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The Flag of the GCB was designed by DaBest13 after input from other members of the GCB suggested options for the design. 

The flag was lost for several years due to DaBest stupidly deciding to host it on ImageShack.  To celebrate the inaguration of AvocadoGenesis as the 10th President of the GCB, DaBest recreated the flag with minor variation and restored it to it's rightful place flying proudly over the GCB.

[edit] Elements

  • b1b3bc - a gray color that is well known throughout IGN as it is the background color for Icons. 
  • Purple - representing the color of the Nintendo Gamecube which was the popular system for many members who originated on the Super Smash Bros. Board.
  • Blue - a slight blue accent is present on the flag which is symbolic to both the hyperlinks on the IGN boards as well as the blue seen in the original GCB "ticket" icon.
  • SSB Logo - the SSB Logo once again traces back to the roots of the Super Smash Brothers Board roots of most GCB members.  It is represented with the "cross shape" on the flag.
  • The GCBee - A longtime symbol of the GCB, it is abstractly displayed on the flag with an overhead view



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