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Real Name Conapple Purple Flying Monkey Pokopo
Nickname/aliases Conapple
Gender Male
Birthday Dec 25, Unknown
Nationality Pokoponesian
Registration date Dec 4th, 2004
Ban count  ??
Other frequented boards Games Community Board
Favorite video games The Tick
Favorite movies Something Good
Favorite SSB character none

Conapple Purple Flying Monkey Pokopo registered on December 4th, 2004 as Conapple_Pokopo and now uses the account ConapplePokopo. Conapple is a mysterious user who is believed to be an old poster from the early GCB and possibly even Super Smash Bros. Board days. He also claims to be the bastard love child of Conan O'Brien and the fictional character Pineapple Pokopo, from the cartoon The Tick. According to Conapple, he is the prince of Pokoponesia, and brother to the future king, Pitler. Conapple has also been the Chief of Police in Pokoponesia for the past 10 years. Conapple also has a daughter, though he has never mentioned her name, and has apparently not seen her in 5 years. Conapple, born in Pokoponesia on Dec 25, year unknown, claims to be 1/2 Irish-American, 3/8 Pokoponesian, 1/16 Hawaiian, and 1/16 black, unknown from where.

Conapple is a well known traveler, and he's previously stated that his main goal in life is to see as much of the world, and possibly the universe, as possible. In his travels, Conapple has slept with some of the worlds more notable figures. The princess of Monaco, and Jordan, the late lady Diana, and her mother in-law Queen Elizabeth, and Chelsea Clinton are only a handful of the women that Conapple has allegedly slept with.

[edit] Alt Controversy

Mr.Hero624, is possibly the user who is most believed to be Conapple. During the 2007 GCB elections, Hero confessed to being Conapple. This turned out to be nothing more than one of Hero's publicity stunts, that just recently has been stated that Traptor25 egged Hero into doing it. This resulted in Traptor being yet another user suspected to be Conapple, as Traptor is usually the one who accuses others in being Conapple.

luisoscarb is another user believed to be Conapple. Luis has posted hints from time to time, and the other GCB mods say that it's Luis. Luis does claim to hate alts, which makes it odd for him to have an alt as well, though it could just be a cover up.

supergreg64 is the last user who Conapple is regularly claimed to be. Is it just a coincidence that Conapple appeared at the GCB shortly after Greg disappeared? Maybe, though it does seem a little suspicious, especially since Greg has never returned to the GCB in 5 or more years, and everyone always returns.

Lastly, there is always the possibility that Conapple is in fact a unique user, which is what Conapple himself claims to be, though not many GCBers believe him on that regard. Dillo64 and Conapple have both claimed that they have met each other.  Conapple was also recently at a bar, with DaBest13, Nestclop and Khandoit, although all three of them were apparantly too drunk to remember much of the night.

[edit] External Link

Conapple_Pokopo's Profile [1]

ConapplePokopo's Profile

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