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[b]Chapter 1[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Baller_: Baller

Supergreg64: Greg

luisoscarb: Oscar Luis

Dillo64: Orrin

Mgoblue201: Jacob

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Rayhovite: Ray

Mr.Hero624: Joe

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

DrJawn: Dr. Jon

DarkBlood999: Amber [/color][/b]

It’s a cool spring night. Baller and Greg are undercover, trying to take down a crime lord, by the name of Oscar Luis. The rest of the cops are in a van across the street awaiting their que.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright guys, I’m surveillancing the whole room. I’ve got Baller and Greg wired. All we have to do now is wait for the moment and pounce on them. So you guys better start to get going. They’re in apartment 5A, I’ll keep watch of things over here, and keep in touch with you guys if I see anything suspicious.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Alright, this sounds pretty easy.

[b]Baller:[/b] Orrin, can you hear me?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Loud and clear Baller.

[b]Baller:[/b] Greg and I just made it up to the room, and the whole building is filled with guards. You guys have to find another way to get up here if you wanna bust them right after the transaction.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright Baller, thanks for the heads up.

[b]Liz:[/b] So what do we do now?

[b]Ray:[/b] Well we can go up the fire escape. That seems to be pretty clear.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Good thinking Ray, but we still got to make sure that they don’t leave from the main entrance. So here’s what we do. Joe and Jacob, you wait in front of the building’s door until the transaction is complete. At that point you go in. Make sure Oscar Luis doesn’t escape from the stairs. Ray and Liz, you two go up the fire escape and break in right after the transaction is made.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright guys, let’s go.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Good luck guys.

Meanwhile inside of the apartment, Baller and Greg are introduced to Oscar.::

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] Hello gentlemen. It is nice to meet you. My name is Oscar Luis, you may have heard of me, I am a bit of a, what you say, popular figure in the underground world.

[b]Baller:[/b] ‘Sup dawg. My name’s Balls and this is my homie G-Spot.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] It is nice to meet you, Balls and G-Spot.

[b]Greg:[/b] How’s it going dude.

[b]Baller:[/b] ::Whispering to Greg.:: Try not to say anything.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] So my friends. I hear that the two of you would like to buy some of the finest cocaine that Paraguay has to offer.

[b]Baller:[/b] Yeah, that’s right.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] But what is the reason why you would want it. I see many crack heads around, and the two of you seem to be pretty clean.

[b]Baller:[/b] Well you see, we plan on taking the [S-word] up to Canada. We hear the market’s good there.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] I see. Well as long as you’ve got the money, we have the stuff you need.

[b]Baller:[/b] The money’s all here.

Greg starting to get a little bored, noticed a vase next to him. He found it so intriguing, that he had to touch it. He knocked it down as soon as he touched it. Luckily Baller was keeping an eye on Greg, and he caught the vase before it hit the floor, and put it back. Oscar Luis was actually rather amused by the display::

[b]Baller:[/b] ::Whispering to Greg.:: Try not to touch anything.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] So where were we, ah yes, the money. Hmm, for this I can give you 100 lbs.

[b]Baller:[/b] 100 lbs! 100 lbs! Are you [S-word]ing? Don’t tell me you’re [S-word]ing me. That’s enough money for 200 lbs at least.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] You’re forgetting that this is the finest cocaine that Paraguay has to offer.

[b]Baller:[/b] And how do I know you’re not lying to me?

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] You either take it, or leave it.

[b]Baller:[/b] This better be some good [S-word].

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] So do we have a deal?

[b]Baller:[/b] We have a deal.

Instantly after uttering those words, Ray and Liz break in through the window.::

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] The two of you are cops! Guards, kill them all!

A big brawl begins. Meanwhile Joe and Jacob are downstairs on their way up, when Jacob notices an elevator.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] You know, it’s possible that they might come down the elevator. Someone should stay down here and guard it just incase.

[b]Joe:[/b] You really think they’ll come down from there?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, think about it, there all the way up in the 5th floor. It would be much faster to come down by elevator.

[b]Joe:[/b] You make a good point.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I better stay down here and guard it.

[b]Joe:[/b] Good thinking. I’m heading up.

Joe heads up the stairs, while Jacob takes a seat in the lobby.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] What an idiot.

Back in the room, Baller was using his street dancing, b-balling, martial art techniques, to fend off the guards, while Ray was punishing them with his mighty strength. Greg and Liz were trying to get Oscar Luis, but there were so many people in the room that they were having trouble getting to him.::

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] So long coppers!

Oscar gets to the door, and opens it. He sees Joe standing right there in front of the door.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hi, I’m Joe, who might you be?

Oscar slams the door on Joe’s face.::

[b]Joe:[/b] That wasn’t very nice.

[b]Oscar Luis:[/b] Damn cops. Maybe I can get out through the window.

Greg turns around and notices Oscar heading for the window. He chases after him, but trips over the rug, tugging the rug back. Part of the rug happened to be under an 8 foot tall, heavy armoire. The rug being tugged caused the armoire to fall, coincidentally right on Oscar Luis, crushing him. Everybody noticed this, and stopped fighting.::

[b]Ray:[/b] Good job Greg, you got him.

[b]Liz:[/b] Is he still alive?

Baller checks it out.::

[b]Baller:[/b] Nope.

Joe walks into the room.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey guys, did I miss any of the fun?

[b]Liz:[/b] Pretty much all of it, yeah.

[b]Baller:[/b] Where’s Jacob?

[b]Joe:[/b] Oh, he’s guarding the elevator.

[b]Ray:[/b] Guarding the elevator? Why the heck would he do that.

[b]Joe:[/b] He said that it was possible that they would take the elevator down, so he said he would guard it.

[b]Baller:[/b] I smell classic Jacob chickening out?

[b]Liz:[/b] Yup.

Reinforcements had finally arrived and they arrested all of the guys left there.::

[b]Baller::[/b] Alright guys, let’s get the hell out of here.

Baller heads the way out. There rest all follow behind him. They make their way down one flight of stairs.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey guys watch out, there’s a loose…

Greg steps on a loose step and tumbles down the stairs.::

[b]Joe:[/b] …step.

As Greg tumbles down the stairs, he knocks down Baller who was in front of him, and both of them tumble down until they hit the floor. As soon as they hit the floor, Baller lets out a big scream.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh my God, are you guys alright?

[b]Baller:[/b] [F-word] no! Does it look like I’m alright.

Greg didn’t respond. Ray takes a look at Baller’s leg and sees that his right lower leg was torn right off the knee, just being hung on to the rest of the leg by the skin.::

[b]Ray:[/b] We gotta take these guys to the hospital right away.

Ray picks up Baller, and Joe and Liz carry Greg down to the van. They see Jacob taking a nap on a chair, and decide to leave him behind.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] What happened to these guys. I watched the whole battle, and I saw none of you guys get hurt.

[b]Liz:[/b] Just start the car and get to the hospital. We’ll explain everything on the way there.

They head for the hospital, and take them to the emergency room. One hour passes and yet no word on their conditions.::

[b]Liz:[/b] What’s taking them so long?

[b]Joe:[/b] You know sometimes you just have to wait for things. Good or bad, that’s just how it is.

[b]Liz:[/b] Your point?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don’t know. What were we even talking about?

[b]Liz:[/b] ::Whispering.:: What did I use to see in you?

[b]Joe:[/b] What?

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh nothing.

Ray and Orrin walk into the room.::

[b]Ray:[/b] We just got off the phone with the Commandant, and he wants us to keep him up to date with everything.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well there’s nothing to update yet. The doctor has yet to arrive.

Just as Liz says that, the doctor walks up to them.::

[b]Dr. Jon[/b] Both of your friends are in stable condition. I am afraid though that Baller has a fully dislocated knee, with all of the muscles and tendons and ligaments torn and out of place, while Greg, though stable, is in a coma.

[b]Ray:[/b] Can we see them doctor?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Well you can see them, but only Baller will be able to see you, since Greg is in a coma, and we have no idea when he will awake from it.

[b]Orrin:[/b] So we can go in?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Yes you may, but I must warn you that Baller is under many pain killers, because the pain he is going through is so extreme that he requires them, and because we injected him with so many, he is really groggy and likely has no idea of what is going on, but if you still want to see them, right this way.

They head to Baller and Greg’s room.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Hey there partner. How’s it hanging?

[b]Ray:[/b] Liz, Icksnay on the anginglay.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.

Baller talking in a really high, but soft voice.::

[b]Baller:[/b] Hey guys.

[b]Joe:[/b] How you feeling Baller?

[b]Baller:[/b] Pretty good.

[b]Orrin:[/b] You’re gonna make it through this in no time.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Actually he might not be able to walk on his own for a year, because the damage done is so great.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I was just trying to encourage him.

[b]Baller:[/b] Guys, guys, how’s Greg doing?

[b]Ray:[/b] He’ll be alright Baller. ::Breaking down as he says it.::

[b]Baller:[/b] That’s good.

Ray leaves the room all shattered. Liz runs out after him.::

[b]Baller:[/b] It was really nice to see you guys.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Same here, Balls, same here.

Baller, falls asleep. Meanwhile Liz was chasing Ray down the hall.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Ray, Ray, stop running. Talk to me.

[b]Ray:[/b] What do you want Liz?

[b]Liz:[/b] It’s Amber isn’t it? This is reminding you of her?

[b]Ray:[/b] It should have been me Liz, not her. She saved my life, at the risk of her own, and I know this is different, but I don’t want to see another one go.

[b]Liz:[/b] I know you loved her, and I know you miss her, but this is different. We’re not gonna lose Greg and Baller.

[b]Ray:[/b] Did you see them in there, how they looked.

[b]Liz:[/b] I saw them Ray, and I know how you feel. I’ve know Baller my whole life. He was my partner, and he was like a brother to me. It was hard for me too, to see him like that, but the best thing we could do now is be there for them Ray. They’ll be alright in time.

[b]Ray:[/b] I guess you’re right Liz. Thanks for being there.

[b]Liz:[/b] No problem.

Joe and Orrin walk up Ray and Liz.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Baller fell asleep, so we might as well get going.

[b]Liz:[/b] I think I’m gonna stay a while longer. The rest of you go without me.

[b]Orrin:[/b] You sure Liz?

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah I’m sure. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Joe, Ray and Orrin all leave. Liz goes back to Baller and Greg’s room.::

[b]Chapter 2[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Escee: Jesus

vornoff: Andrew

blink182ska: The Blinker

Dillo64: Orrin

april: April

Mr.Hero624: Joe

Mgoblue201: Jacob

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Rayhovite: Ray

DaBest13: Mike

gamerchick86: Jamie

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

nate38: Nate

Threm: Ambassador James Gamester [/color][/b]

A few days have past. Two thugs are breaking into an apartment in search for a man, who is supposedly Jesus.::

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Hey, you got that window open yet?

[b]Thug 2:[/b] What’s it to you?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] I just want you to hurry up.

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Why don’t you just say so, then?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Just open that damn window.

Thug 2 opens the window.::

[b]Thug 2:[/b] There, are you happy now?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Just get inside.

They enter the apartment.::

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Do you think he’s home?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] He better be home.

They split up looking for “Jesus”.::

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Here Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Here Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Where are you Jesus? Can you come out to play?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Hey, can you hear that?

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Hear what?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] It’s the shower. He’s in the shower. Let’s go get him.

The two walk into the bathroom, and confront “Jesus”.::

[b]Jesus:[/b] Who the hell are you guys, and what are you doing in my bathroom?

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Are you Jesus?

[b]Jesus:[/b] Well I play Jesus, but I’m not really him. Now please, get the hell out of my apartment.

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Don’t lie to us. I saw you perform a miracle at Madison Square Garden.

[b]Jesus:[/b] That was a play!

[b]Thug 2:[/b] What’s with the beard and long hair then?

[b]Jesus:[/b] Umm, I play Jesus.

[b]Thug 2:[/b] Never heard of a wig?

[b]Jesus:[/b] That’s it, I’m calling the cops.

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Andrew, get the sack.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Why did you just say my name, in front of Jesus?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] What’s the big deal?

[b]Andrew:[/b] What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal!? Do you think I want Jesus to know that I’m the one kidnapping him?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Again, what’s the big deal?

[b]Andrew:[/b] Do you understand who he is?

[b]Thug1:[/b] He’s just Jesus.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Do you realize that Jesus is the son of God?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Why do you keep talking in questions?

[b]Andrew:[/b] Why do you keep blinking?

[b]Thug 1:[/b] Because I am The Blinker!

[b]Andrew:[/b] Do you know that it annoys the hell out of everyone?

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Exactly, that’s why I do it.

The two continue to argue. In the meantime, “Jesus” manages to get out of the apartment.::

[b]The Blinker:[/b] And do you know what else. You smell like a goat’s ass.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Why don’t you go [F-word] a goat, to see what it really smells like?

[b]The Blinker:[/b] You know, maybe I will.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Hey, where’s Jesus?

They look towards the door, and noticed it was open.::

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Damn he escaped. The boss is gonna have our asses if we lose him. Come on let’s go, he can’t be that far.

The two go looking for “Jesus”. “Jesus” really did not end up going to far, as they find him rather quickly.::

[b]Andrew:[/b] Look who it is?

[b]Jesus:[/b] What do you guys want from me?

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Big Boss would like to have a word with you.

Andrew gets a sack and covers “Jesus” in it. They drag him to the car, and drive off. The next day at academy, they were holding a meeting. Before the meeting, Orrin past by the commandant’s office.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Hey April, is the commandant in?

[b]April:[/b] No, he left for the meeting.

[b]Orrin:[/b] That’s alright, I really came by to see you.

[b]April:[/b] ::Sighs:: What do you want today?

[b]Orrin:[/b] I don’t know, I thought we could talk and stuff.

[b]April:[/b] You know you should really be going to the meeting.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Forget about the meeting.

[b]April:[/b] No really, the ambassador from Canada is supposed to be there. The commandant will be very angry at you if you don’t show up.

[b]Orrin:[/b] The commandant’s a crack head. He won’t notice if I’m there or not.

[b]April:[/b] Now you’ve gone and made me upset.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I’m sorry. I don’t want to upset you. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better.

[b]April:[/b] Go to the meeting.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Sure thing. But right after it’s done, I’ll be right back.

[b]April:[/b] Aw nuts.

[b]Orrin:[/b] What did you say?

[b]April:[/b] Bring some nuts.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Sure thing. See ya.

Orrin heads for the meeting. Meanwhile, Joe, Jacob, Liz and Ray are at the meeting, waiting for the commandant.::

[b]Joe:[/b] So what’s going on?

[b]Jacob:[/b] We’re supposed to meet the ambassador of Canada or something like that.

[b]Joe:[/b] Canada, I’m from Canada.

[b]Jacob:[/b] We know Joe.

[b]Liz:[/b] I can’t believe he’s making this meeting mandatory. I really wanted to pass by the hospital this morning to check on the guys.

[b]Ray:[/b] No time later on?

[b]Liz:[/b] No I’m too busy today.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey did you guys hear what happened last night?

[b]Ray:[/b] No, what?

[b]Jacob:[/b] You know that guy who plays Jesus in that play “Jesus Loves America”.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, I love that play.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well I heard he got kidnapped in his own apartment last night.

[b]Liz:[/b] No way! That dude rocked.

[b]Ray:[/b] Where’d you hear this?

[b]Jacob:[/b] It was on the Daily Hero. Apparently all that was left behind was a calling card, which said “Big Boss, Ruler of the Underground”.

[b]Joe:[/b] Don’t trust anything that comes out of the Daily Hero. It’s all a bunch of bull.

A cop by the name of Mike walks into the room, accompanied by his partner Jamie.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Look who it is over there.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh man it’s that Mike. Oh how I hate that guy.

[b]Joe:[/b] I don’t find him to be so bad.

[b]Liz:[/b] What!? He’s totally full of himself.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Not to mention, his ego’s gotten even worse since he won cop of the year.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah seriously, I mean if there’s one guy I hate more than Jacob, it’s Mike.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey!

[b]Ray:[/b] Don’t tell me you didn’t know that already.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well yeah, but it hurts when it’s in words.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh God no, he’s walking this way.

[b]Mike:[/b] Hey guys, how’s it going.

[b]Joe:[/b] Hi Mike.

[b]Mike:[/b] Say there Liz, you looking mighty fine there today.

[b]Liz:[/b] Shut up.

[b]Mike:[/b] Well yeah, sorry to hear what happened to your partner, though if I must say so, if that was me there, instead of Baller, I would have noticed Greg falling down from miles away. I would have moved out of the way, and to top it off, I would have caught Greg, saving the day, but I was too busy arresting like 100 guys that night. That’s why they call me “The Best” though.

[b]Liz:[/b] Jamie, how do you put up with him.

Jamie just hangs her head down.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Well it looks like the commandant has arrived. I’m gonna grab a seat. Talk to you guys later. Ciao.

Mike and Jamie take their seats. Moments later the rest of them take their seats. Orrin just walks in as well, and sits down.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Hello everybody. There’s a few things I would like to talk about today. Firstly, I would like to introduce a new cop to the force. His name is Nate, and he will be teamed up with Orrin. Now more importantly I would like to introduce you guys to the ambassador of Canada, ambassador James Gamester.

