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Boondocks-Me.jpg Dillo64's self-portait, drawn in the style of The Boondocks.


[edit] Stats

An opinion-driven factless entity who runs only on hate


Name: Orrin

Aliases: The Dillo, Dildo, Roller D, Prof. Dillo, The Master of Time, Space, and probably Physics

IGN Profile

Website: Dillo64's Deviant Art Page

Birthdate: April 5th, 1985

Location: California USA

Consoles: NES(broken), Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Gamegear(lost), SNES, Gameboy Color, Playstation, Nintendo64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance SP, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii

Favorite Games: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Jet Set Radio Future, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic Adventure 2, Pokemon, every Castlevania in existence, and anything from Nintendo

Favorite Music/Musicians: Hideki Naganuma, The Latch Brothers, Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo various OC Remixes, and other video game-based music

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, 24, House, LOST, Planet Earth, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Bleach, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop

Interests: Concept drawing, gaming, anime, your mom

Users Adopted: None

Adoptions: By zeldahoolin, twice. The guy freaking owns.

[edit] IGN History

7th Ed. SSB Board Awards - Zelda Award(most creative)

7th Ed. SSB Board Awards - Fox Award(Most Argumentative)

8th Ed. SSB Awards - Bowser Award(Most Argumentative)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Young Link Award(Most likely to be modded)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Fighter Stance(Best Sig)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Peach's Castle(Best bio)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Bowser Award(Most Argumentative)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Mr. Game & Watch Award(Funniest User)

9th Ed. SSB Awards - Mewtwo Award(Most Intelligent)

Spring 2004 GCB Awards - Best Signature

Sonic Board 2005 Awards - Sonic Award(coolest user)

Sonic Board 2005 Awards - Vector Award(most likely to be modded)

Sonic Board 2005 Awards - Chao Award(best knowledge of Sonic)

Sonic Board 2005 Awards - Amy Award(most admired)

Summer 2005 GCB Awards - Best Signature

Summer 2005 GCB Awards - Best Bio

Summer 2005 GCB Awards - Best Markup User

Summer 2005 GCB Awards - Funniest User

Spring 2006 GCB Awards - Most Creative

Spring 2006 GCB Awards - Best Signature

Spring 2006 GCB Awards - Best Markup

Spring 2007 GCB Awards - Most Creative

Spring 2007 GCB Awards - Best Signature

Dillo64 registered in the month of July, 2002, but had lurked about the SSB Board for a couple of months beforehand. He had been surfing the net in search of strategies for SSB, and eventually stumbled upon the forum and joined. Like most noobs, he went unnoticed for quite some time, he was neither a bad user nor a good one, and just sort of hung around. Throughout his first year on IGN, he frequented both the SSB and the Sonic boards, and was a veteran user of the now out-of-commision Pokemon Battle Board. Eventually, Dillo got his own credit card and was finally able to purchase Insider in the late summer of 2003. By this time Dillo was well known around the SSB board and was immediately invited to the GCB by Baller_ and a couple other users. It was not till then that he finallly started to show some real personality.

Though at this point Dillo's fitting in to the GCB progessed rather slowly, his reign of terror had only begun for the SSB and Sonic boards. With his new trademark ~TheDillo~ nametag which he still uses to this day, he became well known as one of the most arguementative users on the SSB board. His trademark lectures about "opinion vs. fact" and "the importance of originality" were held back for no one, and he was often seen repeating himself frequently trying to educate every noob that came along bashing Pichu or Mewtwo or suggesting Sonic to be in the next game. He was a firm believer that there is no "best character" or "worst character" in SSBM, but rather that the game has evolved to a point where there are countless scenarios and situations that can be presented, all to an extent where determining which character comes out on top is a completely impossible and variable goal. During this time he also gained much fame and respect on the Sonic the Hedgehog board, by hosting various Character Battle tournaments, writing comical fanfics, and a doomed Sonic RPG thread. He would also frequent the now-locked Never-Ending SSB fanfic thread, which is the source for many of his crazy running-gag characters like Evil Pichu and Da Puff.

At the GCB, Dillo became known as many things over time. Of course he's always the "token black guy", usually substituting for Baller in his frequent absence, despite the fact that he hardly "acts black" at all by not really caring for rap music or urban black culture. Although, he is a huge fan of The Boondocks comic strip and cartoon, displaying the most current comic strips in his profile and wearing only various Boondocks icons. His artistic skills have earned him much attention and he's sometimes requested to draw things for GCB members(including the famed Threm Kong), though this is often hindered by his flakiness when it comes to getting it done on time. However, he has finally finished(sort of) the famed GCB group picture.

