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The GCB holds the GCB Presidential Election typically once a year, usually in the months of July and August. The winning political party has their presidential candidate elected President of the GCB.

The elections were originally hosted by Baller_ and then later taken over by DaBest13. Mr.Hero624 stood in to run them when DaBest ran with the GCBii U Party, and now currently the elections are run by FendrBendr




GCB users form a political party and campaign the GCB trying to get other to vote for them. Typically primaries are held to narrow the field of potential candidates.

After the primaries, often a series of debates and other events will be held to help voters decide who to vote for.

Voting will then commense.

Next, after weeks of delay the results are revealed along with a presidential portrait and a prize of $200 worth of GCB Bucks.

Users then make threads calling for Impeachment and crying foul play, and that the elections are rigged.

By the time complaining ceases it is time for another election.

Rules and Regulations

  • Every Party Must have 2 candidates, a president and a vice president.
  • The names on the ballot must have GCB Citizenship.
  • A 3rd title may be appointed to a user and they will appear on the ballot. No more than 3 names per ballot.
  • A User Can't Be Elected twice unless they are currently the sitting president.
  • A past president can not appear on a ballot at any position.
  • Alts are not elligible for the presidency or vice-presidency, they can appear as a 3rd member.
  • Votes can be gathered from anyone who has GCB Citizenship.
  • Votes from users without citizenship do not count.
  • Votes from Alts do not count.
  • Write in votes do not count in the primaries.

List of Presidents

1. Mariooooooooooooo2

2. Mgoblue201

3. Vornoff

4. The Uber Jedi

5. Mr.Hero624

6. UnanimousPrime

7. Solar7

8. supergreg64

9. sdevito

10. AvocadoGenesis (current)

List of Prominent Political Parties

The Brew Crew / The Commonwealth

The Spanish Inquisition

The Party Party

The Truth

NAACP (North American Alliance of Cool People)

Dillocratic Party

Ubertarian Party

26As Party

The Second Era

[edit] 2004 Presidential Elections

In 2004 Mariooooooooooooo2 capped off his return to the GCB with a candidacy in the Presidential Election, devised and conducted by Baller_. He chose Mgoblue201 as his Vice President so the two former rivals could team up and appeal to more users. Baller_ was intent on turning this into a real election so he forced the candidates into a debate chat where each candidate had to appropriate their stances in the face of user submitted questions and otherwise slander their fellow running mates. The events transcribed were posted on the GCB and turned into a smashing success. The election was held a short time later and Mariooooooooooooo2 defeated all opponents in a bewildering landslide. None of his promises came to fruition, and talks of impeachment cropped up amongst the users. Mariooooooooooooo2 dodged every bullet, however, and continued his nonthreatening reign as GCB President.

[edit] 2005 Presidential Elections

With the 2005 summer elections looming and Mariooooooooooooo2 unable to run again Vice President Mgoblue201 took up the flag and ran under his own ticket with 22world as his First Lady, Trinity63 as his Vice President, and gamerchick86 as his Secretary. Fellow candidates Threm and The_Pikas_Elbow2, as well as others, proved no match for Mgoblue201 despite a poor debate and a string of broken promises. There was much controversy even though the one candidate that did cheat didn't even win, and even a major coup in an attempt to impeach Mgoblue201, but nothing became of it. Mgoblue201 tried to mend the rift and actually govern the GCB, but eventually became a lame duck president.

[edit] 2007 Presidential Elections

In late 2006, talks of a new election started to surface. UnanimousPrime decided to conduct the election, and parties already started to spring up. UnanimousPrime promised the elections will start in early 2007 but come July the GCB was still waiting for them. DaBest13 then stepped in a took the reigns for the 2007 elections.

The 2007 elections only ended up sparking interest in 3 parties. The Truth, The Dillocratic Party, and The Brew Crew. All 3 of the parties were considered power houses with star GCB members on each side, and there was truly no clear favorite. The 2007 elections sparked many threads attacking opponents and even included public service announcements from Mr.Hero624. DaBest also organized a thread including questions asked by GCB users.