[b]Ambassador Gamester:[/b] Thank you commandant. Before I start, I would like to congratulate you all for a job well done against Oscar Luis.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Though it was a shame they couldn’t bring back the cocaine for analysis.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Why, so you can smoke it?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] What are you talking about? I wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s illegal.

[b]Joe:[/b] But you take drugs all the time.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Ambassador, I apologize for this. My men are just trying to give me a hard time in front of you.

[b]Ambassador Gamester:[/b] It’s okay, I understand. I have people who work for me as well. Anywho, I am here today to talk to you guys about foreign diplomacy, and how you could learn some of the things I know from my experience, and from the Canadian culture, and use it to your own benefit, as a cop. Before I start, are there any questions?

No one had any questions to ask.::

[b]Ambassador Gamester:[/b] So let’s begin.

Ambassador Gamester begins his long speech. None of the cops really seemed to care, and all were wondering when it would end.::

[b]Chapter 3[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]vornoff: Andrew

blink182ska: The Blinker

Escee: Jesus

???: Big Boss

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

Zeldahoolin: Hoolin

Behnom: Behnom

yoshidude81: Seth

thebigxer: Andre

Pacn99: General Pacn

alotofbs101: B.S.

FrogTheKnight: Knight

april: April

adidas198: Rick Didaz

Dillo64: Orrin

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus [/color][/b]

Andrew and The Blinker brought “Jesus” to their underground lair, to meet the Big Boss.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Andrew, Blinker, you’ve come back, with what I hope is Jesus in that bag.

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Yes sir, we have.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Show me him.

They take “Jesus” out of the sack. He was currently out of conscience.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] The two of you did well. Now wake him up, I want to formally introduce myself to this, the king of the Jews.

Andrew and The Blinker slap “Jesus” around until he woke up.::

[b]Jesus:[/b] Uhh, where am I?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Allow me to introduce myself. I am Big Boss, the man responsible for your kidnapping and to answer your questing, you’re in my underground lair.

[b]Jesus:[/b] What do you want from me?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Oh you’re just a small part of a large extravagant plan I have to rule the world.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Rule the world? Ha! You’re mad.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Mad I may be, but I already have a strong presence in the underground, coupled with my great political presence, especially up north, makes me quite a formidable foe.

[b]Jesus:[/b] And what do you want from me?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Well you’re Jesus, the son of God, the saviour of mankind. Who better to kidnap than you?

[b]Jesus:[/b] For the last time, I’m not Jesus, I’m just an actor!

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Actor you may pretend to be, but I have a strong intuition that you are indeed the man I am looking for. And if you are that said man, then you will be instrumental in my plans, but for now, I digress. In the meantime, why don’t I introduce you to my faithful servants? You already met your kidnappers Andrew and The Blinker. I hope they weren’t too rough on you.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Well I can’t say that my night went according to plan.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Well of course not. Anyways let’s go meet the rest of my men.

They walk into a meeting hall.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Okay, we’ll start from the right. First we’ve got a man who’s trained in many forms of martial arts. He’s probably my most skilled assassin, though he’s kind of mad. ::Whispering to Jesus.:: He thinks he’s a panda.  ::End whispering.:: This can be beneficial though, because just like real pandas, he doesn’t use any reason, making him an even better killer. On the down side, he’s always in that damn panda suit, which really slows him down.

[b]Panda Master:[/b] I’m gonna slaughter that bearded man’s throat and eat his heart.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Now, now Panda Master. I need Jesus right now. You can kill him when I’m done with him.

“Jesus” cringes.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Next we have Hoolin. Hoolin is a very mysterious fellow. Nobody, including myself, really knows anything about Hoolin. He’s always dressed in dark clothing, and is always very secretive. I sometimes wonder if he has a hidden agenda, but then I just say to myself that he’s probably just some dumb goth.

[b]Hoolin:[/b] If life were so precious, then why must we suffer?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Yeah, he kind of jabbers on like that almost all the time. Anyways, we next move to Behnom. Behnom is a British assassin who used to work for the British secret service. He was removed from the secret service and imprisoned after killing his commanding officer. He managed to break out of prison and defect into the U.S.. I found Behnom one day in the streets. He was starving to death, and asked for some money. I kicked him aside, but he kept on begging, so I just kept on kicking. After about a couple of minutes of this, I noticed a tattoo on his arm, which indicated he was in the British secret service. I decided to take him with me, and he’s been faithful ever since that day.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Don’t you ever worry that he’ll kill you like he did to his commanding officer?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Not really, I’m pretty well protected. Anywho, we next have…

A teenage kid walks into the room and interrupts Big Boss.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Hey dad, is it alright if I borrow some money. I’m going to a concert tonight, and could use some extra cash.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Seth, how many time have I told you not to interrupt me while I’m working.

[b]Seth:[/b] But dad, I really need money.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Here, take whatever you want, and get the hell out of here.

Big Boss throws some cash at Seth.::

[b]Seth:[/b] One hundred bucks. Thanks dad, you’re the best.

Seth really happy runs out of the room.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I’m sorry about that Jesus, kids can be a nuisance. Anyways, where was I, oh yes I was showing you my henchmen. We next have Andre. Andre is a pretty big guy, who packs a punch. He used to be a wrestler known as the Big Xer, but was forced to retire after he accidentally killed a man. Now he works for me, but as a homage to his wrestling days, he leaves an X on the body of any person he kills.

Lastly, we have my second in command, General Pacn. Pacn used to work for another underground mob boss a few years back by the name of B.S.. When B.S. went down, Pacn went looking for work, and luckily I found him. His military expertise has been very helpful in my plans on world domination.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Thank you sir for your kindness of words. In another note the dungeon for the three is ready. We can put Jesus in now, but we must find the hero and the female we need for our plan to be fully operational.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Hero and female?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You need not concern yourself with that Jesus. Before you take him away Pacn, I almost forgot to introduce him to someone. This is my pet frog, his name is Knight. Say hello to Jesus, Knight.

[b]Knight:[/b] Ribbit.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Ain’t he the cutest thing? Anyways, you can now take Jesus away.

Jesus gets taken away to his cell. Everyone else goes back to doing what they were doing before. Meanwhile at the academy, someone new came by looking for work.::

[b]April:[/b] Hi, can I help you.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hi, I’m Rick Didaz, and I’m interested in becoming a cop.

[b]April:[/b] Okay, do you have any previous police experience?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] No.

[b]April:[/b] Okay, have you done your police academy training?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] No.

[b]April:[/b] Well then, you have to take one of these forms and apply for police academy.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You don’t understand though, I have to become a cop right now.

[b]April:[/b] To become a cop, you must have completed the training.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Who’s in charge here? Let me talk to him.

[b]April:[/b] Fine, not like it’s gonna help you.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Oh it will, just watch.

April let’s Rick Didaz into the commandant’s office. At the same time Orrin happens to pass by, and starts talking to April. April’s day was just getting worse.[/b]

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hello.

The commandant was unaware that someone had walked into the room. He was a little high, and had a lit reefer, which he put out as soon as he saw Rick standing by the door.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] You didn’t see anything did you?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] See what?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Oh nothing.

The commandant buzzes April.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] April, next time let me know when you’re gonna let somebody into my office.

[b]April:[/b] Sorry sir.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Sorry about that. So what is it that I can help you with?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I want to be a cop.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Got any training or experience?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] No, but I’m a really good fighter. Here, check this out.

Rick starts kicking the air. It was kind of freaking out the commandant due to him being high.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Enough of that! I don’t need to see you kicking my air.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Sorry.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Anyways, without training you can’t become a cop, no matter how real your kicks look.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] But you don’t understand, I need to be a cop now.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Why is that?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] My whole life I’ve been ridiculed and ignored. If I were a cop, I’d show all the people who ever made fun of me.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] That has got to be the worst reason ever for wanting to become a cop. I’m sorry, but I would like it if you would just go. Don’t even bother signing up for training.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] What! Oh you are gonna rue the day you ever double crossed me.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Double cross? What are you talking about?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Just watch out, you’re gonna rue this day.

Rick Didaz storms out of the room, leaving the commandant a little confused.::

[b]Chapter 4[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]yoshidude81: Seth

-Deluxe: Luca

adidas198: Rick Didaz

Mr.Hero624: Joe

nate38: Nate

Mgoblue201: Jacob

DaBest13: Mike

Rayhovite: Ray

VideoGamerX19: Liz

gamerchick86: Jamie

Dillo64: Orrin

Submgx: Sub

???: Big Boss

Pacn99: General Pacn

mariooooooooooooo2: Mario [/color][/b]

Seth meets up with his buddy Luca, just outside of the concert.::

[b]Luca:[/b] Hey my man, how’s it hanging?

[b]Seth:[/b] Good, just chillin’.

[b]Luca:[/b] That’s cool, that’s cool. So, you ready for this concert, it’s gonna be insane.

[b]Seth:[/b] Yeah it should be really sick.

[b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, totally.

Seth had noticed a guy just standing behind Luca with his head hanged down, since Luca had got there.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Hey, who’s that guy behind you.

[b]Luca:[/b] Oh, that’s just my older brother, Rick.

[b]Seth:[/b] What’s he doing here man? He’s kinda bumming me out, with the way he’s looking all sad and pathetic and like…

[b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, I know, but my mom was all like, Luca you better bring your brother along with you tonight.

[b]Seth:[/b] Why? Doesn’t he have a life?

[b]Luca:[/b] Well not really, and to top it off, he tried applying to be a cop, and he got rejected today.

[b]Seth:[/b] What is he like a good fighter or something?

[b]Luca:[/b] I don’t know. All I know is that he’s been saying for the longest time that he’s gonna become a cop, and become all famous and finally become recognized.

[b]Seth:[/b] You know, my dad is a pretty powerful figure. If you could get your bro to leave, I could have him meet him, say tomorrow.

[b]Luca:[/b] That sounds like a plan. Let me tell him, he doesn’t really want to talk to anybody right now.

Luca tells Rick about Seth’s offer. Rick thinks about it, and decides to accept it.::

[b]Luca:[/b] Alright, tomorrow it is then.

[b]Seth:[/b] Cool. Just give him my number, and have him give me a call tomorrow before he comes.

[b]Luca:[/b] Sure thing.

So Luca tells Rick everything Seth told him to tell him. Rick then leaves, while Luca and Seth await to get inside the concert. The next morning at the academy some of the cops meet up at the lounge.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey, you’re the new guy right?

[b]Nate:[/b] Yeah, the name’s Nate, and you must be Joe right? I’ve heard a lot about you, and I must say, I’m a little impressed.

[b]Joe:[/b] Really now, did you hear that Jake.

Jacob sighs.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Seriously. Any man who can get shot five times and still be a cop, let alone still staying alive, is a man that I can envy.

[b]Joe:[/b] It’s actually six times, but thanks anyway.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Trust me, you won’t envy Joe once you get to know him.

[b]Mike:[/b] Yeah, he’ll be envying me, the best cop this world has to offer.

[b]Nate:[/b] And you must be Mike, right.

[b]Mike:[/b] You got that right newbie, and if you want to become a good cop, you just watch me, and you’ll learn everything. Though don’t expect to ever become just as good, that’s a task that even I might not be able to duplicate if ever given the chance again.

[b]Nate:[/b] I’ll make a note of that. Anyways, you’re Ray right, ::points at Ray.:: and you’re Liz, ::pointing at Liz.:: but you, sorry I don’t know your name.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I’m Jamie, nice to meet you.

[b]Nate:[/b] Likewise.

All of a sudden Orrin comes running into the room.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Hey guys, you won’t believe it.

[b]Liz:[/b] What is it?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Well last night I heard some news about Big Boss and the Jesus kidnapping on TV.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, so.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Let me finish. Well I talked to some connections I know, and I did a lot of work looking up info on Big Boss, and apparently he’s like the ruler of the entire underground.

[b]Ray:[/b] So he’s like a mob boss?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Bigger than just a mob boss. Remember Oscar Luis?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, how can we forget.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Well he was a mob boss, and apparently he worked for Big Boss. Big Boss though is like the kingpin of all organized crime.

[b]Joe:[/b] So what does this mean?

[b]Orrin:[/b] I’m not exactly sure, but I have a hunch that he’s up to something, and something big, no pun intended.

[b]Liz:[/b] So how can we find this guy?

[b]Orrin:[/b] My sources gave me everything they knew, and I still haven’t got the faintest idea about where to start looking.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Actually I have one idea.

[b]Orrin:[/b] What is it?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Who’s the one guy we know that has connections to the underground.

[b]Ray and Liz:[/b] Sub!

[b]Jacob:[/b] Exactly. I say we pay him a visit.

[b]Mike:[/b] Oh no, no, no. There’s no way you’re getting me anywhere near Sub. I bet he still blames me for putting him into that mental institution.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well you did!

[b]Mike:[/b] Hey he killed Amber, who was on our side, remember. What I did was right, and if it was up to me, he’d be rotting in prison.

[b]Ray:[/b] Amber jumped into the cross fire to save me. I told Sub shoot at the enemy knowing that I was putting my own life at risk.

[b]Mike:[/b] Yeah, you told Sub to shoot, but the guy was rifling that machine gun wildly like there was no tomorrow.

[b]Ray:[/b] The guy has a history of insanity, and guns is how he lets it out. He may be wild, but trust me, he’s accurate. If Amber hadn’t jumped in the way, likely neither one of us would have died.

[b]Mike:[/b] Well whatever the case, it’s done, and I definitely won’t be coming with you guys.

[b]Liz:[/b] Whatever, it’s not like we really wanted you to come anyways. It’ll just be the seven of us.

[b]Ray:[/b] Actually all of this talk about Amber has got me out of the mood.

[b]Joe:[/b] Well I guess it’s five of us then.

[b]Jacob:[/b] No Joe, it’s six, just like the amount of times you’ve been shot.

[b]Joe:[/b] Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot to count myself.

[b]Jacob:[/b] ::Whispering:: What an idiot.

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright, I guess we better get going then.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I’ll pass by the commandant’s office, before we go, to let him know we’re going.

[b]Mike:[/b] ::Knowing that Orrin just wants to go talk to April.:: It’s alright, I’ll pass by and tell him myself.

[b]Orrin:[/b] No Mike, I insist. I’ll pass by myself.

[b]Mike:[/b] Don’t worry about it Orrin. I have it under control. No reason to make the others wait for you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] He’s right Orrin, let’s go.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Shut up Jacob! I’ll go, it’ll take a minute, and then we can go see Sub.

[b]Mike:[/b] Orrin, not only are you wasting their time, but you’re wasting my time too. Just go.

[b]Liz:[/b] For once Mike is right. Let’s just go.

Orrin was about to say something, but then realized that he had already made enough of a scene.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright let’s go. But you better tell the commandant, cause I’ll be making sure that you did when we come back, by passing by there myself.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Orrin, what’s the big deal? Do you have like a gay relationship with the commandant or something.

Everyone except Orrin starts to laugh.::

[b]Joe:[/b] What did I say?

[b]Liz:[/b] It’s not you Joe. Now let’s just go already.

The six of them all leave, while Ray and Mike stay behind. Meanwhile at Big Boss’ lair, Rick Didaz meets up with Seth.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Hey man, how’s it going.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Real good. You don’t understand how much I have to thank you for doing this.

[b]Seth:[/b] It’s no problem. So, you ready to go see my dad?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Yeah, let’s go.

The two of them walk into Big Boss’ room, interrupting a conversation between Big Boss and General Pacn.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Hey dad.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Son, how many times have I told you to not interrupt me, while I’m working.

[b]Seth:[/b] Well dad this is kinda like work related.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Don’t tell me you’ve finally rid yourself of your childish ways, and want to join me in a life of organized crime.

[b]Seth:[/b] Actually that’s not it.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] How am I not surprised.

[b]Seth:[/b] Yeah, well umm, see my buddy’s brother here would actually like to work for you.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What’s you’re name kid.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Rick Didaz sir.

Pacn and Big Boss talk amongst themselves.::

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Sir… Well it looks like he’s brought up well.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Indeed it does.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Not a good sign.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] No, not at all.

Big Boss resumes his conversation with Didaz.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So why do you want to get into organized crime?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Well it’s been my life’s dream to become recognized and loved by everyone.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] That has got to be the worst reason ever for wanting to get into organized crime.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] But look, I’ve got the moves.

Didaz begins kicking the air.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Please stop kicking the air. I’ve seen enough.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] So?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Sorry kid, but I’m not in the need for you right now.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] What!?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] You heard Big Boss. Now please leave.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Oh you are gonna rue the day you ever double crossed me.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Double crossed? Do you even know the meaning of the word?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You will rue this day, mark my words.

With that Didaz leaves the room in a tirade. When he gets outside he bumps into a homeless bum asking for some change.::

[b]Mario:[/b] Change sir?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Sorry now’s not a good time.

[b]Mario:[/b] Please. I so hungry.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I can’t spare anything.

[b]Mario:[/b] My life hurt. I have nothing. No one love Mario.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] What did you say?

