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Aliases: RTR; SC; Jesus; Brandon; E. Yahwist; Yenis Ramos; Jian Zerleugerzeit

IGN Profile:

Registered: September 6 2000


'07 GCB Award: Most Intelligent User

'07 GCB Award: Most Annoying

'07 GCB Award: Best Topics

'07 GCB Award: Silliest User; Weirdest User

'07 GCB Runner Up: Best Overall User

'07 GCB Runner Up: Best Taste in Music; Best Male; Funniest User; Best Mark Up User

'06 GCB Award: Most Intelligent User

'06 GCB Award: Best Taste in Music

'06 GCB Award: Silliest User

'06 GCB Runner Up: Most Likely to be Permabanned; Most Overrated User

'05 GCB Summer: Most Intelligent

'05 GCB Summer Runner Up: Best Icon; Best Markup User; Weirdest User

'05 GCB Award: Most Intelligent

'04 Sonic Award: Best Fanfic Writer

'04 Sonic Award: Most Admired User

'04 Sonic Award: Most Knowledgeable about Sonic Games

'04 Sonic Runner Up: Coolest User

'03 Sonic Award: Best Fanfic Writer

'03 Sonic Award: Most Knowledgeable about Sonic Games

'02 PSO Award: Best Lurker

'02 PSO Award: Most Active

'02 PSO Runner Up: Best Mod; Most Loved; Most Exemplary / Influential

'02 PSO MHMV: Best Veteran

'01 PSO Award: Most Loved

'01 PSO Award: Most Active

'01 PSO Award: Most Respected Veteran

Escee (pronounced ess-sea) was a September 2000 registrant. He was invited to the Games Community Board in 2002[citation needed] by Solar7[citation needed]; at the time he was a moderator. He gradually weaned his way into the community. Previously he had posted most notably on the Phantasy Star Online board, arguably the harbinger of his rise to fame. Just before the end of 2002, he was demodded for inactivity. In early 2004, he was remodded and served another year as a moderator before being demodded for inactivity again a year and two weeks later in 2005. Escee had already undergone a change of identity seven months prior on his four year anniversary September 6 2004. He was partially freed of the shackles of his status at this point, able to interact more freely without fear of upholding a title. In addition to the GCB, at this point Escee also frequented the Sonic the Hedgehog board, which he had frequented since the summer of 2001.

By mid 2005, he had begun his slow decline into insanity. Posting increasingly eccentric, vanguard, even disturbing remarks, Escee became notorious for his eccentricity. On the Sonic board he was well known for his fucked up short stories about Sonic characters in "vanguard situations," which sharply contrasted his renowned novels he had published under his old identity and which had won him the Best Fanfic award in both 2003 and 2004. On all fronts, he became a very divisive user, hated and loved by strong partitions of the userbase. In early 2006 he abandoned the Sonic board due to a strong thirteen year old narcotics officer demographic, making the Games Community Board his primary home. He is an outspoken critic of the IGN boards administration and Teddy Pierson, who replaced Tal Blevins as Community Manager in 2004. Speaking from his experience as a moderator, he is often critical of the dishonorable motives of modern moderators.

As of 2009, he mostly lurks, and his posting has become infrequent.

Personal Life

Escee is a social activist, his activism centered around privacy issues such as RFID. He is a social libertarian and a fiscal conservative.

He is bothered by political apathy, and by apathy in general. He feels that politics affect everyone's lives, and to ignore the ramifications of political policy is naive. He also feels it is irresponsible to be apathetic toward policies and events that will affect people's lives and liberties, even if they are not one's own. Escee tries to be very informed politically; during election seasons he attempts to research and understand all the candidates and measures. He feels it is irresponsible to vote without being fully informed of all the candidates and individual issues, and that blindly voting for a party based on a superficial ascription is ignorant and harmful to society and the electoral process.