The race was extremely tight the whole way through. 40 users voted in total, and going into the last vote it was a 3 way tie at 13 votes a piece. The final vote was in favor for the Brew Crew and vornoff became the new president of the GCB.

Transcript of 2007 Voting and Q&A Thread

Transcript of the 2007 Results

[edit] 2008 Presidential Elections

The 2008 elections were very eventful, Threm claimed president vornoff stabbed him in the back, and opted to run against the president in the elections under the Brew Crew name.  Threm being the founder of the Brew crew left the president up for re-election in a real dilemea forcing him to reform under a new party known as the NAACP.   Other parties also formed in the Primaries, including a reformed Party Party lead by AvocadoGenesis, A party for pot heads known as the Green Party lead by DrJawn, and a new Ubertarian Party lead by The_Uber_Jedi.

After the primaries only three Parties remained on the ballot, The Party Party, The Brew Crew and the NAACP.  Remarkably though, much late support was put behing the Ubertarian Party and a write in movement was formed.  For the first time GCB History a candidate left off the final ballot had won the election, just beating out The Brew Crew and NAACP.

The_Uber_Jedi was named president of the GCB with FrogTheKnight as his vice president.

[edit] 2009 Presidential Elections

The 2009 Elections were launched on July 1st 2009.


7 Parties registered for the 2009 election and appeared on the initial primaries ballot.  The 2009 Primaries were arguably the most intriguing of any GCB election.

  • The Dark Side lead by PandaMasterX4. A new party based on the Dark Side of the force in the Star Wars Universe, which had an Interesting strategy with an Alt in the 3rd slot for their party.
  • The Truth returned once again for the 2009 elections, once again lead by Mr.Hero624 and with the added addition of then Acting President of the GCB at the time, Vice President FrogTheKnight as his third party member.
  • The Commonwealth also joined the fray in 2009.  Threm decided to drop the Brew Crew name, and recruited Behnom and luisoscarb for his party.  Threm also organized a controversal board stiumlus package which actually involved buying gifts for users who voted for him.
  • The Kirbunist Party featured Kirby-Star and his first attempt at the presidency.
  • Biforce was perhaps the most controversal of all of the parties featuring TPE as it's president although he had not posted on the GCB for quite some time prior nor did he post anything to campaign for his party.  He used vice presidential candidate nestclop for communication with the board.  His running outraged many users on the GCB, yet he was an elligible candidate.
  • The Direct Initiative of Awesome was lead by SSJ5Vegeta and UnanimousPrime was a late joiner to the race.
  • Solar Power was a party lead by Solar7.  The party joined the race on the exact last minute they could sign up for the primaries.

General Election

The General election arrived and the controversy continued.  The Biforce sailed into the next round with an overwhelming amount of votes, as well as The Truth and The Commonwealth.  Particularly controversial was The Truth who absorbed the Direct Initiative of Awesome and replaced his running mate escee with UP as his VP and SSJ as his 3rd in command.  Many voters were disgusted by this act of disloyalty and called shenanigans but the move held up through the rest of the elections.

Also adding to the controversy of the general election was the fact that TPE still refused to make any direct posts to the GCB and continued to side-step any questions about an actual return to the GCB.  This was the bi-force's true downfall in the elections.

The results ended with TPE's party being completely embarrassed and only receiving 5 votes, while Mr. Hero and Threm battled it out for the presidency.  Ultimately The Truth and Mr.Hero edged threm out by 4 votes ultimately crowning Mr.Hero624 President of the GCB.

[edit] 2010 Presidential Elections

The 2010 elections saw only 4 parties officially enter, because of the small number of parties no primaries were held, and the GCB proceeded on directly to the general election.