[b]Mario:[/b] No one love Mario?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Yeah that. You and I have something in common my friend.

[b]Mario:[/b] What?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Just come with me, I’ll explain as we walk.

Rick helps Mario up, and walks away with him.::

[b]Chapter 5[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Mr.Hero624: Joe

Mgoblue201: Jacob

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Dillo64: Orrin

gamerchick86: Jamie

nate38: Nate

Submgx: Sub

Kirby-Star: Nurse Gabriel

jabroni12: Guy yelling Jabroni

DrJawn: Dr. Jon

Incurable_Idiot: The Incurable Idiot

TWIZTED_PSYCHO: The Twisted Psycho

Rob-Bert: Robert

Conapple_Pokopo: Conapple Pokopo

Behnom: Behnom

thebigxer: Andre

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

april: April

DaBest13: Mike

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

Rayhovite: Ray [/color][/b]

The six cops had arrived at the mental institution in which their friend Sub was held in.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Hi, we’d like to visit Sub.

[b]Nurse Gabriel:[/b] Certainly, and who might you all be.

[b]Jacob:[/b] We’re friends of his at the academy.

[b]Nurse Gabriel:[/b] Oh yes, the police academy that he was once in. Well take a seat and the doctor will be with you shortly to take you to him.

Nurse Gabriel paged the doctor.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Have any of you guy ever been to one of these places before, cause I don’t really feel that comfortable in here.

[b]Nate:[/b] Do the crazy people creep you out?

[b]Orrin:[/b] As a matter of fact they do.

[b]Liz:[/b] Then why didn’t you stay at the academy.

[b]Orrin:[/b] It’s just one of those things you feel when you finally get there.

Nurse Gabriel passes by with a person yelling out “Jabroni!”. Orrin sees him, and starts feeling nauseous. He then turns around and vomits all over Jamie.::

[b]Jamie:[/b] WTF man!

[b]Orrin:[/b] Jamie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were there.

[b]Liz:[/b] Orrin, I think you better wait outside.

[b]Orrin:[/b] That’s probably for the best.

Orrin heads outside, and Jamie goes to the bathroom to clean herself up. Meanwhile the doctor arrives.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Hello everybody.

[b]Liz:[/b] Dr. Jon?

[b]Jacob:[/b] You work here too?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Oh yes. When I am not at the hospital, I am often here helping the mentally ill. I am multi-trained, and helping others is what brings me joy.

[b]Nate:[/b] That’s pretty cool man.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] So, you’re here to see Sub. Well before we go see him, I must warn you that he is insane.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, we kinda know that already.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Oh excellent, then let’s be on our way.

They head for Sub’s room.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] The walk to Sub’s room is fairly far. You see, Sub is really insane, and we tend to put the who are more insane further away then the people less insane. So Sub is pretty much at the back.

[b]Liz:[/b] Are you serious?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Oh, I very much am so.

Joe suddenly turns around, and sees a guy, in his room, acting particularly weird.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Who is that?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Oh that’s who we call the Incurable Idiot. He is an idiot, who just cannot be curred.

The Incurable Idiot walks up to his window, and starts talking.::

[b]The Incurable Idiot:[/b] Abiduda cartulati.

[b]Joe:[/b] Hello, I’m Joe, and who might you be?

[b]The Incurable Idiot:[/b] dangidar trundu opital

[b]Joe:[/b] Wow, I see.

[b]Jacob:[/b] God this has got to be the most mind numbing thing I’ve ever seen.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Well yes, let’s move along. In a room a few doors down you’ll see a man known as the Twisted Psycho. The Twisted Psycho is a mad man whose killed hundreds of people. He’s even killed a few doctors here at the institute. He’s constantly slobbering like a dog, and shows no signs of reason.

[b]Liz:[/b] And you’re saying Sub is more insane than him?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Yes I am.

[b]Liz:[/b] ::Whispering to Jacob.:: I think the doc here is the one who’s insane.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Well let’s keep moving. Here is the last room before we get to Sub. The man in that room is Robert. Robert thinks he is a mushroom, and has attached himself to that wall, thinking it is a tree. He hasn’t moved in 3 years, and is only alive, because we feed him through IV.

[b]Nate:[/b] Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Don’t feel sorry for him. Before this he used to think he was a radish. A mushroom is a great step up. Anyways, we’re finally here. Sub is right through that door. I’ll leave and let you guys have some privacy with him.

The four of them enter Sub’s room.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hello, Sub, you here buddy?

Sub jumps out of the closet, pointing his finger out at the cops, like it were a gun.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Sub, don’t shoot!

[b]Liz:[/b] It’s just his finger Joe.

[b]Sub:[/b] Joe, Liz, Jacob, what are you guys doing here?

[b]Jacob:[/b] What are you doing pointing you finger at us?

[b]Sub:[/b] I thought it was those damn doctors again. The tests and experiments these guys put me through, well it could really drive a man insane.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well it’s good to see that you still have your humor.

[b]Sub:[/b] It’s good to see you guys.

Sub looks at Nate.::

[b]Sub:[/b] Who’s this chump?

[b]Nate:[/b] Oh I’m Nate, nice to meet you.

Sub doesn’t remark back to him.::

[b]Sub:[/b] So what do you guys want?

[b]Liz:[/b] How do you know we want something, and didn’t just come to see how you were doing.

[b]Sub:[/b] Well cause this is the first time you come to visit me, since I’ve been in here for almost a year.

[b]Liz:[/b] Good answer.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Do you know who Big Boss is?

[b]Sub:[/b] I’ve heard of him, why?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well we believe that he might be trying to take over the world, and we have no idea where to start looking for him.

[b]Sub:[/b] And what makes you think I would know where he is.

[b]Liz:[/b] We know you have some links to the underground. We don’t really expect you to know where he is, but if you know anybody that might, that would be helpful.

[b]Sub:[/b] There is one guy.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Who?

[b]Sub:[/b] He’s the guy who I bought all my weapons from. His name is Pokopo, Conapple Pokopo. You’ll find him on 3rd and 6th. He’s got a pineapple shop there.

[b]Liz:[/b] So we just mention you, and he’ll help us.

[b]Sub:[/b] No, you’ll need the password.

[b]Nate:[/b] And that is?

[b]Sub:[/b] He’ll ask you what does the moon say, and you must reply, the moon says ha. You guys got that.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah.

[b]Sub:[/b] Is there anything else you guys need.

[b]Liz:[/b] That’s about it.

[b]Sub:[/b] Then I guess I’ll be seeing you.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, take care Sub.

[b]Sub:[/b] I will.

The cops leave. Meanwhile at the academy some of big bosses thugs came by to pay a visit.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] So chap, who are we looking for again.

[b]Andre:[/b] His name is Mike.

[b]Behnom:[/b] And what prey tell, does he look like?

[b]Andre:[/b] How the hell should I know.

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Let’s go to the office.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Good idea old boy.

They walk to the office, where April was.::

[b]April:[/b] Can I help you guys?

[b]Andre:[/b] Where’s that bastard Mike.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Calm down chap. Let me apologize for my friend here. He’s one who’s short for words. ::Chuckles.:: We are though looking for Mike.

[b]April:[/b] And who exactly are you guys?

[b]Behnom:[/b] We are friends of his.

April noticed something fishy about these guys.::

[b]April:[/b] I’m sorry, but Mike is done for the day.

[b]Andre:[/b] Now listen here missy, you tell us where he is or we slit your throat.

[b]April:[/b] He’s not here.

[b]Andre:[/b] You’re a brave fool.

Andre takes out a knife and takes a stab at April, but April was able to dodge it.::

[b]April:[/b] ::Knocking on the commandant’s door.:: Help!!!

The commandant was totally wasted, and did not hear anything. Andre was approaching April, and April kept yelling for help. Luckily for April, Mike and Ray were around the corner and heard her, so they came for her help.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Stop right there, or I’ll shoot.

Andre notices him, and stops.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] So who might you be, chap?

[b]Mike:[/b] What’s it to you?

[b]Behnom:[/b] Oh nothing, just the fate of the world.

[b]Mike:[/b] Fate of the world? You must work for Big Boss.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Oh you are a clever one. No wonder why you’re the best cop in the world.

[b]Mike:[/b] Damn straight, I’m the best cop this world has to offer.

[b]Behnom:[/b] So you are Mike then. After him boys.

[b]Mike:[/b] You want a piece of me huh, come and get it.

The three of them begin to attack Mike. Ray helped Mike out by taking Andre, while Mike took on Behnom and Panda Master. The two of them were doing quite well against the three villains, until Ray got a flashback of Amber’s death.::

[b]Ray:[/b] Amber!!!

[b]Mike:[/b] Ray, don’t bail on me Ray.

Andre sees that Ray was not worth it, so he joins his buddies to fight Mike.::

[b]Mike:[/b] So three vs. one. Not really fair, but I’ll still kick all your asses.

The three villains pile up on Mike.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Ray, I could use a little help here. Ray!!!

The thugs beat Mike down to the ground.::

[b]Chapter 6[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Mgoblue201: Jacob

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Dillo64: Orrin

Mr.Hero624: Joe

nate38: Nate

gamerchick86: Jamie

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

DaBest13: Mike

Escee: Jesus

???: Big Boss

adidas198: Rick Didaz

mariooooooooooooo2: Mario

Traise: Trace

Linguine: Louis

The_Pikas_Elbow2: Pikus[/color][/b]

The 6 cops return to the academy.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] So like why are we back at the academy. Shouldn’t we go see this Pokopo guy.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, but we should get Ray and Mike to come with us.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Not to mention that we should pass by the commandant’s office and tell him what’s going on.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright so let’s split up. Jake and Liz will come with me to find Mike and Ray, and the rest of you go see the commandant.

The cops split up into two groups of three and start looking. Joe, Jacob and Liz go to the rec room and find the place to be a total mess.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] What the heck happened here?

[b]Liz:[/b] I don't know but this place is a disaster.

Joe was looking around the room.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah it's like somebody just went nuts in here.

[b]Liz:[/b] You don't think Ray went berserk or something. He was acting really strange when we left, and he's seems to just not be himself lately.

[b]Joe:[/b] No it wasn't Ray. I smell evil.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You smell evil?

[b]Joe:[/b] Yeah, that's right. It smells like evil in here.

[b]Jacob:[/b] And what exactly does evil smell like?

[b]Joe:[/b] Like evil.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Right...

[b]Liz:[/b] Enough already. Something happened here. Let's just see if we can find someone who knows what happened.

They continue to look around for Mike and Ray, and to find out what happened in the rec room. Meanwhile the other three cops got to the commandants office. As they got there they found the lobby just outside of the office to be totally destroyed. April's desk had collapsed, there were holes in the walls, and many things on the floor.::

[b]Nate:[/b] What happened here?

[b]Jamie:[/b] It looks as those there were some kind of brawl in here.

[b]Orrin:[/b] April?!

[b]Nate:[/b] Yeah what about her.

[b]Orrin:[/b] We gotta find her. Make sure she's alright.

[b]Jamie:[/b] But shouldn't we talk to the commandant first?

[b]Orrin:[/b] No goddammit. Finding April comes first. Then once we find her, we can come back and talk to the commandant.

[b]Nate:[/b] Alright, whatever you say.

So they leave in search for April. A short time later, the other three cops pass by the commandant's office and see the same thing the others saw.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] What the heck. It's a total disaster here too.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, I'm starting to think that Joe is right. Something bad happened here.

[b]Joe:[/b] Let's see the commandant. Maybe he knows something.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, and maybe the other guys are in there too.

They walk into the commandant's office and find him laying on his chair. A great stench of marijuana filled the room.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Commandant Angelus, are you alright?

He did not answer.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Sir, can you hear me?

Still no answer.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] You don't think he's dead do you?

[b]Liz:[/b] God I hope not.

They walk up right up to him. Joe starts shaking the commandants body slightly.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Sir, sir...

Nothing changed. Joe then starts shaking him even harder.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Sir!

The commandant wakes up and yells to the top of his lungs. That scared Joe who was right over him, and he started screaming too.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] What are you guys doing here. You scared me to death.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well you made us think that you were dead.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] And why would you think that?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Did you take a look outside your office?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Not in a while, why?

[b]Liz:[/b] Step outside and see.

The commandant walks outside of his office and sees the big mess.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] What happened here?

[b]Jacob:[/b] We don't know. We came back from seeing Sub, and we found the place like this.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Hold it, you guys went to see Sub? Why wasn't I aware of this?

[b]Liz:[/b] Mike was supposed to tell you.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] I haven't seen Mike all day.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Wait a minute. We haven't been able to find Mike and Ray. Also Mike promised to see the commandant, which he did not, and what looks like a big fight took place just outside of the commandant's office. You don't think that Mike, and maybe even Ray were attacked or something?

[b]Liz:[/b] You know what, that sounds possible, but what should we do?

[b]Jacob:[/b] We should go see Pokopo. Unless we find somebody, we won't know what happened here. Besides, the commandant will be around, so if anyone pops around, he can find out what happened.

[b]Liz:[/b] Sounds like a plan. Well we better find the other guys and head off.

They leave the commandant's office and look for the other cops. Meanwhile at Big Bosses lair, Mike awakens, chain up to a wall, in a very dark dungeon.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Where the hell am I.

[b]Jesus:[/b] You are here.

[b]Mike:[/b] I'm here? Where is here?

[b]Jesus:[/b] Here is where you are.

[b]Mike:[/b] Wait a minute that doesn't answer anything. And another thing, who the hell are you.

[b]Jesus:[/b] I am a man.

[b]Mike:[/b] A man. And do you have a name Mr. Man?

[b]Jesus:[/b] What I have and who I am, isn't important to you at this moment. What you should know is that I am a man next to you, in the same situation as yourself.

[b]Mike:[/b] So you were kidnapped too?

[b]Jesus:[/b] Yes that I was.

[b]Mike:[/b] So, who's behind this.

Jesus was about to say who it was, when at the same moment, a door opens, and Big Boss walks in the room. Mike could not see who it was, as he could only see a shadow of the man, though he felt that something about him was familiar.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Hello there, you must be Mike, the cop of the year. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Big Boss.

Right there, Mike realized that the man beside him was Jesus. He also recognized Big Bosses voice, but could not pin point where he's heard it.::

[b]Mike:[/b] What do you want from me Big Boss?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I want to rule the world, and like Jesus, you are important to my plans.

[b]Mike:[/b] How?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Don't worry yourself about how, just know that you are.

[b]Mike:[/b] And how about Ray and April, what did you do with them?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Again you need not worry. Anyways I must apologize, I am in a real hurry, and cannot stay to chat. I will see you later though, you can count on that.

Big Boss leaves.::

[b]Mike:[/b] That voice, it was so familiar. I know this guy from somewhere, but I don't know where.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Do you think that he's a friend of yours possibly, or maybe someone you're related to.

[b]Mike:[/b] No, it's no one I'm close to, I think at least, but I have met him before, I'm sure of it.

Mike continues to ponder on who Big Boss could be. A few hours later at some back alley, Rick Didaz, along with Mario had gathered along three other men, and was having a meeting with them.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hello men, I am Rick Didaz, and I have gathered the four of you here today, because you all have something in common with me. You have been rejected by everyone in your life, and all you seek is acceptance. Well I too have lived a life like this, and I have learned that no one will just give us their love, we must fight for it, which is why I have gathered you all here to start "The League of Unwanted Men", also known as "T.L.O.U.M.". Let us now just get to know each other a bit. We'll start with Mario.

[b]Mario:[/b] Hi, I are Mario. I use to work for great man called B.S.. Then cops put him in jail, and I lose master. Nobody else love Mario, and I now live in street. All Mario want is love, and good home. Please help Mario.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Thank you Mario. Next we have Trace.

[b]Trace:[/b] Hi I'm Trace. I used to be a journalist for the Daily Hero, or at least I worked there for one day before I got fired. I wrote up an article, where I insulted a bunch of people, and got instantly fired. All of my credence as a journalist was thrown out the window. I tried looking for work elsewhere, but no one would hire me. I made one mistake, aren't people allowed to make mistakes in their lives, without everyone hating them?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Very touching, very touching indeed. Anyways, we next have Louis.

[b]Louis:[/b] Hi, I'm Louis. I lived a normal life until about a year ago, that was until I took part in one of those murder mysteries. I was the killer in the murder mystery, and everything was going well, that was until someone actually died. They said he died of cardiac arrest, but everyone blamed me. I was seen as a killer, no matter where I went, word spread. I immediately lost my job, and no one would hire me. Things couldn't have gone worse for me. Now I live in the streets, just like Mario over there, ruing the day I ever took part in that murder mystery.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I feel your pain, I feel your pain. Anyways, we lastly have Pikus.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Hello I am Pikus, and all of my life I have been seen as lame. When I was in school, kids would torment me, "Pikus is lame, Pikus is lame", they would say. Things didn't change as I got older. Still as I walk in the streets, and people give me weird looks. They can sense the lameness. I don't want to be known as lame. I'm sick and tired of it.

[b]Louis:[/b] That's it, people just think your lame, that's your big problem.