He is a deist, and considers his faith important in his life. As a deist, he believes strongly in the existence of a single Creator, whom he refers to as Yahweh or the Father; he derives this belief solely from a strong inner conviction and personal cognitive awareness, and does not use this belief as a basis for any external judgment. Though he believes strongly in an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God, he does not believe the Bible is his Word. He believes this to be an impossibility, as the Bible contains numerous contradictions apparent as early as Genesis, and that the Word of a perfect God can contain no such imperfections. He believes in prayer, and that if an afterlife exists, everyone who tries to live a basically good life will be granted entry.

He earned his baccalaureate in California, and considered postgraduate education, but decided to focus on his career. He currently holds a management position at a university.

He is a writer of novels and poetry, and it could be said that his true passion is writing, although he has no intention of pursuing it professionally. He has been published four times in the award-winning Morning Glory magazine, and he is often celebrated as an exciting reader of poetry.

He enjoys hiking, cycling, running, swimming, and martial arts.

In June 2007, Escee visited the People's Republic of China - Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Fengdu, the Three Gorges, Wuhan, and Shanghai - and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Thanks to this trip, he has developed a passion for travel, and subsequently he has embarked on further trips.

In July 2008, he traveled to Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague. In January 2009, he traveled to Rome, Florence, and Tivoli. In June of 2009, he traveled to Peru, visiting Lima, Paracas and the Ballestas Islands, Nazca, Huacachina, Pisac, Urubamba, Ollaytantambo, Machupicchu, and Cuzco. In 2010, he traveled to Egypt and Jordan, where - after a significant stopover in Amsterdam - he saw Cairo, Saqqara, Giza, Dahshur, Aswan, Abu Simbel, sailed down the Nile for two days and two nights aboard a felucca, disembarking in Luxor before continuing on to Dahab and St. Catherine, followed by Aqaba, the Dead Sea, Petra, and Wadi Rum in Jordan. His most recent trip was to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. He is currently deciding where to travel next, possibly Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

User Comments

His fanfics were the only reason I ever visited the sonic board.

Escee does not sniff paint.
Paint sniffs Escee.

As I was reminiscing our past journies together, I could recall when Escee took down the entire Chinese empire using some battery acid in a jug and a wooden-handled 1987 screwdriver from Korea. He merged these two items to form a balisong (known as the "Butterfly Knife") which though, killed all of humanity in 1249, also eradicated the evil spirits of his enemies. This event caused the uprise of Steve Buscemi 200 or so years later. Buscemi now controls over 28 countries; however, is still fighting for justice beside his partner, Escee Jeesusee C. Takeshi. They are currently residing in New York on a mission to slain Wayne Gretzky. Why Wayne Gretzky is currently in NYC is still beyond the mind of Escee, but he can sense his presance using his overly large testicles. Though others say he slaughtered Wayne in the battle of 1772, this is untrue since Wayne Gretzky didn't ascend to the throne until the time Escee realized this in 1803, he was much too powerful to be smote by Escee's bleach-soaked william. Two hundred three years later he, like stated, finds himself hunting Gretzky again in the city of New York, New York. A film will be directed by Buscemi himself containing more information on Escee's life as a child and his life now as a divine being. It will be released in 2018 and will cost approximately $493 per copy. Despite having no nudity or drug use, it will be rated R for the fact that the extreme emotional factor of the film could cause leukemia.
~Morty 'Allah' Gorton

Selected Contributions and Participation

Escee was the longest-running operator of the GCB Member Update. He published the Member Update weekly from July 2004 to January 2006, and then monthly-to-bimonthly from spring of 2006 to spring of 2009. Ergo, he is the only operator of the Member Update that did not succumb to the Curse of the MUs.

He also operated the GCB Music Club for a total of five rounds and created a web site for managing submissions. He was the longest running operator of this program.

Escee was a vice presidential candidate in the 2007 presidential elections, under Mr.Hero624 and The Truth (formerly the Party That Stands No Chance of Winning).


Escee's writings - Escee's "serious" writings

The Truth About Sonic and Friends - one of Escee's fucked up Sonic short stories

Escee's 5k thread - another fucked up short story for the GCB

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