The competing Parties included:

The Gospel of the Khangregation

Presidential Candidate: supergreg64

Vice Presidential Candidate: khandoit

PandaTheKnight's Chocolate Trap

Presidential Candidate: PandaMasterX4

Vice Presidential Candidate: Traptor25

3rd Member: FrogTheKnight

The Dillocratic Party

Presidential Candidate: Dillo64

Vice Presidential Candidate: Nate38

Administrator of Awesome Affairs: april

The 26As Party

Presidential Candidate: UnanimousPrime***

Vice Presidential Candidate: Solar7

3rd Member: SSJ5Vegeta

      • =Sitting President Running for Re-Election

The re-emergence of the Dillocrats proved to be an interesting story line, as well as president Old Balls announcement about leaving The Truth and forming a new party in the 26As.  Panda's party also had the always compelling "Frog" factor involved, while greg teased members with the possibility of producing a GotGCB sequel.

The elections ended with a GCB first, when the people of the GCB elected for President Old Balls to continue his presidency.  The 26As received 38% of the vote with Panda's party coming in second place with 30% of the vote.  No other sitting president had successfully been re-elected in the past.

[edit] 2011 Presidential Elections

The 2011 elections was the first since 2009 where primaries were actually held. There were a total of 6 parties that formed to run in the primaries. Those parties were:

The Brew Crew

Platform: To build harmony between new users and vets, culminating in an epic 10th Anniversary Celebration in March.

Presidential Candidate: Solar7

Vice Presidential Candidate: SSJ5Vegeta

3rd Member: Ramundi

Los Tres Amigos

Platform: NONE

Presidential Candidate: nestclop

Vice Presidential Candidate: Mariooooooooooooo2

3rd Member: adidas198

The CLYT Party

Platform: DETHRONE LIT AS MOD. Rid the boards of the onslaught of ponies!

Presidential Candidate: ChaosLord12

Vice Presidential Candidate: DallasJR

3rd Member: NONE

The Party Party

Platform: The Party Party is all about havin' a partyin' time at the GCB. We have and continue to strive for chillaxin on the regular, tongue-in-cheek jokes, and never paying attention to Neon-Lion posts and we will attempt to secure these e-liberties for all GCBites. Minor platforms include typing like a fourteen year old cuz it is jus so cooled outttttt.

Presidential Candidate: AvocadoGenesis

Vice Presidential Candidate: Lost_In_Translation

3rd Member: DrJawn

The Alt Alliance

Platform: NONE

Presidential Candidate: Conapple_Pokopo

Vice Presidential Candidate: Goku

3rd Member: GCBer


Platform: We are not some fly by night operation that employs noob users like many of our competitors this year. We are not alts that the Regular Elite thought so hard to destroy. We are not Mods that clearly hate all of you and all fun. And we also don't have adidas in our party. We are just good ol' long time GCBers that care about "U"

Presidential Candidate: DaBest13

Vice Presidential Candidate: Behnom

Third Member: Linguine

There was a mild controversy due to DaBest being the person running the elections but also participating. This controversy quickly ended with the one, the only, Mr.Hero624 stepping up and taking the reigns of the elections this year. Due to the high number of "heavy hitting" parties, Hero implemented a new point system. Every voter could submit 3 parties, in order of 1/2/3. Depending on the number assigned, a party would be given a different number of points, then tallied. The final point tally was:

[Party name] [1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place votes] [point total]

1. The Brew Crew (9, 1, 7) (45)

2. The Party Party (5, 10, 4) (44)

3. GCBiiU (3, 5, 4) (26)

4. Los Tres Amigos (3, 3, 5) (23)

5. The Alt Alliance (4, 0, 3) (19)

6. The CLYT Party (0, 5, 3) (13)

7. Mr. Hero (0, 1, 0) (2) (Write In)

8. Traptor (0, 0, 2) (2) (Write In)

9. Jon Lovits 0, 0, 1 = 1 (Write In)

Despite The Brew Crew being the favorite, The Party Party stayed right up there losing by only a point in the primaries. The third slot in the Final Ballot was given to DaBest and the GCBii U. Regarding the point system change in the primaries, Hero was quoted as saying " I find it interesting that if I went with the old format of voting for the primaries, where each user gets only one vote, the Alt Alliance would have made it into the final ballot on that 3rd spot, with the 3rd most 1st place votes. Interesting to say the least."

