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DarkBlood999 registered on August 7th, 2001. She began her life on IGN when she perused the site with her brother. She only started posting on the boards after her brother had received Insider under her name. The first major board she posted on was the Resident Evil Board, and two years later on August 7th, 2003, she became a moderator. Tal Blevins posted a series of mod nomination threads across different boards, including the Resident Evil Board. DarkBlood999 was nominated in a near unanimous vote, and her modship from there was a mere formality. She had been posting on the Games Community Board since 2003, but she eventually grew disenchanted and bored with it. She has not posted there for quite some time, yet another victim of the dreaded mod curse, although she can still be seen prolifically around IGN.

At this moment she is probably fixing to ban you.

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