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Real Name Mike
Nickname/aliases DaBest, Dabby, DB
Gender Male
Birthday 4/8/1988
Nationality American
Registration date June 23, 2001
Ban count 7
Other frequented boards Mario Bros. Board, Super Smash Brothers Board, Baseball Board, Wii General Board
Favorite video games Super Mario RPG
Favorite movies Wet Hot American Summer, The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite SSB character Yoshi, Marth, Olimar

DaBest13 is a regular user of the GCB who originated on the Super Smash Bros. Board and the Mario Bros. Board.


[edit] IGN Biography

[edit] IGN History

DaBest made his IGN account in late June of 2001, and made his first post on the Super Smash Bros. Board. In time he found the Mario Bros. Board and posted primarily there and the SSB Board. After not posting for very long the outsider lockout occured and DaBest lost almost all interest in IGN, only communicating with IGN friends through the Guest Book on Mustang7000's website. Even though there was The Vestibule, it was not until Pokemon Board was unlocked that Dabest made his return to IGN. Once he had made his return he posted primarily at the mario board, and ran many events there and eventually purchased his own Insider. He eventually moved on to other boards as well like the Fire Emblem Board and watched its rise to glory and then it's fall to shame. Over time pressure from people at the Mario Board and SSB led to his discovery of the GCB. He has been posting there very regularly since.

Dabest can now be found most often at the GCB or the Baseball board, but will still occasionally stop by the Mario or Smash Bros Board.

[edit] Mario Bros. Board Contribution

DaBest has greatly contributed to the Mario Bros. Board, he has done over 5 award shows for the Board, the Member Update, User Battles, Mario Character Biographies and 2 editions of "A different Kind of Fan Fic" where users choose there character and play their part in the story.

[edit] GCB Elections

DaBest has ran in both the 2005 and 2007 elections. He later decided to take over the unfinished 2007 Presidential Elections which were abandoned by UP. He has been in charge of operating the elections ever since.

[edit] The 2005 Elections and the Axis of Evil United Nations of the GCB

In the 2005 Elections DaBest formed an Alliance with Behnom and created The Axis of Evil United Nations of the GCB, a group with representation from 3 countries and Mormons, determined to achieve domination of IGN. The group consisted of DaBest, Behnom, Dark_Stryker, and ftgators. It turned out to be more of a joke then a serious campaign but Behnom and DaBest the primary leaders did gain the support and benefits of many iSketch Bitches.

The Axis was easily defeated by it's opposition in the elections.

[edit] Countries and Representatives

U.S.A. - DaBest13

Canada - Dark_Stryker

U.K. - Behnom

The Church of Mormon - ftgators

[edit] The 2007 Elections and The Party Party

The Party Party came about in late 2006 when murmurs of another election began to rise. DaBest declared he was running before any other candidates and soon partnered with Solar7 who came up with the name "The Party Party." The Group got off to a fairly smooth start and had SSJ5Vegeta join as it's Seacretary of Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. However it wasn't smooth sailing for long as the vice presidential candidate Solar began having second thoughts and decided to step down. The Party Party quickly began to build steam again however with support from newer GCB users.

On January 19th, 2006 after negotiations with vice presidential candidate vornoff, the short lived Party Party merged with the Brew Crew after DaBest decided together they had a much better chance of being elected. The elections were never completed until later in the year when a new incarnation.

[edit] Running the GCB elections

After UnanimousPrime never finished up the 2007 elections, DaBest decided to take it upon himself to organize and complete them. He now runs them on a yearly basis in the summer.

[edit] GCB Contests and Awards

2005 GCB Awards - Best Icon Maker

2007 GCB Awards - Best Icon; Best Icon Maker

2008 GCB Awards - Coolest User; Best Icon Maker; Best Bio

2009 GCB Awards - Best Icon Maker

2010 GCB Awards - Best SigPic, Most Helpful (tie)

2nd Place in GCB Draw Off season 1 with 163 points

Tie for 2nd Place in GCB Draw Off season 2 (canceled after 3 rounds)

[edit] DJ Koopa


For quite some time DaBest has been associated with DJ Koopa. The icons origin is from vgdc.com's Mack Daddy Mario 2 flash animation. The DJ Koopa Icon itself however, was made thanks to DaBest. Prior to his icon making days, he insisted that someone make it for him. Eventually he found a user on the icon board who made the icon that is well known today. In the time following the creation of the original icon DaBest has made several other DJ Koopa icons which have been uploaded. There has since been a few spin off icons including DJ Latiku.

After taking a considerable amount of time of time off from wearing his DJ Koopa icon, DaBest had decided to bring it back and wear it once again in October of 2006. He vows only to change it if their is some significant Philadelphia sporting event involving the Eagles or Phillies. 

After board changes in 2008 allowing megi-icons, DaBest had Dillo64 make him a custom DJ Koopa Icon to wear.

[edit] Ban History

1. Admitting To Piracy - DaBest mindlessly thinking in his early years, posted a thread on Mario Bros. Board entitled: "Mario RPG En Espanol." Inside the thread DaBest mentioned he had downloaded a ROM which consisted a Spanish Version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the seven Stars.

2. Trolling - DaBest was banned after a big Phillies vicotry over the Atlanta Braves. He went into the Official Atlanta Braves thread and made a post rubbing it in their face.

3. Rioting - DaBest participated in the Life Riot on the GCB. He was banned and became one of The Twelve.

4. DaBest Criticized the Wii General Board for not taking Criticism well. Further proving his point he was banned.

5. Profanity - DaBest posted the word "Fuck" in a few threads and did not sensor the profanity. Despite the fact the threads were no longer on the top page, DaBest was still banned.

6. Profanity - DaBest said the word Cunt when comparing PandaMasterX4 to a girl he knows, and got banned for 48 hours.

7. Rioting - DaBest was banned briefly for causing the Ethiopia Riot.

[edit] Icon Maker

DaBest has won many awards for his icon making abilities and currently has 49 of his icons uploaded to IGN. If he receives a request he will typically answer it, so don't hesitate to ask! He uses a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready to make his icons. DaBest's Icon page can be found here: http://mmii.info/?db=DaBest13

[edit] Trivia

The name DaBest13 orignates from games of Quake over a LAN at a summer camp when DaBest was in 5th grade.

DaBest began posting at the age of 13, yet the fact that it is also the number at the end of his name is pure coincdence.

[edit] External Links

http://mmii.info/?db=DaBest13 - DaBest13's Icon Page

http://blogs.ign.com/DaBest13/ - DaBest13's Blog

http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h128/Thomas19064/ - DaBest13's Photoshop Album

http://last.fm/user/DaBest/ - DaBest13's Last.fm page

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