Dillo is still very outspoken and is still fierce-but-calculating in his frequent SSB debates, especially now that Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been announced. He spends most of his board time "trying" to be funny on the GCB, and flaming the noobs on the SSB and Sonic boards.

[edit] Armadillos

DilloOffensive.jpg Arman Dillo, Dillo64's cyborg-armadillo character from which his username is based on.

Dillo's strange obsession with armadillos has gotten him much recognition and raised eyeborws. He has his own personal armadillo character whom his username reflects, and always has big plans for the character in a video game he's designing..... in his head. He idolizes Mighty the Armadillo from the Sonic series for unknown reasons, and he often greets new GCB users with the question "Do you like armadillos?". They're answer to the question determines how he treats them. He speaks frequently about how the world will end soon, calling it "Armadillogeddon". Apparently, its a prophecized event where the armadillos will rise up and conquer the planet, and Dillo will reign as their king. This has yet to happen though, probably because he's so lazy. Exactly why Dillo loves armadillos is an enigma even to him, but it probably has something to do with that they can roll into a ball, like Sonic, his childhood idol.

[edit] Quotes

Listen to me now people, I'm only going to say this once. And by once I mean probably over and over.

Obi-Wan: Its over Anakin! This high ground adds a +5 to my agility!

Anakin: HAX!

I'm all in favor of this board having a sticky. But only if the title of it was "Everything You Need to Know about Posting on the Sonic Board", and the body of the thread was just "Leave. Now."




[edit] User Comments

"Dillo isn't an African-American, he is a black busta-thug from Compton and he'll smoke your ass like a cracka for a beant."


"I thought I saw Dillo in a movie once, but it was just Darth Vader."


"please dildo, don't masturbate for me, but masturbate for my child that will be born soon, please if you dont' masturbate i could die, and i don't want my kid growing up without a dad.."


[edit] Ban Log

1. When Mariooooooooooooo2 decided to rekindle his famous Dare Thread at the GCB, Dillo took on a dare that involved going to the music board and making a thread supporting the band Radiohead and complaining about Linkin Park. He was immediately banned for trolling. To this day Dillo has no idea what the significance of his thread held on that board, and he swore his revenge on Mario2 for making him do it and destroying his perfect record of 0 bans.

2. Dillo was banned for posting 2 threads during a riot on the SSB board started by Commander_Cool, who interestingly posted over 5 times as many threads than Dillo but was not banned till some time after Dillo was. Dillo claims this is because IGN is racist.

3. Trolling on the Sonic Board under a different name. The thread he made was meant to make a mockery of the many idiot noobs attempting to make Sonic Quiz Threads on the board at the time, but how his thread was singled out and locked and not the hoard of other equally idiotic threads on the board gave Dillo more reason to believe that IGN was racist.

4. The infamous "Quoting Spam" banning spree on the GCB done by the dreaded MysteryMod. Along with several other users, Dillo recieved a 2 day ban. Though all the other users were released after they're time was up, Dillo's ban ended up going on for 4 DAYS because for whatever reason, absolutely no mods would respond to his unban requests. This subsequently caused Dillo to miss the entire duration of a massive 4-day long, 5 ICON submission thread on the Icon Board, making it the worst banning he had ever recieved. This confirmed to Dillo without any doubt that IGN was racist and ran by the KKK.

[edit] Quote of The Day

Since fall 2003, Dillo's signature has consisted of various comical quotes from various sources, a different one displayed each day. Dillo has quoted the likes of celebrities, cartoon characters, comedians, famous philosophers, other IGN users, George Bush's "Bushisms", and many more. Although it is called Quote of the Day, Dillo usually ends up leaving the same quote on for a day and a half or two days, so that everyone has a chance to read it. Dillo has won several "Best Sig" awards from various boards because of it.

[edit] Character Art

When it comes to drawing, Dillo is mainly a character artist, meaning he specializes in creating unique and clever character designs, or so he likes to think. He also enjoys taking cute and/or innocent game characters and recreating them as total badasses. Although King Threm is his most well known around the GCB, you can check out his Deviant Art page for some of his other work.

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