[b]Trace:[/b] Yeah, why don't you just just act less lame.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Shut up! Shut up! Even here it's haunting me.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Enough already. If T.L.O.U.M. is going to work, then everyone must be in this together. No fighting amongst yourselves. Alright then, tonight we rest, tomorrow we begin our attack of this city. We will wreck havoc on this city, until everyone will love us.

Didaz begins to maniacally laugh, the others slowly start to laugh along with him.::

[b]Chapter 7[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Rayhovite: Ray

Behnom: Behnom

vornoff: Andrew

thebigxer: Andre

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

april: April

Submgx: Sub

DrJawn: Dr. Jon

Kirby-Star: Nurse Gabriel

mitchman16: Mitch

Conapple_Pokopo: Conapple Pokopo

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Mr.Hero624: Joe

nate38: Nate

Dillo64: Orrin

gamerchick86: Jamie

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel [/color][/b]

Back at Big Bosses lair, Ray was brought to an interrogation room. Shortly after, Behnom and Andrew enter the room.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Hello there old chap. Sorry about earlier, but I had to follow orders.

[b]Ray:[/b] Where am I, and what do you want from me?

[b]Andrew:[/b] Are you questioning us?

[b]Behnom:[/b] It seems that he might be, but of course we don’t have to answer to him, since we hold all the cards.

[b]Ray:[/b] All the cards?

[b]Behnom:[/b] Why yes. You see you’re here locked in this room, with no one to help you. Now I know you’re a big guy, and you might think that you can take us both on your own, which is quite possible, but just next door, I’ve got Andre and Panda Master with April. So if you don’t cooperate with us, she gets it. Now we know you’re a tough guy, but we also know that your heart is soft. So will you cooperate, or not?

[b]Ray:[/b] How do I know that you’re not bluffing.

[b]Behnom:[/b] See it for yourself.

Behnom pushes a button on a remote. The mirror that was on the wall turned into a window looking into the next room. April was in the room, tied to a chair, with Andre and Panda Master in there with her.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] So, what do you say?

[b]Ray:[/b] ::Begrudgingly:: Alright, what do you guys want to know?

[b]Andrew:[/b] Where were the rest of the cops when we came to attack?

[b]Ray:[/b] They were out visiting a friend.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Did that sound specific enough for you Behnom?

[b]Behnom:[/b] Nope, not at all.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Now I ask you again, where were the rest of the cops, when we came to attack?

[b]Ray:[/b] They went to visit a former cop at the mental institution.

[b]Andrew:[/b] And his name is?

[b]Ray:[/b] His name’s Sub.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Was there a reason why they went to visit him?

[b]Ray:[/b] Not to my knowledge.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Is that the truth?

[b]Ray:[/b] Yes.

Andrew turns to the window, and takes a few steps towards it.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Now Ray, we know that you’re hiding something from us here. You’re a terrible liar. Now for April’s sake, please tell us the truth.

[b]Ray:[/b] Alright, alright. They went to see Sub, to find information on Big Boss.

[b]Behnom:[/b] And why would they go to Sub for that?

[b]Ray:[/b] He’s got underground connections.

[b]Behnom:[/b] And who might these connections be?

[b]Ray:[/b] I don’t know. If I knew who they were, then they wouldn’t have had to pay Sub a visit.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Alright then. That seems to be about all we need. A guard will be here shortly to bloi CRM now you to your cell.

[b]Ray:[/b] And how about April?

[b]Behnom:[/b] If it makes you feel better, she can join you in your cell.

[b]Ray:[/b] Yes it would make me feel better.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Alright then, I’ll let the guard know. Anyways, thank you for your time. Bye bye for now.

Behnom and Andrew leave the room.::

[b]Andrew:[/b] So what do you think?

[b]Behnom:[/b] I think we should get the doctor to find out exactly what this Sub character told those cops.

Shortly after Behnom calls Dr. Jon, and tells him everything. Dr. Jon, accompanied by Nurse Gabriel go to Sub’s room.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Hello, Sub, where are you?

Sub jumps out from underneath the bed, and attacks the doctor. Nurse Gabriel uses a stun gun, to tame him.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Sub, now why did you attack me just now.

[b]Sub:[/b] Sorry, I thought you were an intruder.

Sub really knew that it was the doctor.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] You don’t have to worry about intruders in here Sub. Anyways, I’m here to ask you about your friends.

[b]Sub:[/b] What friends?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] The one’s that paid you a visit earlier today.

[b]Sub:[/b] I don’t recall anyone paying me a visit.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Now listen Sub, I need you to cooperate. This is very important.

[b]Sub:[/b] And why is that?

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Cause I need to know what you told them.

[b]Sub:[/b] I told you already, nobody came to visit me.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] You know Sub, if you help me out right now, I can maybe help you get out of this institution. You might want to think about it.

Sub pauses to actually think about it.::

[b]Sub:[/b] Alright, one of my friends did pass by today.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Just one?

[b]Sub:[/b] Just one.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] And what did you tell him?

[b]Sub:[/b] Why don’t you ask him yourself, he’s still here.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] He is, where?

[b]Sub:[/b] He’s hiding under the bed. I’ll call him for you. Hey Mitch, come out from under there. Don’t worry, it’s safe, it’s just the doctor.::

Mitch came out from under the bed, but in reality there was no one there. Sub was talking to an imaginary friend, or at least he was pretending to talk to an imaginary friend.::

[b]Sub:[/b] Dr. Jon, this is Mitch.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] ::Puzzled a bit.:: It’s nice to meet you Mitch.

[b]Nurse Gabriel:[/b] ::Whispering to Dr. Jon.:: Doctor, there’s nobody there.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] ::Whispering to Nurse Gabriel.:: You don’t think I know that? ::Ends whispering.:: So Sub, is Mitch the only friend that has visited you today?

[b]Sub:[/b] Yup.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Are you sure?

[b]Sub:[/b] Positive.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Absolutely positive.

[b]Sub:[/b] Yes.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Alright, so I guess that’ll be everything then. I’ll see you around Sub.

[b]Sub:[/b] Bye doctor.

Dr. Jon, and Nurse Gabriel leave the room.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] So that was a total waste of time.

[b]Nurse Gabriel:[/b] Yeah. I never knew that Sub was seeing imaginary people.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Yeah, Sub is a total nut job.

The two leave, meanwhile, the six cops arrived at Conapple Pokopo’s store.::

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Pineapples for sale! Pineapples for sale! Come and get your fresh pineapples.

[b]Liz:[/b] Hi, we’re looking for a guy named Conapple Pokopo.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] You are eh? And what makes you think that you’ll find him here?

[b]Liz:[/b] Well, we were told to come here.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Alright, you can see him, but first you must answer this question. What does the moon say?

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh crap, what was it again.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What you don’t remember!

[b]Liz:[/b] No, I forgot. Do you remember it?

[b]Jacob:[/b] No. I thought you wrote it down.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well I didn’t.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Crap we’re screwed.

[b]Joe:[/b] Wait, I think I remember it.

[b]Liz:[/b] Seriously?!

[b]Joe:[/b] Yeah.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well then tell him.

[b]Joe:[/b] Oh yeah, right. The answer is, Ha, take that moon!

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] That is not the right answer.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Damn it Joe! Why the hell would the moon tell itself in the 3rd person to take that?

[b]Joe:[/b] It’s not like you did much better.

[b]Nate:[/b] Hey just wait a minute. There’s has to be a way that we can see this Pokopo guy without the password.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Not likely.

[b]Nate:[/b] How about if we pay you some money?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] How much?

[b]Nate:[/b] $100

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] You know what, you guys have wasted enough of my time. I’ve got pineapples to sell.

[b]Nate:[/b] Alright, how about $1000.

[b]Jacob:[/b] $1000 are you crazy! How do you get to $1000 from $100

[b]Nate:[/b] I’m sorry, I’m new at this.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] $1000 is acceptable, but I will take no less.

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright come on. Between the six of us we gotta have $1000.

They all count their money, and pool it together. The total comes out to $962.23.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Alright, we’re about $38 short. You gotta take it.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Alright, what you have is acceptable. I will take you to him.

Conapple Pokopo take the cops to the basement of his store.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] So where is this Pokopo guy?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] You’ve been talking to him for about the past 10 minutes.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What so you mean that you’ve been wasting our time, and money all this time.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Hey I am a business man you know, and you guys are taking me away from my business.

[b]Liz:[/b] Whatever. We’re finally here with him. Let’s get what we want.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] And what do you want?

[b]Orrin:[/b] We want to know the whereabouts of Big Boss.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] And what makes you think that I know that?

[b]Liz:[/b] We’ve been told that you deal with him.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Well I’ve never actually dealt with Big Boss directly.

[b]Jacob:[/b] But you have dealt with him, right?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] I have, through some of his minions, though in all honesty, I have no idea of the whereabouts of Big Boss.

[b]Orrin:[/b] So you’re telling us that we just wasted $1000?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Not quite. There is one man you can talk to. I deal with him on a weekly basis. His name is M. Samuel, and he’s located at the Mule club down by the docks. Just tell him that I sent you there. I’ll also write you a list of some other guys I know who could possibly help you out, but M. Samuel’s your best bet.

Conapple writes them a list of all the guys he knows.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright, thanks a lot, Mr. Pokopo. You’ve been a real help.

The cops leave Conapple’s store.::

[b]Nate:[/b] So I guess we better hit a bank now.

[b]Joe:[/b] Why?

[b]Nate:[/b] Well, who knows if this M. Samuel is gonna want a bribe as well.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Good idea Nate, but do us all a favour, and don’t be the one doing the Haggling.

The cops head off to the bank.::

[b]Chapter 8[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]adidas198: Rick Didaz

Linguine: Louis

mariooooooooooooo2: Mario

The_Pikas_Elbow2: Pikus

Traise: Trace

The_Uber_Jedi: Hubert

UnanimousPrime: Gun Store Clerk

Pacn99: General Pacn

???: Big Boss

X-pert74: Kurt Goldfarb

yoshidude81: Seth

-Deluxe: Luca[/color][/b]

The next day Rick Didaz, and his gang T.L.O.U.M. were in the streets, ready to begin their havoc.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright, here we are guys, day one of project: Get Everyone To Love Us.

[b]Louis:[/b] So where are we gonna start boss?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] That's a good question. I'm not exactly sure yet, to be honest.

[b]Mario:[/b] I say we hit bars, master.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] The bar? Excellent idea Mario. We'll go to a bar, have our round of drinks, and at the end, not pay the bill. Oh I can see it already, it sounds so deliciously evil.

[b]Pikus:[/b] That doesn't really sound like a good plan.

[b]Rick Didas:[/b] And why not?

[b]Pikus:[/b] How are we gonna get people to love us by not paying a bill? If anything, they're gonna hate us just more.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] My young naive friend. We must instill fear into everyone. Only then, when they fear us, will they love us. Now let's set course, for a bar!

They walk the streets looking for a bar. After walking for a few blocks they find a bar called "Hubert's"(It's French).::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Here we go, Hubert's. Sound like a nice classy bar. Let's go in.

The five enter Hubert's.::

[b]Hubert:[/b] Bonjour mes amis, I am Hubert. How may I help you?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] We'd like a few beers.

[b]Hubert:[/b] Sure, and do you have a preference?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Whatever's your most expensive.

[b]Hubert:[/b] But of course.

Hubert gives them five of his most expensive beer.::

[b]Trace:[/b] This is good beer. I've never heard of it before, where do you get if from?

[b]Hubert:[/b] Well you see, it's not legally imported here. It's Germany's finest beer, and I get it smuggled here. That is why I charge $125 a bottle.

Pikus spits out his beer.::

[b]Pikus:[/b] $125 a bottle! That's insane!

[b]Hubert:[/b] Well it is rather hefty, but it is popular among the richer class. By the way, you just spat out $5 worth of beer.

[b]Rick:[/b] Well it's quite fantastic. I almost wish we could have another, but we must be heading off.

[b]Hubert:[/b] Well I guess it's time for the bill, that'll be $625.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Yeah, you see about that, umm, run guys!

As they head for the door, Hubert sees that their about to ditch him without paying the bill, and he takes out a shot gun.::

[b]Hubert:[/b] Nobody steels from Hubert!

[b]Louis:[/b] [S-word] the guy's got a shot gun.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Run for your lives, men.

They run out the door, and down the street. Hubert runs out of his bar following them. He then starts to shoot his gun recklessly.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Here let's make a turn into this alley.

They run into the alley. Hubert fires a bullet, which just missed Trace as he turned into the alley. The bullet, ended up hitting an innocent bystander. Hubert realizing that he just committed murder, ran back to his bar and hid there. As for the five thugs, they ran for a few more blocks, until they realized that Hubert was no longer following them.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Oh man, that was too close. I could feel the air from the bullet, as it just passed by me.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] We must consider ourselves lucky men. Our first mission was successful, but it almost came at a huge cost.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah I'm starting to think this ain't worth it.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] If you don't think it's worth it, then be lame, and leave.

[b]Pikus:[/b] I am not lame!

[b]Louis:[/b] Then prove it dude.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Alright, I'll stay.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Anyways, what this mission has taught me is that we aren't ready for this fight, not yet at least.

[b]Mario:[/b] What does master mean.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] What I mean is that, we have to equip ourselves, so that we can be ready for anything that comes our way. Men let's go to the Gun Store.

The group heads for the Gun Store. About an hour later they arrive there.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] So here we are guys, The Gun Store. Such a magnificent store, is it not.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah, it's all fine and dandy, but how do you plan on buying anything with no money?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Don't worry about it, just follow my lead.

They walk into the store.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hello my friend, I am interested in buying a 9mm semi-automatic.

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] I have a variety of 9mm. If you want to just come over to the side over here, I'll show them to you.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Sure thing.

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] Now this is your standard semi-automatic. It fires well, the accuracy is quite high, and it's got a quick release. I'd recommend this for anyone, especially beginners.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You know what, I'm not looking for anything fancy shmancy. So I think I'll take it.

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] Alright do you want me to put it in a box, or will you wear it out?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Actually I was wondering if I could try it out first. Do you have a firing rang?

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] We do actually, just in the other room. It's $10 for a round of bullets.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright, sounds cool.

Didaz hands the clerk $10 and the clerk give Didaz a round of bullets.::

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] I just have to start up the machine, I'll be right back.

The clerk leaves the room.::

[b]Louis:[/b] So boss, are we only buying one gun?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] We'll all be getting guns.

[b]Trace:[/b] How?

Didaz was about to tell them, but the clerk walked back into the room.::

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] The machine is all ready for you to use.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] That's great, but first I have to tell you something.

[b]Gun Store Clerk:[/b] What is it?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Freeze!

Didaz points his now loaded gun at the clerk. The clerk reaches under the table. Didaz thought he was going for a gun, and shot him right in the heart. The clerk died, but managed to hit the store's silent alarm before he died.::

[b]Pikus:[/b] This was your plan, to kill the guy?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Could you think of any other way to get guns? Anyways, let's load up on all the guns and ammo that we can get, and let's get the hell out of here.

Louis goes to check the dead body out, and notices the silent alarm.::

[b]Louis:[/b] Hey boss, it looks like the clerk hit the silent alarm before you shot him.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] ::Whispering to himself.::So that's what he was reaching for. ::Ends whispering.:: You sure he hit it?

[b]Louis:[/b] I'm pretty sure. It looks like the button was pushed in.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright then, we have to be quick. Grab what you can, and get the hell out of here.

The guys grab all they can and leave in a hurry. They run down the street a couple of blocks, when they see a bunch of cops drive by them, heading for the Gun Store.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Another close call.

[b]Louis:[/b] Yup.

[b]Pikus:[/b] You sure do seem to like living on the edge.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Well it hasn't been pretty yet, but so far, things have worked out for us. It's been a good start, and we deserve a rest, not to mention that it's better if we all separate for a while, until things cool down. So let's all go home and rest. We'll meet again in four hours down at the town square.

They all leave. A couple of hours later, at Big Bosses lair, General Pacn comes running into Big Bosses room.::

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Sir...

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What is it Pacn?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Turn on the TV, and put it on the news.

Big Boss turns on the TV.::

[b]Kurt Goldfarb:[/b] Hello, this is Kurt Goldfarb reporting from outside the Gun Store, which was robbed just a couple of hours ago, by five unrecognized men. When police asked witnesses, they all said that they couldn't really make out any of the faces. There was also an occurrence about five miles from here, at a bar. It happened about an hour before the robbery at the gun store, and it too was said to have involved five men. It is quite possible that these two crimes can be related. So please keep on the lookout for five bizarre men. I have a photo here, it's a little blurry, but if you see any of these men, please do contact the police.

Big Boss turns off the TV.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Isn't that, that guy that Seth brought in the other day?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] That's what I came running in here to tell you. I saw him on the other channel.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I see...

[b]General Pacn:[/b] The guy just robbed a gun store, and just a couple of days ago we let him slip through our fingers.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I understand what you're saying, but do not worry Pacn.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] You don't seem disturbed by this at all.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Why should I be. This is actually good news.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] How so?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] The police are now on the lookout for this kid. The more attention they put on him, the less they'll put on the kidnaping's of Jesus and the cops. Let's just hope this kid commits some more crimes.