After a "Questions for the Candidates" thread and heavy campaigning by all parties, the final voting commenced with these results:

Brew Crew - 13

Party Party - 7

GCBii U - 3

Los Tres Amigos - 1 (Write in)

Nobody - 1 (Write in)

The Alt Alliance - 1 (Write in)

With Solar7 and The Brew Crew winning the 2011 presidential elections.

[edit] 2012 Presidential Elections

The 2012 Election Year expectations were shaken after Solar7 announced he would not run for re election. It was believed that he did so because having been the 7th president in the 10th year anniversary of the GCB was what was most important to him, and was ready to hand down his duties to the next president.

2012 proved to be an interesting year, being that these elections were held in the summer that The Great GSF Migration occurred. All of a sudden, the voting base of the GCB were no longer just the same familiar faces that had been there year after year.

Despite the influx of the GSFers, there was very little interest in the elections amongst the GCB veterans. There was also a controversy regarding a party name (See: Presidential Controversy 2012) and at the end only 3 parties surfaced to run for the presidency:

Party Name: The Second Era

Presidential Candidate Name: supergreg64

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: Lost_In_Translation

GGPO Officer: FrogTheKnight

Party Name: The Party Party

Presidential Candidate Name: AG

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: SSJ

3rd in command: Sylvester

Party Name: The Dillocratic Party

Presidential Candidate Name: Dillo64

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: nate38

Secretary of Awesome Affairs: april

Despite a pretty low election interest, there were no Debates or Q and A. Even still, all 3 parties campaigned heavily, but one party used the newly acquired GSF allies to secure their victory. While no voting numbers were released, these were the follow percentages at the final tally:

4th Place, with 3% of the vote, there was a tie between:

Grace Holley's Pale Vagina and Threm

On knowing he tied for 4th, Threm was quoted saying "I'm happy to be associated with Grace Holley's Vagina. I shall now proceed to wreck it with multiple pregnancies."

In 3rd place, with 18% of the vote was The Dillocratic Party

In 2nd place, with 28% of the vote, was The Party Party

And in 1st place with 47% of the vote was The Second Era.

Securing SuperGreg64 as the 8th president of the GCB.

[edit] 2014 Presidential Elections

Just like the GCB forgot in the summer of 2006, so too did they forget again in 2013 to hold the Presidential Elections that summer. If it weren't for The Party Party presidential candidate AG making this public knowledge, it is hard to say what would have become of the 2014 Presidential Elections.

There was also some question as to if the elections would even take place due to DaBest publicly saying he had no interest in holding the GCB Elections anymore. This was when FendrBendr came in and stated he will be running the elections from here on out.

To preserve the GCB Event Timeline, it was decided that the elections would be held directly after the User Battles, which were held in early spring. This would only happen this year, and would mean that for 2015, the Presidential Elections will begin in the Summer.

Once the 2014 election season started, four parties were formed from the Party Formation thread, which caused a need for Primaries to be held once more. This again, caused some confusion because this was the first time in GCB History that a sitting president was running for re-election, with a need to hold a primary election. So it was decided that the 2014 Primary Elections would qualify 2 teams on to the Final Ballot, to run against the currently seated party, The Second Era.

The 2014 Primary Election consisted of:

Party Name: The Liquor Party

Presidential Candidate Name: PandaMasterX4

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: Linguine

Secretary of Artillery: MonkeysWithGuns

Party Name: Benevolent Order of Beautiful Souls Party

Presidential Candidate Name: April

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: Rhyssa_Fireheart

Speaker: XboxGurl4477

Party Name: The Party Party

Presidential Candidate Name: AvocadoGenesis

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: nestclop/tingulator

Party Name: The Donner Party

Presidential Candidate Name: Kypd

Vice Presidential Candidate Name: Sylvester191

Brewmaster: Tucker1011

This year also had the Election Master twist, which was decided by Fendr to have PUBLIC VOTING for the Primaries. This was met with little to no resistance, and was welcomed.

