile

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