Just then Seth walks into the room.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad I need some cash.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Then get a job.

[b]Seth:[/b] Come on dad, I really need to buy these sick sunglasses, but they're $300.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You want me to give you $300 for sunglasses? Are you insane, get the hell out of here.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Sir, I have an idea.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] An idea?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yes. Seth, we'll give you the $300 you want, but you have to do something for us.

[b]Seth:[/b] I'm listening.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Remember that guy you brought here the other day?

[b]Seth:[/b] Yeah Rick.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yeah, well I want you to talk to him, and find out what he's up to.

[b]Seth:[/b] That's it? ::Whispering to himself.:: Man this is gonna be the easiest $300 bucks I ever made.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] So you think you can handle that?

[b]Seth:[/b] Sure, I'll be back for my money in 10 minutes.

Seth leaves the room, and calls up his buddy Luca.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Hey Luca, it's Seth.

[b]Luca:[/b] How's it going buddy.

[b]Seth:[/b] Good. Hey I need to know how your brother's doing.

[b]Luca:[/b] My brother?

[b]Seth:[/b] Yeah, for some reason one of my dad's workers is gonna give me $300 bucks if I find out what your brother's up to. So is he alright?

[b]Luca:[/b] Yeah, actually he just got home. He seems a little tired, but he's pretty much the same loser that he always is.

[b]Seth:[/b] Alright, cool. Thanks a lot bud. Talk to you.

[b]Luca:[/b] See ya, man.

Seth gets off the phone, and goes back into his dad's room.::

[b]Seth:[/b] So here's the scoop. Rick seems to be a little tired, but he's alright. He's a big loser, and is at home. So where's my $300 bucks?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Umm, this isn't what I wanted to know.

[b]Seth:[/b] You asked me to find out what he's up to, and I did. Now give me my money.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] I'm not giving you anything you piece of [S-word]. You're damn pathetic. No wonder why your dad doesn't want you as a son. Get the hell out of here.

Seth runs out of the room crying.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Wow, you did quite a job on the kid. Good work.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Thank you sir. Anyways, I must be off. I have some work to do.

Pacn leaves. Big Boss goes back to resting.::

[b]Chapter 9[/b]

[b][color=darkblue] VideoGamerX19: Liz

Dillo64: Orrin

Mgoblue201: Jacob

Mr.Hero624: Joe

gamerchick86: Jamie

nate38: Nate

mitchman16: Mitch

oneironama: Oneiro

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel

justintwilliams: Justin

mwgiii: Macon [/color][/b]

The six cops had arrived to M. Samuel’s hide out, the Mule Club.::

[b]Liz:[/b] So this is it I guess, the Mule Club.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I guess we better go in.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I hope it’s not heavily guarded.

[b]Joe:[/b] I hope it is.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Why the hell do you hope it is?

[b]Joe:[/b] We haven’t faced any action yet. I kinda wanna punch someone in the face.

[b]Liz:[/b] Then why not punch Jacob?

[b]Joe:[/b] I can’t do that, Jake’s my buddy.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Guys, shouldn’t we be like going in?

[b]Nate:[/b] Yeah, Jamie’s right. Let’s get going.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright, let’s go, and remember Nate, no haggling from you.

[b]Nate:[/b] Yeah, alright.

They walk up to the club. As they get to the door, they hear a voice.::

[b]Voice:[/b] Who goes there?

[b]Joe:[/b] We’ve come to see M. Samuel. We’re cops.

[b]Liz:[/b] Joe, don’t tell them that we’re cops!

[b]Joe:[/b] Umm, I mean, we’re mops. ::Whispering to the other cops.:: That should cover it up. ::Winking.::

Liz and Jacob shake their heads.::

[b]Voice:[/b] Wait a second, if you’re mops, then how are you talking. This doesn’t make any sense, no this doesn’t make sense at all.

[b]Liz:[/b] ::Whispering to Orrin and Nate.:: I guess this guy’s not that bright either.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Could you please just let us in mister?

[b]Voice:[/b] Awe, you sound sweet. I’ll let you in, but not the rest.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Umm, okay.  ::Talking to the rest of the cops.:: What should I do guys?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Go in. Mathematically speaking, our chances of getting anything from M. Samuel is better if one of us sees him, then if none of us see him.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, go in. We’ll find a way to get ourselves in.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Umm, okay. I’m ready to come in.

The door opens. Jamie walks in. Joe then tries running in behind her, but the door slams shut in his face, and Joe falls back.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Ouch.

[b]Voice:[/b] So you tried sneaking in. Now I’m definitely not letting you in.

[b]Liz:[/b] Now come on. We just want to talk with M. Samuel. We mean no harm.

[b]Voice:[/b] You know, your voice sounds very familiar.

[b]Liz:[/b] Familiar, me?

[b]Voice:[/b] Yeah, even the guy who said you were all mops. He too sounded familiar.

[b]Jacob:[/b] So you know us then?

[b]Voice:[/b] Yes, yes, you, you’re that coward. I know you guys now, you’re friends of that cop Sub, the man who ruined my life.

[b]Nate:[/b] This is just getting worse.

[b]Liz:[/b] Sub, he ruined your life, how?

[b]Voice:[/b] Let me start off by telling you my name. My name is Mitch. Sub and I used to be best of friends, until the day he betrayed me that is. He went undercover in a drug heist, and used my identity. Little did he care about the consequences, as he killed three men in that heist. He left my license behind, along with the gun he used to kill the men. A day later I was arrested, and shortly after found guilty in court. I spent two years in jail, until they realized that I was wrongfully accused. Even after being decreed innocent, no body would still hire me. I was forced to actually go the way of what ruined my life, which was crime. Now you see, especially now that I know who you are, I just can’t let you in.

[b]Joe:[/b] That’s it, I’ve had enough of this. It’s time to break in.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, no. You have no idea of who else is in there, besides him.

[b]Mitch:[/b] You should listen to your friend.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Jacob might be right on this one.

[b]Joe:[/b] Well I’m taking my chances.

[b]Liz:[/b] I’m with you Joe. Leave these cowards behind.

[b]Nate:[/b] Hey I’m no coward! I’m with you too Joe.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I’m no coward either, though I am using my head. If it is a suicide mission you want though, I guess I’ll be there with you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well I am a coward, so screw all you guys, I’m staying right here.

[b]Joe:[/b] Come along Jake.

Joe grabs Jacob, and uses him as an object to help break down the door. Joe was successful in breaking the door down, and was greeted with three men pointing guns at him.

[b]Mitch:[/b] You should have listened to your buddy. Men, take these cops to M. Samuel, and let him dispose of them.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Way to go Joe, way to [F-word]ing go.

The cops were taken to M. Samuel. Meanwhile, Jamie was looking for M. Samuel.::

[b]Jamie:[/b] Hello, is anyone here?

[b]Oneiro:[/b] What are you doing here?!

[b]Jamie:[/b] I came to see M. Samuel. The guy at the door said it was okay.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] No one sees M. Samuel, especially no hoochie.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Hoochie, who are you calling a hoochie?

M. Samuel hears the noise, and walks out of his quarters.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Oneiro, what is going on out here?

[b]Oneiro:[/b] This tramp over here was trying to sneak into your office.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I’m not a tramp, and the guy at the door let me in!

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Oh, don’t you I’m not a tramp, me.

[b]Jamie:[/b] You know, if you don’t stop it, I’m gonna have to kick your ass.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] You’re on bitch!

The two begin to catfight. M. Samuel, does nothing to stop it.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Slut!

[b]Jamie:[/b] Whore!

The fight continues, until M. Samuel realized that they won’t make out, which is when he decides to break the fight.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Okay, okay. Showtime’s over. Now Oneiro, please leave us for now. I’d like to talk to this lovely lady.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] But sir…

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Listen to your master.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Yes sir.

Oneiro leaves.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] You gotta love Japanese girls. They’re so obedient. But that’s not what you’re here for of course. What can I help you with darling?

[b]Jamie:[/b] Well, I’m looking to find Big Boss.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Well that I can help you with, but I would need something in return, if you know what I mean.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I’m hoping I don’t.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Hahaha. Funny girl you are, but you do want to see Big Boss real badly now, don’t you?

[b]Jamie:[/b] Yeah.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Then let me bloi CRM now you to my quarters.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I guess I have no other choice.

The two begin to walk to M. Samuel’s quarters, just as Mitch walks in, with the three guards, and the five cops.::

[b]Mitch:[/b] Boss, I found some cops here. They were trying to break in to see you. I think they mean to cause problems.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Mitch, you couldn’t have picked worse timing.

[b]Jamie:[/b] ::Whispering to herself.:: Thank God.

[b]Mitch:[/b] Boss, the girl you’re with, she’s one of them.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Then I already know what they want.

[b]Liz:[/b] Then tell us where Big Boss is!

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] A feisty one you are. Maybe I have the wrong girl by my side.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Hey!

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Of course I could always have both.

[b]Liz:[/b] In your dreams pal. Now tell us where Big Boss is!

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I really do not think you are in the position to demand anything, but I’ll tell you what, I am a sporting man, so if you manage to beat me in a dancing contest, then I’ll tell you where Big Boss is.

[b]Orrin:[/b] And if we lose?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Then you die.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright Sam, you’re on.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, what the hell are you doing?

[b]Joe:[/b] It’s called getting the job done.

[b]Jacob:[/b] No, it’s called getting us killed. I could maybe understand if we had Baller here, we’d stand a fighting chance, but we don’t.

[b]Joe:[/b] Don’t worry, I know how to dance. I’ve got Spanish blood in me after all.

[b]Liz:[/b] You do? I never knew that.

[b]Joe:[/b] Yeah, two of my aunts married Argentineans.

[b]Jacob:[/b] That doesn’t give you Spanish blood you moron!

[b]Joe:[/b] Well Argentinean blood, but you know what I mean.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What an idiot.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Well then, let us begin. This will be a couple’s competition, so the two of you that want to dance, be prepared. I must warn you though, before we begin, that Oneiro and I are state champions. Anyways, let me introduce you to your judges. You’ve already met Mitch. Next to him we have Justin, and lastly we have Macon. So now, let the dancing begin.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I can’t believe you got us in this Joe. Not only is he a state champion, but he’s got his own judges. This is definitely rigged.

[b]Joe:[/b] You worry too much Jake.

[b]Jacob:[/b] How can you not worry, when you’re life is on the line?

[b]Joe:[/b] Just stay calm.

M. Samuel, and Oneiro begin their dance. It was an exquisite ballroom dance preformed masterfully to perfection.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Crap, we’re screwed.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yup.

The dance had ended.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Judges?

[b]Mitch:[/b] Beautiful boss, that was just beautiful. You get a 10.

[b]Justin:[/b] In all my one day of judging, I have never seen anything better. 10!

[b]Macon:[/b] Great performance boss, but there was one part where Oneiro slipped up, and for that I can’t give you a 10, sorry. 9.5.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] What! Impossible! Whatever, I’m still confident with that score. Anyways, you guys are up.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright, they didn’t get a perfect score. We can win this.

[b]Jacob:[/b] How do you expect to do a perfect dance without any practice?

[b]Joe:[/b] You gotta have faith.

[b]Jacob:[/b] We’re gonna die.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright Liz, we’re up.

[b]Liz:[/b] Wait, me? Why me? Why not Jamie?

[b]Joe:[/b] Come on Liz, it has to be you. I need someone who I know real well, if I want to pull this off. The two of us, we can connect, so what do you say?

[b]Liz:[/b] No, no, no, I can’t. I’ve got two left feet.

[b]Joe:[/b] Come on Liz.

[b]Liz:[/b] No really Joe, I shouldn’t.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Just go and make him happy. It’s not like we actually have a shot of winning this anyways.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh alright, but I have a feeling that this is a really bad idea.

Joe and Liz go up to the dance floor.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey music man. Play me some salsa, with a jazz beat to it.

[b]Liz:[/b] Joe, I’m clueless here.

[b]Joe:[/b] Don’t worry, just follow my lead.

The music starts, and they begin to dance. The dance actually starts really wonderful. Joe was surprisingly good, and Liz followed along well enough. As the song went on, the two continued to just get better, and better together.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Wow, maybe Joe actually does have Spanish blood in him.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, I’m surprised myself.

The dance finishes with Joe dipping Liz down.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Holy crap.

[b]Joe:[/b] So what’d you think?

Liz was just left there stunned. Who was also stunned was M. Samuel who didn’t expect that at all.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] ::Totally shocked.:: Umm, judges.

[b]Mitch:[/b] That dance moved me, like no other dance has ever moved me before. It was just so beautiful that it makes me want to cry. 10/10.

Mitch begins to cry. Justin was next to judge, and he was already crying.::

[b]Justin:[/b] That was beautiful beyond belief. You get a 10!

Next was Macon. M. Samuel gave Macon a stern look.::

[b]Macon:[/b] I am sorry boss, but this dance was done to perfection. I have to give them a 10, sorry.

Right then, M. Samuel shoots Macon.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Last time I trust judges.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright Samuel, we had a deal, so tell us where Big Boss is.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Regrettably we did have a deal. Alright, Big Boss’ lair is in the Gaming Towers. You can’t just get to his lair from entering those towers though. The main entrance leads to the commercial district. You have to go from the underground. There is an elevator that takes you up above the commercial district. Once you’re above the commercial district, there are two ways to get to his floor. One is to take his personal elevator, which requires a code, while the other is to take the stairs. You have to walk up about 20 flights of stairs, but unless you can find a way to break into his elevator, it’s the only way.

[b]Jacob:[/b] How do we know that this is the truth?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I am a man of my word. You can trust me on that.

[b]Nate:[/b] Alright, well thanks for everything.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Yeah, aside from the trying to kill us part, you’ve been a real help.

The cops leave the Mule Club, and head for the Gaming Towers.::

[b]Chapter 10[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Linguine: Louis

adidas198: Rick Didaz

The_Pikas_Elbow2: Pikus

Traise: Trace

mariooooooooooooo2: Mario

Conapple_Pokopo: Conapple Pokopo

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel

oneironama: Oneiro

???: Big Boss

mitchman16: Mitch[/color][/b]

T.L.O.U.M. was back on the streets, looking for another crime to commit.::

[b]Louis:[/b] So boss, what are we gonna be doing now?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I'm not quite certain yet.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Shouldn't we be aiming for something bigger. I mean aside from the gun store, all we've been doing is attacking homeless people, and hot dog stands.

[b]Trace:[/b] The little people count too you know!

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah but maybe we might get more attention with something bigger.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Okay, you want something bigger? How about we hit that pineapple shop across the street? It's of decent size. A lot of people are around here to witness it. What do you think?

[b]Pikus:[/b] Well that's not exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking more about something like a bank.

[b]Louis:[/b] Hey, we're not in this for the money man! If that's what you want, just leave.

[b]Pikus:[/b] No, no, no. The pineapple shop is fine. ::Whispering to himself.:: I'll just raid the cash register, when none of them are looking.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright Mario, I want you to go over there, and talk to that shop keep, and keep him distracted.

[b]Mario:[/b] Yes, master.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Louis, when Mario gets the grosser distracted, I want you to make a mess of all his pineapples. Be sure to leave a note that we were there, when you're done.

[b]Louis:[/b] Sure thing boss.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Trace, I want you to check to see if there is anyone else working in that store. If there is, seriously injure them.

[b]Trace:[/b] No prob.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Pikus, you'll stay here with me, and keep an eye on things, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

The guys head off, and start their mission.::

[b]Mario:[/b] Hello. I interest in pineapple. How much they cost?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] They're $5 a pineapple.

[b]Mario:[/b] That cost lots.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Well they're premium fresh pineapples. But be assured, you get what you pay for.

[b]Mario:[/b] Boy, me not know if me like pineapple enough to pay that money.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Here, I'll tell you what. I'll sell you 5 for $30. I'm practically giving them to you.

[b]Mario:[/b] Wow, that sound good. But I don't know. I only have $25.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Alright, alright. You seem like a nice guy. I'll do it for $25.

[b]Mario:[/b] You have deal!

Trace then just walks by.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Hi, I'd like to buy some pineapples.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] I'm just finishing off a sale here. I'll be with you in a minute.

[b]Trace:[/b] I'm in a bit of a rush. Do you have someone else who can help me?

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] No, I'm here alone. Just one minute. I'll be right then.

Trace noticed that Mario was done with his transaction, and that Louis, wasn't quite done yet, so he stayed around to distract Conapple.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Alright I'll wait.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Alright sir, here are you're pineapples. Thank you and come back again.

Mario so excited, ran across the street to tell Didaz about the pineapples.::

[b]Mario:[/b] Master look! Pineapples, only $25.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Mario! You weren't supposed to buy anything. You were just supposed to distract him.

[b]Mario:[/b] Sorry master.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] It's okay. It looks like Trace is distracting him.