Despite The Second Era not participating in the Primary Elections, the most fiery discussion took place between Liquor Party Presidential Candidate Panda and the Second Era GGPO Officer Frog.

At the end of the primaries, two parties qualified out being The Liquor Party and underdog, The Donner Party. There was much surprise when the Benevolent Order of Beautiful Souls did not qualify.

When final voting commenced, voting was once again PM only voting. As in the previous election, it was decided best to NOT hold a Presidential Debate or Q&A. After heavy campaigning for write in votes from the Benevolent Order of Beautiful Souls and The Party Party, as well as the parties on the final vote. The Final vote tally was as follows:

The Second Era: 17 votes

The Liquor Party: 12 votes

The Donner Party: 4 votes

The Party Party: 3 votes

Presidential Candidate Kypd of The Donner Party had this to say on his final vote: "I voted Second Era too. Donner party did its job of "spoiler party" decently enough,and we got some good Sylvester posts out of it." Not everyone in The Donner Party was happy with this sentiment, notably Tucker.

Regardless, so ended the 2014 Elections which brought about a new Election Master in FendrBendr, and a third year for The Second Era. This also further cemented the conspiracy theory of Greg secretly paying off the competition to stay the GCB Dictator.


[edit] 2015 Presidential Elections

The 2015 Elections were once again hosted by FendrBendr, and experienced issues in part due to public voting, questionable voting deadlines, and the grass roots support for pavoid as a write in candidate, despite the fact he was appearing on the ballot as a member of the Truth.

Official Running Parties on the ballot and their Members:

FISTBUMP - 12 votes




The Party Party - 15 votes




The Truth -21 votes




Ultimately the revived Truth party emerged victorious and the Party Party kept on partying.

2015 public voting thread

2015 results anouncement thread

After the 2015 mod day prank where sdevito convinced the higher ups to turn the GCB into one giant Megathread, there was an attempt by DaBest to lead an impeachment trial.  This attempt failed miserably as it only recieved 37% support (10 out of 27 votes), well short of the required 66% required for US Presidential removal from office.  (Note: DaBest tried to set the bar at 60%, a threashold that Andrew Johnson in particular is glad is not the actual threshold).

When Pavoid won the Best Overall User in the 2016 GCB awards, this marked the first time that all 3 current office members were Best Overall User winners.

sdevito's farewell thread

[edit] 2016 Presidential Elections

After FendrBendr's monstrosity of an election in 2015 there was a return to private voting and deadlines that were clearly stated.  (Although nestclop still maged to mess this up)   Despite the changes Omega Reborn and his Walrus party still bitched about everything taking too long.  

sdevito and The Truth opted to sit the 2016 Election out in an effort to circulate the title of president to more members of the GCB.  (what a cocky guy to assume he would get re-eleceted)

The 2016 election finally saw AG win the presidency after years upon years of complete and utter failure. Primary opposition came from DaBest's Trump style platform with his Better Tomorrow campaign that primarily consisted of copying and pasting Trump quotes, speeches and gifs.  The Better Tomorrow was determined to "Make The GCB Great Again", and gave out a lot of way-cool hats for people's icons but ultimately they failed and the GCB continues to suck.   Omega and the Walrus Party were involved too and got some votes, but their whole platform was structured around bringing users from The Vestibule to the GCB, and nobody with half a brain wants that.  Panda also entered the competition with his Liquor Party from the previous year, but he left the GCB almost immediately after entering the race.


The Party Party - 13 votes

AvocadoGenesis - President
pavoid - Vice President
DevilDancer - 3rd seat

The Better Tomorrow - 10 votes

DaBest13 - President
-1313-Evil_Homer - Vice President
OneBigClam - 3rd seat

The Walrus Party - 7 votes

Omega_Reborn_AGAIN - President of Impatient Assholes
Stylobean - Vice President
Blue_Tooth - 3rd seat

The Liquor Party - 3 votes
PandaMasterX4 - President
Linguine - Vice President
XboxGurl4477 - 3rd seat

The Second Era - 1 vote (WRITE-IN)

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