Trace had been going on for a couple of minutes, inquiring about many different kinds of pineapples.::

[b]Trace:[/b] So, you're telling me that I can have 20 exotic pineapples, and 15 passion pineapples for only $150. That sounds tempting.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] I'm really making a bend on the price here you know. I mean, I'm barely making any profit on this.

[b]Trace:[/b] Tell me, how much would it be, if I add on five regular pineapples.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Alright, I tell you what. Cause you seem like a nice guy, I'll throw in five pineapples for only an extra $10. I mean for $5 pineapples, that's a steal.

Louis gave Trace the signal that he was done.::

[b]Trace:[/b] You know what sir, as tempting as that sounds, I just don't think I'm interested anymore.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] What, are you sure? We can still talk about the price.

[b]Trace:[/b] It's not the price. I've just lost interest.

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Well I see. Goodbye then.

As Trace leaves, Conapple turns around to see that his store was vandalized. The pineapple stands were busted in, and the pineapples all covered in shaving creme. He realized that Trace was in on it, and took out a gun and started shooting at him.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Holy crap. Why is it that every god damn person in this country has a gun.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Trace, head for cover.

[b]Louis:[/b] Boss, what should we do?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Start a gun fight.

[b]Pikus:[/b] A gun fight? But innocent people can die.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] All the better. You wanted something big, now you've got it.

[b]Louis:[/b] So boss, do you have a plan?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Keep this guy busy, and make sure he doesn't kill Trace. I'm gonna try to sneak up to him from behind.

Rick leaves, while Louis, Mario, and Pikus begin to help out Trace by firing at Conapple. Conapple realizes that it's four against one, so he takes out some extra artillery he had hidden around the store. He first grabs some pineapple bombs, and starts throwing them at the other guys.::

[b]Pikus:[/b] Look at this guy, trying to hurt us with pineapples. How pathetic.

The first pineapple bomb lands just a few meters away from Pikus, blowing up as it hit the floor. Pikus went flying back a few meters.::

[b]Louis:[/b] Holy [S-word]! Those are bombs.  ::Yelling.:: Trace, watch out for those pineapples. They're bombs!

Mario went to tend Pikus.::

[b]Mario:[/b] You okay.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah man, I'm alright.

[b]Mario:[/b] Okay, so we go back to fight.

[b]Pikus:[/b] I'm not that alright.

[b]Mario:[/b] Okay, you lay here. Mario go fight.

Mario goes back to the fight. Conapple was still throwing his pineapple bombs at the guys. He started hitting some cars, which resulted in them exploding. Trace who was taking cover behind a car, decided to run across the street, to where the other guys were.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Man, this guy's insane.

[b]Louis:[/b] Yeah, I know. Whoever thought that some guy working at a pineapple shop, would be equipped with all these weapons.

[b]Trace:[/b] Tell me about it. Where's Rick, by the way.

[b]Louis:[/b] He's trying to sneak up on the guy. He wants us to keep him distracted.

[b]Trace:[/b] Oh don't worry about that. I'll kill him if I have the chance.

[b]Louis:[/b] You're shot's not good enough. I've seen it.

[b]Trace:[/b] I might get lucky.

[b]Louis:[/b] No, you're not.

Conapple stopped throwing bombs, and walked into his store.::

[b]Louis:[/b] I think the guy just gave up.

[b]Trace:[/b] Alright, I'm gonna go in and finish the job.

[b]Louis:[/b] Umm, you don't have to.

Conapple walks out of his store, packed with a flame thrower.::

[b]Trace:[/b] I hope that's not what I think it is.

Conapple sends out a blast of flames.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Crap!

[b]Louis:[/b] Man, where's Rick. I don't know how much longer we can hold this guy.

[b]Mario:[/b] Look! Master there on window.

Didaz had managed to get into Conapple's shop, and was at the window sill, holding a sword he found in the shop, ready to jump out.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hey you over there.

Conapple turns around.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Say your prayers.

Rick jumps out of the window thrusting his sword down. He landed about 15 feet away from Conapple.::

[b]Conapple Pokopo:[/b] Impressive. Sadly, it is you who should be saying his prayers.

Didaz too hurt from the fall couldn't really move much, and even if he could, he knew that he didn't stand much of a chance to run away from Conapple's flame thrower. As a last ditch effort to get Conapple off his guard, Didaz threw a pineapple at Conapple, that happened to be right next to him. It so happened that that was actually a pineapple bomb, and it landed right at Conapple's feet, blowing him to smithereens. Didaz, went flying back from the explosion, but survived. Louis, Trace and Mario came running to his aid, while Pikus headed for the cash register.::

[b]Louis:[/b] Boss, are you alright.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I could be better, but I'll be alright.

[b]Trace:[/b] Mission accomplished I guess, huh?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Yeah, mission accomplished.

Mario helps Didaz up.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You know, I'm proud of you guys today. You showed me that you all have courage, and that you're all willing to stick with me no matter what. With that, I have a favour to ask of you all. I want to get a personal vendetta on two people. A cop by the name of Angelus, and a crime lord by the name of Big Boss. I want you to help me take these two guys down. I hope you don't find it too selfish of me to ask, but it's something I have to do.

[b]Louis:[/b] It's not selfish at all boss. I'm sure if we had a personal vendetta, you'd help us out, without us even asking you to.

[b]Trace:[/b] Yeah boss, you've given us more, than anyone one else ever has.

[b]Mario:[/b] Mario with you, master.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah, what they said.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright then. We'll head to the academy and start off with that cop, but first, this guy was loaded with a lot of weapons. Let's raid his store, and take whatever we find.

Didaz and his gang, take as much weaponry as they can from Conapple's store, and head for the academy. Meanwhile at the Mule Club, M. Samuel was in the middle of having kitu CRM iere with Oneiro.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Ohhh...

The phone rings.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] [F-word], what now.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Why are you stopping.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] It's Big Boss' line. I better get it.

M. Samuel answers the phone.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Samuel!!! What is going on there!

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] What, nothing sir.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Yeah, then why did you tell six cops where my hidden lair is?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Boss it's not what you think... Wait a minute, how do you know about that? I haven't told you yet.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I have spies everywhere.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Sir, I was honestly gonna call you momentarily, after finishing something up. You see, they beat me fair and square in a dance off, and I was forced to reveal to them where your lair is, but I told them with the intention to set a trap.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Go on.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I told them how to get there, and I told them once you get above the commercial area, to take the stairs, though I mentioned the your personal elevator, and one of them seemed interested in cracking the code. I was honestly just about to call you.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Alright Samuel, I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time, but you better watch out from now on, or you'll get it.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Yes sir.

M. Samuel hangs the phone up, and sits down on his bed.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] What wrong hon.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I can't believe that one of my men is a spy for Big Boss.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] A spy?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Yeah, but who could it be. I have to find out. I want them dead.

M. Samuel gets up.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Hon, come to bed. Figure things out in the morning.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] You know what, you're right.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] And you know, maybe we could go back to what we were doing.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] No, I'm just not in the mood right now. I think I'll just be going to sleep.

M. Samuel goes to sleep. Shortly after M. Samuel falls asleep, Oneiro grabs a pillow, and begins to suffocate M. Samuel. M. Samuel wakes up as he is being suffocated and uses all of his strength to push Oneiro off of him.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] ::Breathing heavily.:: So it was you! It all makes sense now. That is why you wanted to have kitu CRM iere. You knew I was gonna call Big Boss. You got to him first, and then delayed me from getting through to him by offering kitu CRM iere. Oh I should have known something was funny about this. You never ask for kitu CRM iere.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Bravo. You figured it all out. You're never going to make it out of here alive though.

M. Samuel, knew that Oneiro was trained in many forms of martial arts, and that she was a much better fighter than he was, so as she got close enough, he picked up a bat that was under the bed, and whacked her with it, but she reacted fast, and grabbed the bat, and took it away from him, just as he struck her.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Is that the best you've got.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I think so.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Poor Sam. I almost feel guilty for having to kill you.

Oneiro punches M. Samuel a few times, and then gives him a round house kick, sending him flying across the room. M. Samuel gets up, but Oneiro is already there to send him back to the floor. She then picks him up, and grabs his balls, squeezing them real tightly. He tries punching her, but she dodges it, still managing to hold onto his nuts. He then kicks her in the knee. She releases, and he falls to the ground.::

[b]Oneiro:[/b] That's it Sam. Now you die.

Oneiro takes out a knife, and is ready to stab him. M. Samuel sees a gun under his bed, so he tries to distract Oneiro, until he manages to grab it.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Wait, why are you doing this? Is it the money, cause I can give you the money.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] It's funny, and sad to see a man, who knows his life is up, trying to plea for mercy.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] There's gotta be something I can do.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Nothing you do can change my mind. For years I let you treat me like some Japanese slave girl, and I took it, not as love for you, but because Big Boss hired me on to be your personal spy. For years I've been waiting for this moment, and now it is finally here.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] So I guess it's goodbye then.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] Goodbye it is.

As Oneiro begins to thrust down with the knife, but M. Samuel fires the gun, he grabbed, while he was talking to Oneiro, and shoots her in the chest. Oneiro falls back, and M. Samuel gets up.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Funny how things change.

[b]Oneiro:[/b] I'll be waiting for you in hell, you bastard.

M. Samuel fires another bullet, and finishes her off. He then puts on some clothes and leaves his room, looking for Mitch.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Mitch!

[b]Mitch:[/b] Boss, what is it?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Mitch, you gotta get a hold of those cops that were here earlier, and tell them that they're heading for a trap.

[b]Mitch:[/b] What, but why?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I just found out that Big Boss is trying to kill me, and I need their help to take him out. If they fall for the trap, it's over.

[b]Mitch:[/b] Alright boss. I'll do my best to find them.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Thank you.

M. Samuel sits down, and rests for a bit, while Mitch begins to try looking for the cops.::

[b]Chapter 11[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Mr.Hero624: Joe

Mgoblue201: Jacob

Dillo64: Orrin

nate38: Nate

gamerchick86: Jamie

VideoGamerX19: Liz

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

blink182ska: The Blinker

vornoff: Andrew

Behnom: Behnom

thebigxer: Andre

Zeldahoolin: Hoolin

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

???: Big Boss[/color][/b]

The six cops had arrived to the Gaming Towers.::

[b]Joe:[/b] We're in the money, we're in the money, we've got a lot of what it takes to get along!

[b]Jacob:[/b] Why do you always have to sing when we're walking as a group.

[b]Joe:[/b] It gets me in the mood.

[b]Jacob:[/b] In the mood for what?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don't know.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Hey guys, we're here. The Gaming Towers.

[b]Nate:[/b] But how to we get to the underground?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Good question. Why didn't anyone ask M. Samuel that?

[b]Nate:[/b] I guess nobody thought of it.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Hey guys, isn't that a subway station over there?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, it looks like it.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Maybe there's an entrance through the subway.

[b]Liz:[/b] It's worth a check.

They walk to the subway. Just before they go in, Orrin gets a call from Commandant Angelus on his 2-way radio.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Help, help!

[b]Orrin:[/b] Commandant, is that you?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] You guys gotta come help fast. Their's some guys here terrorizing the academy, and I recognize one of them. He's looking for me.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Sir are you sure you're just not high again?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] I might be a little high, but I know what I'm seeing is real.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright sir, we'll be there soon.

The conversation between Orrin and the Commandant ends.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] The Commandant is in trouble guys. A couple of us should go and help him out.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Okay, but who goes.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Not me, I wanna be there when we save the day, and April comes running into my arms.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Okay, anyone want to go?

[b]Joe:[/b] I'll go, you can come with me Jake, it'll be fun.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey, hey, hey, don't drag me into this. I know you, as soon as we're done their, you're gonna want to come right back here. There's no way I'm doing double missions.

[b]Joe:[/b] Oh just come.

Joe grabs Jacob by the arm, and drags him to the car.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Well I guess that settles it.

[b]Nate:[/b] So what were we doing again?

[b]Jamie:[/b] We were going to the subway.

[b]Nate:[/b] Oh right, let's do that.

They enter the subway station.::

[b]Nate:[/b] So where do we go now?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Well the Gaming Towers is west of here, so it would only make sense to go that direction.

[b]Nate:[/b] Yeah, but the only way of going that direction is through the tracks.

[b]Liz:[/b] Then I guess through the tracks it is.

Liz jumped on the subway tracks and started walking west.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Man that girl has more balls than even Joe.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Yeah tell me about it. She scares me sometimes too.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Umm guys, are we just gonna stand here, and let her walk there on her own?

[b]Nate:[/b] Umm yeah, Jamie's right. Let's go.

They were about to jump on the tracks, but saw a subway coming. Nate had actually already jumped, but Orrin grabbed him, and pulled him back.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Thanks man, you saved my life there.

[b]Orrin:[/b] All in a day's work. Man, I always wanted to say that.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I hope Liz is alright.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Knowing her, she'll be fine.

The subway takes off, and the three of them jump on the tracks and head west.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Man, this has got to be the most dangerous thing I've ever done.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Well get used to it kid. There's gonna be lots more of this to come for you, trust me, that is as long as you don't die.

[b]Nate:[/b] Thanks, that's good to hear.

They get to a dark area, with a door to their right. Liz was standing there with an angry look in her face.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Well look who finally decided to come. What took you guys so long?

[b]Nate:[/b] Well...

[b]Liz:[/b] Don't waste your breath. Let's just go in.

They walk in. Inside was a dark and dusty corridor. The light was flickering and there was an elevator that looked to be at least 50 years old.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Man this can't be the only way inside.

[b]Liz:[/b] By the looks of this elevator, I don't even know if this is even a way inside.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I highly doubt that this is the only way in. M. Samuel likely didn't give us the best way to get there, but according to my radar tracker, we are under the Gaming Towers, so as long as this elevator works, it should get us up there.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well what are we waiting for, let's call it.

Liz pushes the button. No lights came on, and nothing seemed to happen.

[b]Liz:[/b] The damn thing's broken.

[b]Nate:[/b] Maybe there's another elevator in this subway.

[b]Liz:[/b] I doubt that. The damn guy just gave us false directions. Man of his word my ass.

Right then, the elevator doors opened.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] It looks like the light bulbs were just never changed.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Should we go in. This elevator doesn't look very safe.

[b]Liz:[/b] Well this is like our only way, so let's just go.

They walk into the elevator, and go up. The elevator took them above the commercial district, just like M. Samuel had promised, and up to the 10th floor, into a room, that was just as dark and dusty as the room they were just in.

[b]Nate:[/b] Man this Big Boss doesn't really take care of his place.

[b]Orrin:[/b] It's probably just a hidden room. My bet is that door over there is locked.

They walk to the door, and see that it was locked.::

[b]Nate:[/b] How'd you know that this door was locked?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Over the years you just pick up on these things. But don't worry, I'll unlock this in a jiffy.

[b]Liz:[/b] The hell I'm gonna wait for you.

Liz kicks down the door.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Man, what's up with her today?

[b]Orrin:[/b] She gets moody sometimes. It's just best to be quiet when she's like this.

They walk out of the room, into a lobby. Inside the lobby there were three elevators, one of them which was Big Boss' personal elevator. There was also a stairwell. Everything was just as M. Samuel said it would be.::

[b]Jamie:[/b] Well it looks like everything is just like M. Samuel told us it would be.

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright, let's go up those stairs.

[b]Orrin:[/b] I'm not going up any stairs. I'm gonna break the code to this elevator.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, good luck with that. I'm going up the stairs.

[b]Jamie:[/b] I'll go with Liz too.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Go and walk up those 20 flights of stairs. Nate will stay here and keep me company.

[b]Nate:[/b] What, I am?

[b]Orrin:[/b] You rather walk up the stairs?

[b]Nate:[/b] Well, umm...

[b]Orrin:[/b] It's decided, Nate will stay with me.

[b]Nate:[/b] ::Whispering to himself.:: Crap.

The two girls walk up the stairs.::

[b]Nate:[/b] So umm, like how do you plan on breaking this code?

[b]Orrin:[/b] Easy, with this code breaker tool over here, breaking into this elevator will be as easy as one, two, three.

Orrin inserts his code breaker on the lock, and in a matter of seconds, it found the code, and the elevator doors opened.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Wow, and to think I actually doubted you.

[b]Orrin:[/b] You what?

[b]Nate:[/b] Oh nothing. Let's just go in.

They walk into the elevator, and go up to Big Boss's lair. As the doors opened, they were welcomed by The Blinker, and Andrew, who were each holding guns, pointing towards the two cops.::

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Welcome to Big Boss' lair. I hope you enjoy your stay.

The Blinker and Andrew each grab a cop, and take them away. Meanwhile, Liz and Jamie were still walking up the stairs.::

[b]Liz:[/b] I bet those two lazy idiots are still trying to break into that elevator. Those two guys are just wasting their time.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Liz, what's gotten over you? You seem to be a lot more aggressive than you usually are.

[b]Liz:[/b] What, what do you mean? I'm acting normal.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Come on Liz, something's up, I can tell. You've been acting weird since we left Mule Club.

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright, I'll tell you, but don't tell anyone, what I'm about to say, got it.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Sure, what is it?

[b]Liz:[/b] After that dance, with Joe, I kinda had old feelings return to me.

[b]Jamie:[/b] What kind of old feelings?

[b]Liz:[/b] Feelings of Joe. Feelings that I didn't ever want returning.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Oh, I see. But what so bad if you like Joe?

[b]Liz:[/b] I used to be in love with him, but the guy never got the hint. His head is as thick as a door knob. That and you couple the fact that he saw me too much as a friend, I ultimately came to the realization that I was wasting my time, and I swore that I would move on. That's why I didn't want to dance with Joe, back at the Mule Club, not that I ever expected him to be much of a dancer.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Oh, if I knew, I would have danced with Joe.

[b]Liz[/b] It's okay. Nothing you can do now. I just gotta try to bury these feelings inside again.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Why don't you give it another shot?

[b]Liz:[/b] No, I'm not going through that again. I just have to deal with it.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Are you sure? You might not know what your missing out on.

[b]Liz:[/b] Jamie, you asked what was wrong with me, and I told you. Now you're pushing it, and if you don't stop, I will likely end up pushing you down these stairs.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Umm, okay. I won't say another word of it.

[b]Liz:[/b] Thanks. Alright, now let's go up and kick some ass.

They get up to the right floor. There was a door leading to Big Boss' lair. Liz opened the door, just to see Behnom, Andre, Hoolin and Panda Master there waiting for them. She then slammed the door shut, and waited on the side.::

[b]Jamie:[/b] What wrong?

[b]Liz:[/b] There's four guys in there, waiting for us.

[b]Jamie:[/b] What!?

[b]Liz:[/b] We were led into a trap.

[b]Jamie:[/b] So what do we do.

[b]Liz:[/b] Wait for them to come through that door, and then kick their asses.

Behnom opens the door, and walks through. Liz ready for him punches him in the face, knocking him back into the other room, and then closes the door again.::

[b]Jamie:[/b] Nice punch.

[b]Liz:[/b] Thanks.

Hoolin then walks through the door. Liz closes the door as soon as he walked through. She then jump kicks him which resulted in him tumbling down the stairs.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] What was that?

[b]Andre:[/b] It sounded like that girl knocked Hoolin down the stairs.

[b]Behnom:[/b] That's it. Andre, walk through that door, and make sure it stays open. All three of us have to go in together.

Andre pushes the door open, and makes sure Liz doesn't close it again. Liz attacked Andre, but couldn't stop him from letting Behnom and Panda Master in. Panda Master goes after Jamie and grabs her with ease.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Panda, take her to Big Boss. He'll be very pleased.

Panda takes Jamie away.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Now to rid ourselves of this pest.

[b]Liz:[/b] Bring it on.

Andre goes after her. Liz puts up a good fight, but in the end Andre was too strong, and picked her up and threw her down the stairs.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Good job Andre. Now I'm gonna go to Big Boss, you stay here just in case that pest happens to make her way back up.

[b]Andre:[/b] No problem.

Jamie was brought to Big Boss. At the same time, Orrin and Nate were brought there too. Big Boss was there sitting on his chair, with his back turned to everyone.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Welcome. I was expecting you guys.

[b]Orrin:[/b] So you're Big Boss. You're pathetic you know. You have all your guys do your work, and at the end of the day, you don't even show your face.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Hm, hm, hm...

Big Boss turns around.::

[b]Orrin, Nate and Jamie:[/b] Gamester!!!

[b]Orrin:[/b] So it was you all this time?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So you finally know who I am. Does that make you happy?

[b]Nate:[/b] You've been plotting this whole thing up, haven't you. That whole Ambassador from Canada meeting, was that all just part of your plan?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] A smart one you are. Indeed that meeting I held with you guys was part of my plan. I had heard of your past efforts to stop people from ruling the world, and I needed to investigate you guys with my own eyes. Also part of my plan needed a great hero, your friend Mike, and an innocent beauty, which is you my dear.

[b]Jamie:[/b] ::Flattered.:: Me?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You see, I've been working on this serum for years, that could turn just about anyone into a super being, but I have not yet been able to perfect it. Anyways, about a few months ago, I found a strange prophecy in a fortune cookie which said, "The bloody of a hero, an innocent beauty, and someone holy will be the key." This was indeed a strange prophecy, especially for a fortune cookie, so I took it as a sign, and kidnapped Jesus, and Mike. Now I finally have the final piece of the puzzle. Men, take this Jamie into the cell with Jesus and Mike.

[b]Andrew:[/b] How about these two boss?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Throw them in with Ray and April to rot there.

Big Boss' men take the cops to their respective dungeons. Big Boss knowing that is goal was finally about to be complete, had a huge grin on his face, as the cops were being taken away.::

[b]Chapter 12[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]adidas198: Rick Didaz

Traise: Trace

The_Pikas_Elbow2: Pikus

Linguine: Louis

mariooooooooooooo2: Mario

Traptor25: Commandant Angelus

Mr.Hero624: Joe

Mgoblue201: Jacob

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel[/color][/b]

T.L.O.U.M. was at the police academy, looking for Commandant Angelus.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Alright men, we're here at the academy. The Commandant can't be far from here.

[b]Trace:[/b] Where's the entrance?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You know, I can't really remember.

[b]Pikus:[/b] You don't remember where the entrance is?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] No, but it's gotta be here somewhere. I mean if we go around the building, I'm sure we'll find it.

[b]Louis:[/b] It looks to me like we're in the back of the building.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You may be right. I don't recall this part of the building one bit.

Didaz was scratching his head.::

[b]Pikus:[/b] Well are we just gonna stand here or something?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Right, right. Let's search this building.

[b]Pikus:[/b] ::Whispering to himself.:: Man I would make for a much better leader.

So the men march around the building, until they get to the front of the building, where the main entrance was.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Here we are, the main entrance. This is beginning to look very familiar.

[b]Louis:[/b] So where should we go now?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Inside I guess. I believe his office was straight down the hall or something.

[b]Trace:[/b] How about if he's not in his office?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Well his secretary should be there, and she can tell us where to find him. Just try to not look threatening.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Umm, but didn't you like make an outburst swearing to get vengeance on this guy. Don't you think his secretary might recognize you?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You know what Pikus, you might be right.

[b]Louis:[/b] So what are you gonna do boss?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I have an idea.

Didaz takes out a pair of sunglasses, and puts them on his face.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] There we go, this should fool them.

[b]Pikus:[/b] ::Sarcastically.:: Yeah, you look like a totally different person.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Excellent! Anyways, let's go in.

The five walk into the academy. As they walk to the Commandant's office, they notice that the place was all in ruin.::

[b]Louis:[/b] What the hell happened here?

[b]Trace:[/b] It looks like someone already broke into this place.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You don't think somebody already came looking for this guy, I mean his office is right here?

[b]Louis:[/b] Well I don't know anything about this guy, but why would someone go after him?

[b]Pikus:[/b] Aren't we going after him?

[b]Louis:[/b] Well I guess you make a good point.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Well I guess we better check inside his office. Mario, you stay outside, and keep an eye to see if anyone is coming. If you see someone, let us know.

[b]Mario:[/b] Yes Master.

Didaz, Louis, Trace, and Pikus go inside the Commandant's office, while Mario stays out on watch.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Hmm, it doesn't look like anyone's here.

[b]Louis:[/b] So what do we do now?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I guess we search the whole building.

They start to walk out the door.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Yes, I fooled them!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Did you hear that?

[b]Trace:[/b] Hear what?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] A voice. Faint it was, but it was a voice.

[b]Louis:[/b] I didn't hear anything.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Yeah, you're probably just hearing things.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Maybe I might be...

Didaz turns around, and shoots a bullet at the Commandant's desk.::

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Holy [S-word]!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] But likely I'm not. Get up, whoever's behind that desk, or I'll shoot again.

The Commandant gets up.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] So we meet again Mr. Commandant.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] So you came back, and brought some of you're buddies to help you out I see.

[b]Louis:[/b] We're not just his buddies. We're part of his gang!

[b]Trace:[/b] Yeah!

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] I see. So I guess you want to kill me.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Pretty much, but first I want to see you suffer, just like how you made me suffer.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Made you suffer? I just told you that you had to undertake training.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You don't realize it yet, do you?

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Realize what?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Realize that I'm not your ordinary individual.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] I realize that you're not ordinary. You're a nut!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] That's it, I tried being civil with you, but I guess we have to get rough. Trace, Louis, pin him to his desk.

Trace and Louis pin the Commandant down on his desk.::

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Let the torture begin.

Didaz begins to torture the Commandant. Meanwhile Joe and Jacob had arrived to the academy.::

[b]Joe:[/b] I hope we're not too late.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I hope that this is just a false alarm.

They run inside, and find Mario standing in front of the Commandant's door.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, watch out, there's someone over there.

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey wait, I think I know that guy.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You do?

[b]Joe:[/b] Yeah, I think I saved his life once. He needed sand or something to live, so I gave it to him.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Why would he need sand to live?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don't know, he just did. He was screaming out "Wa tier", which was like some Spanish dialect for more sand.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Wait, why is this starting to sound familiar now?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don't know. Maybe you were there. Anyways, you shouldn't worry about the guy. From what I remember, he was mostly harmless.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well I hope you're right about that.

Joe and Jacob walk up to Mario.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey there my little Mexican buddy. How's it going? It's been a while.

Mario remembers Joe trying to stuff sand down his throat.::

[b]Mario:[/b] You! You try to kill Mario!!!

Mario jumps on Joe and tries to choke him, but Joe easily pushes him off.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hey, that's not much of a greeting, especially considering I saved your life.

Mario was giving Joe a really dirty look. He then turns to Jacob, and recognizes him as well.

[b]Mario:[/b] Hey, it you!

[b]Jacob:[/b] Me?

[b]Mario:[/b] Yeah you. Mario remember you. You once hump my butt.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What!?

[b]Mario:[/b] Yeah, you were on Mario, and you hump my butt.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Are you crazy, I never did such a thing!

[b]Mario:[/b] Yeah. It was like four years ago. We were in desert, same day that other man try to kill Mario. You get tired, so Mario carry you. Then you see beautiful lady take off bra, and get horny, like Mario did, and then you hump my butt.

[b]Joe:[/b] Now that I think of it, I remember him carrying you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, you don't actually believe him do you?

[b]Joe:[/b] Well I'm just saying I remember a lot of what he's saying.

[b]Mario:[/b] Mario never forget that moment. It was wonderful moment for Mario.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I think I'm getting sick.

[b]Mario:[/b] You get sick? No worry, Mario take care of you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] No! Stay away. Just tell us what you're doing here.

[b]Mario:[/b] Mario come with Master. Master inside. Want to kill man in there.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Damn it! They're already here.

[b]Joe:[/b] Let's go in.

Joe and Jacob rush inside. Joe points his gun at the general area, where most of the guys were standing.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Freeze!!!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Well well. Look what walked in the door. Looks like Mario failed me again.

Mario runs in.::

[b]Mario:[/b] Master, Master! cops here!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Yes we know Mario.

[b]Jacob:[/b] ::Nervous.:: What do you want with the Commandant?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I want my revenge!

[b]Jacob:[/b] Revenge, what revenge?

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] I don't have to explain anything to you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well you better, or else Joe over here is gonna kick you ass!

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You think I'm afraid of you guys? We out number you five to two.

[b]Jacob:[/b] ::Getting really nervous.:: Yeah, well we're c...co...op...s.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] You know you talk to much.

Didaz points his gun at Jacob and fires it. Joe noticing this, jumps and pushes Jacob out of the way, but couldn't get himself out of the way in time, getting hit in the right shin. Both Joe and Jacob fall behind and statue of canibus.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, you saved my life.

[b]Joe:[/b] I guess we're even now.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Men, I want them dead. Pikus, keep an eye on the Commandant. Make sure he doesn't escape.

Didaz, Louis, and Trace all take out semi-automatic guns, and begin to fire at the statue.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] They're shooting the statue. I don't know how long this thing will last.

[b]Joe:[/b] We gotta shoot back.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Are you crazy? They got semi-automatics. We just have pistols.

[b]Joe:[/b] All it takes is one bullet.

Joe sticks his gun out on the side, and blindly shoots, hitting Louis in the knee.::

[b]Louis:[/b] Boss, I've been hit,

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] Keep shooting! That statue can't hold much longer.

[b]Jacob:[/b] We're dead meat.

[b]Joe:[/b] You're always so damn negative you know.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Well you're always so damn positive.

Joe again sticks his gun out on the side and shoots. This bullet just missed Trace's head.::

[b]Trace:[/b] Holy [S-word], I almost died. Boss, this guy has a good shot. It might be best to just leave.

[b]Rick Didaz:[/b] The statue is almost down. It won't be long!

Pikus notices that Didaz, Louis, and Trace are far to distracted with Joe and Jacob.::

[b]Pikus:[/b] Alright, here's my chance...

Pikus takes out a gun, and shoots Didaz in the back of the head. Didaz instantly falls to his knees. He then points his gun at the Commandant and is about to pull the trigger, but his hand just then locks up, and he falls to the ground.::

[b]Louis and Trace:[/b] Boss!!!

[b]Mario:[/b] Master!!!

[b]Pikus:[/b] It's finally over. The rule of that idiot Didaz, who had us putting our lives at risk for nothing is finally over.

[b]Louis:[/b] What the [F-word] man! Why did you kill him?

[b]Pikus:[/b] Isn't it obvious? Didaz was a horrible leader. You guys deserved someone much better, and who is that someone? Well me of course.

[b]Trace:[/b] You think we'd actually follow a jerkwad like you?

[b]Pikus:[/b] Who was the one who always suggested to rob banks, museums, art galleries, and other things with worth? Me that's who. With our talent, we should be millionaires by now.

[b]Louis:[/b] All you care about is the money, isn't it.

[b]Pikus:[/b] Well yeah, that's why I joined this stupid gang to begin with.

[b]Trace:[/b] You don't get it at all. We were never in this for the money. It was always for acceptance, and love. Rick was a wonderful man, and helped us all out in our time of need, including you, and you repay him by killing him. You're pathetic.

[b]Pikus:[/b] So what, you're gonna kill me now.

[b]Louis:[/b] No, that's the easy way out. We'll let these cops take care of you.

[b]Trace:[/b] Just remember, no matter what you get, it isn't enough. Louis, Mario, let's get the hell out of here.

Trace, Louis and Mario pick up Didaz's body and leave. Jacob had got up, and helped Joe to the couch, while the Commandant cuffed Pikus to a chair.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] So what, do we just let them leave.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Without their leader, they won't be bothering us again.

[b]Jacob:[/b] If you say so.

[b]Joe:[/b] So sir, are you going to take care this guy, cause we gotta go to Big Boss' lair.

[b]Commandant Angelus:[/b] Yeah don't worry about it.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Wait, you're still gonna go to Big Boss' lair, even though you got shot in the leg.

[b]Joe:[/b] This ain't the first time I've been shot. I'll be alright. I just gotta wrap it up.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Man you're nuts. If it were me, I'd be heading to the hospital.

[b]Joe:[/b] Well I'm going to Big Boss' lair. Are you coming with me?

[b]Jacob:[/b] I guess I have no choice.

Just as Joe and Jacob are walking out the door, the phone rings. The Commandant picks it up. It happened to be M. Samuel, calling for the cops. The Commandant ran out to call the guys. They came back in, and the Commandant turned on the speaker phone.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hello.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Hello, is this one of the cops that was at my place earlier?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Oh how glad I am that I found you guys. You guys gotta come back to my place. I sent you off to a trap. Big Boss is waiting for you.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What!? Four of our friends are already there.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Oh, well then I wish them the best, but the two of you have to come back. It's the only way you can get to big boss safely.

[b]Jacob:[/b] And how do we know that this ain't just a trap.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I know this must sound really suspicious, but I just found out that Big Boss is trying to kill me, and I need your help. I'll explain everything when you get here, just please come.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What do you think Joe?

[b]Joe:[/b] He sounds honest.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You think everyone sounds honest. Alright Sam, we'll pass by.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Thanks, and please trust me, this isn't a trap.

They end their conversation with M. Samuel, and head back to the Mule Club. The Commandant gets Pikus and takes him to a jail cell.::

[b]Chapter 13[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Mgoblue201: Jacob

Mr.Hero624: Joe

mitchman16: Mitch

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel

VideoGamerX19: Liz

thebigxer: Andre

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

blink182ska: The Blinker

Threm: Big Boss

Pacn99: General Pacn

DaBest13: Mike

Escee: Jesus

gamerchick86: Jamie

DrJawn: Dr. Jon

Supergreg64: Greg

Baller_: Baller[/color][/b]

Joe and Jacob had arrived back at the Mule Club.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] I don't know about this Joe. I really think it's a trap.

[b]Joe:[/b] Don't worry, if it's a trap, we'll find a way out of it.

[b]Jacob:[/b] One of these days Joe, you're gonna fall into a trap that you won't get out of, and when that day comes, I hope to God that I'm not with you.

[b]Joe:[/b] Well today might be that day.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Please don't joke about it.

[b]Joe:[/b] Let's just go in.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Alright, let's go.

They walk inside the Mule Club.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Hello, is anybody here?

Out of the darkness, Mitch appears.::

[b]Mitch:[/b] Hello.

Jacob drops to the floor scared.::

[b]Mitch:[/b] Are you okay there?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah, you just startled me.

[b]Mitch:[/b] Sorry. Anyways, M. Samuel is waiting for you. Just follow me, I'll take you to him.

Mitch takes Joe and Jacob to M. Samuel.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Hello, I'm glad you guys could make it.

[b]Jacob:[/b] So what do you want from us M. Samuel?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] As I mentioned over the phone, Big Boss wants me dead. Now I know you guys are likely thinking this is a trap, but rest assured it is not. Just look at this.

Mitch takes out Oneiro's dead body.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] That's Oneiro right there, my once supposed loyal follower. You guys remember her, right? Well shortly after you guys left, she tried killing me in my sleep. I was forced to kill her in self defense. Oneiro wasn't only my best henchman, but she was also fantastic in bed. I had no reason to kill her, other than for self defense. So I hope you can now believe me, that Big Boss is out to get me, and that I need your help.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You sound sincere. I guess we can trust you.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Excellent. Now, this is what we're gonna do. Tomorrow morning, I have a scheduled shipment of weapons, that needs to be delivered to Big Boss. The two of you, along with Mitch, will come with me, dressed as couriers. None of Big Boss' men have seen you yet, right?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Not that we know of.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Alright, then this should work. If any questions are asked, we just tell them that you two are the new guys.

[b]Jacob:[/b] So what do we do, once we get there?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] The prison cells, where your friends are likely being held, are down the main hall, second corridor to the left. Once you hit that left, keep walking until you reach them.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Anything else we should know.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Just once you get off track with Mitch, and start heading for the cells, make sure to not get caught. Big Boss won't be expecting it, but the area will still likely be guarded. You guys have to be careful.

[b]Joe:[/b] I guess that's cool, so when do we leave again.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Tomorrow morning, bright and early. You two are welcome to stay the night, if you want.

The four of them get ready for the attack. Meanwhile back at Big Boss' lair, Liz awakens, after being thrown down a few flights of stairs by Andre. She had a few bumps and bruises, and her left wrist had been dislocated.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Man, I feel like [S-word]. I hope the other guys are still okay.

Liz gets up. She stretches for a few minutes, and then heads up the stairs. As she got up to Big Boss' floor, she heard a sound. It was a man snoring. She started walking extra slowly.::

[b]Liz:[/b] It's that idiot who threw me down the stairs. I better keep quiet, so he doesn't hear me walk by.

Liz walks by him, and enters the room.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Alright, where to now?

Liz observes the room. She then sees Panda Master walk by, and into a room. She decides to follow him into the room. The room was small and dark. Liz hid in a corner where Panda Master couldn't see her.::

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Man I'm so tired. I wish the world could be a cooler place. I overheat too often. I like winter time...

Panda Master falls asleep. Liz takes this as her chance to get some info off of him. She walks behinds him, points her gun to his head and wakes him up.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Wake up you damn panda suited freak!

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Mommy, is that you?

[b]Liz:[/b] No, I'm not you're mother, but I am a woman who will blow out your brains if you don't tell me how to get to Big Boss.

[b]Panda Master:[/b] What? Who are you, and why are you in my quarters anyways?

[b]Liz:[/b] That has nothing to do with anything. Now just tell me where Big Boss is, or I'll shoot.

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Alright, alright. Jeeesh, you don't have to be such a meanie. If you hang a right after you leave my room, you'll go down a hall. There you hang another right, and that's where Big Boss should be.

[b]Liz:[/b] Now that wasn't so hard now was it?

[b]Panda Master:[/b] No, but it's not like you'll make it to Big Boss in one piece. Someone will stop you along the way.

[b]Liz:[/b] You know what, you're right.

Liz thinks for a bit. Suddenly an idea comes to her.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Take off your suit.

[b]Panda Master:[/b] My suit? What suit?

[b]Liz:[/b] Take off your damn panda suit!

[b]Panda Master:[/b] I'm not wearing a panda suit.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh really? Then what do you call that panda looking thing that's on you?

[b]Panda Master:[/b] That's my fur.

[b]Liz:[/b] Are you insane, or something?

[b]Panda Master:[/b] I think you're the one who's insane you damn crazy lady.

Liz realizes that she isn't getting anywhere, so she decides to strip him, herself. She uses her left arm to pin his head down, while she unzipped him with her right hand, while still holding on to the gun. Once she was finished, she dressed herself in the panda suit, to disguise herself as Panda Master.::

[b]Panda Master:[/b] You stripped me of my fur you damn bitch. I'm going to Big Boss to tell him.

[b]Liz:[/b] You not going anywhere.

Liz shoots at both of Panda Master's knees.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Try walking now.

Liz leaves the room, and heads for Big Boss.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Man this suit is all hot and sweaty. How does that guy stay in this thing all the time?

Before getting to Big Boss, Liz bumps into The Blinker.::

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Hey P.M., how's it going?

[b]Liz:[/b] ::Bringing her voice down a few octaves.:: Oh I'm okay.

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Dude, you sound weird.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh, I think I'm just coming down with a cold.

[b]The Blinker:[/b] Oh, well I gotta go dude. Take care.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah, you too.

The Blinker leaves.::

[b]Liz:[/b] That was close.

Liz continues on. As she gets to the room that Panda Master talked about, Big Boss was in there, along with General Pacn, getting ready to create the super serum. Mike, Jamie and Jesus were chained to the wall on the back.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Panda Master, what are you doing here?

[b]Liz:[/b] Umm I came to see you boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Yeah, for what?

[b]Liz:[/b] Umm, there's an intruder.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Well isn't this what you are for. Go stop him.

[b]Liz:[/b] But this guy's serious. Like special emergency serious. You guys better check it out.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What do you think Pacn?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Well if he's this serious, we better check it out. Better to stop him now, before he ruins our plans.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Alright Panda Master. You stay here and guard this room. Pacn and I will be back momentarily.

Big Boss and Pacn leave the room. Liz walks towards the prisoners.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Stay away from me you damn Panda guy!

Mike spits on Liz.::

[b]Liz:[/b] You know I was gonna save you, but I think I'll just let you hang there.

[b]Mike:[/b] Liz?

[b]Liz:[/b] Yeah.

Liz takes off her mask. She then unchains Jamie. As she was unchaining Jesus, Big Boss and Pacn walk back.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So this is how it is. Panda Master is a cop spy. I should have guessed it. And making us think you were a guy all this time. Bravo.

Panda Master crawled in from behind.::

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Stop that bitch! She stole my fur.

[b]Pacn:[/b] Panda Master?

[b]Panda Master:[/b] Yeah.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Well I guess this girl is even more impressive then I thought. Pacn chain her up. I want this one to be my bride, when I rule the world.

Liz points her gun at Pacn.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Not so fast Big Boss. We're getting out of here, whether you like it or not.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I don't think so missy. Pacn, turn on the monitor.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yes sir.

Pacn turns on the monitor. Dr. Jon was on the screen, in Greg and Baller's room.::

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] Hello there Big Boss, what can I do for you?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Kill those two cops.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] With pleasure my good sir.

[b]Liz:[/b] Dr. Jon, he works for you?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You would be amazed in what I control.

[b]Liz:[/b] Please, don't kill my friends.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Put your gun down then.

Liz drops her gun.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Dr. Jon, leave them be for now. Pacn, chain up that Jamie back to the wall. As for you my dear, you're coming with me.

Big Boss takes Liz away.::

[b]Chapter 14[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]Threm: Big Boss

Pacn99: General Pacn

vornoff: Andrew

VideoGamerX19: Liz

DaBest13: Mike

gamerchick86: Jamie

Escee: Jesus

yoshidude81: Seth

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel

Mgoblue201: Jacob

Mr.Hero624: Joe

mitchman16: Mitch

Behnom: Behnom

thebigxer: Andre

april: April

Rayhovite: Ray

nate38: Nate

Dillo64: Orrin

FrogTheKnight: Knight[/color][/b]

The next day at Big Boss' lair. General Pacn went to Big Boss' room, with news.::

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Big Boss. All preparations are ready. We are now just waiting on your word.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Excellent Pacn. Let us go, and create our serum.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yes sir.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Oh and Pacn, bring the girl, I want her to witness it.

The two head to the lab. Pacn makes out a call to Andrew to get Liz and bring her there.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Alright Pacn, so what has to be done now?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] We just have to get their blood samples, and mix it with the serum.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] And are you sure this will work.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] It will sir.

Andrew enters the room with Liz.::

[b]Andrew:[/b] Do you have any idea the troubles she caused me just to get her here?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I can imagine.

[b]Liz:[/b] What do you want with me now?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I want you here at this moment, to witness the greatness that will soon be.

[b]Liz:[/b] More like retarded evil scheme.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Evil it may be, but retarded it is far from. Pacn, begin with the procedure.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yes sir.

General Pacn gives out orders to bring out Mike, Jamie and Jesus.::

[b]Mike:[/b] You're not gonna get away with this Big Boss!

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Pacn, shut him up.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Yes sir.

General Pacn grabs a bar, and whacks Mike over the head with it, knocking him out.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I don't tolerate insolence.

[b]Liz:[/b] You're mad!

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Why thank you.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Alright sir, we are now going to take their blood samples, and administer it to the serum.

At this moment Seth walks in.::

[b]Seth:[/b] There you are dad, I've been looking for you.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Can't you see that I'm busy?

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad, I just need some money, and then I'll be out of the way.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Why don't you earn money like a normal person?

[b]Seth:[/b] What do you mean by that?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] He means that you're a huge disappointment! He wants you to become somebody, like he is, but you've turned out to be nothing but a pathetic spoiled punk kid. Get a life why don't you.

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad, is this true?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Get the hell out of here son, I'm busy.

Seth runs out of the room crying.::

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Now that that's over with, let's get back to business.

The scientists take Mike, Jamie, and Jesus' blood samples, and put them into the serum.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What now Pacn?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] We wait.

[b]Liz:[/b] Oh this is so stupid. What can possibly happen by adding some blood to that thing?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What did I say about insolence?

[b]Liz:[/b] Your gonna find it harder to shut me up, then you did Mike.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Andrew, tape her mouth up.

[b]Andrew:[/b] Why sir?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So she can't talk, of course.

Andrew tapes up Liz's mouth. She was still screaming after getting her mouth taped, but eventually got tired. Big Boss and General Pacn await for the serum to be ready. Meanwhile M. Samuel had arrived at Big Boss' lair, along with Joe, Jacob, and Mitch.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Alright, so you guys remember what to do right?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Yeah.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Alright, then let's go out.

They walk out of the helicopter and are welcomed by Behnom and some guards.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] 'ello there chap.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Hey Behnom, how's it going?

[b]Behnom:[/b] Good good. It's a good thing you made it with such timing. Big Boss wants to talk to you.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] For what?

[b]Behnom:[/b] I think you know.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Well I'm busy with the courier right now.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Well I'm sure that your men can handle that.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] There's some special stuff that I should hand deliver myself.

Behnom points a gun at M. Samuel.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] I'm sure Mitch can handle the job. Come with me. I don't want to go back to Big Boss with a dead M. Samuel.

M. Samuel realizes that there is no way out of this, so he agrees to go with Behnom.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] ::Whispering to Joe and Jacob.:: Don't worry about me, just get the job done.

M. Samuel leaves with Behnom and the guards. Just before he leaves, he hand Joe a tracking device. Joe puts it in his pocket.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] So I guess we gotta get to those prison cells.

[b]Joe:[/b] Let's go.

They walk to the point where they have to make a left. Jacob stops to make the left, but Joe keeps going with Mitch.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey Joe, where the heck are you going?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don't know, I was just following Mitch.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You gotta make a left here with me.

[b]Joe:[/b] But how about Mitch?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Mitch isn't coming with us.

[b]Joe:[/b] Oh okay.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Okay, so let's go, and try to be quite.

[b]Joe:[/b] Sure.

Joe runs down the hall.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe...

Joe gets to the prison cell, to meet Andre.::

[b]Andre:[/b] What are you doing here?

[b]Joe:[/b] I'm here to deliver a package.

[b]Andre:[/b] A package for Andre?

Joe looks at the name on the box.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Umm, no it's actually for Big Boss.

[b]Andre:[/b] Then why are you here?

[b]Joe:[/b] To deliver this package.

Joe gives the package to Andre.::

[b]Andre:[/b] Oh no, now Andre has to give this to Big Boss, or else Andre get in trouble.

Andre leaves to find Big Boss. Jacob gets to where Joe was.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Wow Joe, what did you do to make him run away?

[b]Joe:[/b] I delivered a package.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Why do I even bother?

Jacob sees the cops in the cell and goes to them.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey guys, how's it going?

[b]April:[/b] Joe, Jacob, thank God you guys came. I can't stand Orrin's incessant praising of me anymore.

[b]Jacob:[/b] We'll let you out, just tell us where the keys are.

[b]Ray:[/b] That big oaf that Joe just scared off had them.

[b]Jacob:[/b] So there's no keys, that's just great.

[b]Nate:[/b] Jacob, give me your gun, I picked up this trick once.

Jacob gives Nate his gun. Nate shoots the lock.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Presto.

Nate tries to open the cell door, but it didn't open. By shooting the lock, Nate actually just damaged the lock.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Do you ever do anything right Nate?

[b]Nate:[/b] It doesn't seem like it.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Jacob, get my bag over there and bring it to the door.

Jacob grabs Orrin's bag and brings it to him.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Here you are. What do you plan on doing?

[b]Orrin:[/b] I intend pick this lock open, though it's gonna be tough with what 'acts before he thinks boy' over there did to this lock.

Orrin takes out his tools, and starts picking into the lock. It takes him about 10 minutes, but he eventually gets it open.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Done and done. There's no lock in this world that Orrin can't break into. It makes me wonder why I never chose crime as a career path?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Alright let's go find Big Boss.

[b]Nate:[/b] Anybody have any idea where he might be?

[b]Jacob:[/b] Not a clue.

[b]Ray:[/b] Maybe we should split up and search this place.

[b]Nate:[/b] That's not a bad idea.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Alright, so I guess Joe and Jacob can check this floor. Ray and April can check the floor above, and Nate and I can check the floor below. If my calculations are correct, these three floors are our best chance in finding Big Boss.

[b]Ray:[/b] Alright let's go.

They begin to walk off.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Man this damn thing that M. Samuel gave me is damn big. It's bugging me here in my pocket.

Joe takes it out and throws it on the floor.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe wait, what was that?

[b]Joe:[/b] I don't know, Sam gave it to me, before he left.

Orrin picks it up.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] It's a tracking device, and something is being tracked, just downstairs.

[b]Jacob:[/b] M. Samuel must have tracked himself, knowing that he was going to Big Boss.

[b]Nate:[/b] Wait, M. Samuel is here helping you?

[b]Jacob:[/b] It's a long story. I'll explain it later.

[b]Ray:[/b] Alright, so let's go down and cream this guy.

[b]Jacob:[/b] You seem a lot more like yourself at the moment.

[b]Ray:[/b] Well let's just say I've had a lot of time in my hands to think things over.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Enough with this talking!! Let's go people!

[b]Jacob:[/b] What's with him?

[b]Ray:[/b] He's not really happy about what I thought over.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Huh?

[b]Ray:[/b] Let's just go.

They head off to find Big Boss. Meanwhile, Behnom had arrived to the lab that Big Boss was in, with M. Samuel.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] M. Samuel, you've made it just in time.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] In time for what?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] To witness my serum at work.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] So Big Boss, you finally completed your serum.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Yes M. Samuel, thanks to you I got the final piece of the puzzle, plus I was able to dispose of those other cops.

The cops barge into the room.::

[b]Ray:[/b] Not quite yet Big Boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You guys, you're free, but how?

[b]Jacob:[/b] You have the man you just thanked to thank.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So M. Samuel, this is your doing. If only Oneiro had done the job. Oh well, as they say, if you want the job done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Joe sees Big Boss reaching for his gun, and shoots him in the hand, before he can get to it. All the guards then point their guns at the cops.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You should have finished me off right there.

[b]Ray:[/b] You think your so tough, but your nothing special, and you will go down.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] If you only realized how late you guys are. Pacn, begin project "I'm Gonna Rule The World".

General Pacn takes out Big Boss' pet frog, Knight. He also took out big heavy armour and a big sword and shield. He then administers the serum into Knight. After about half a minute, Knight begins to grow. He gets to about 10 feet tall, and stands upright. Everyone except Big Boss and General Pacn are totally stunned by this.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Behold my wondrous creation.

[b]Ray:[/b] Holy [S-word]!

[b]Andrew:[/b] Boss, what did you just do?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Isn't it magnificent?

[b]General Pacn:[/b] It is sir.

[b]Behnom:[/b] I hope the fellow is trained, for your sake Boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Oh I spent the past year training Knight. He won't let me down.

In the meantime while they were conversing, the scientists put on Knights armour.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Alright guys let's leave.

[b]Andrew:[/b] How about the cops?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Leave them here to fight Knight. Make sure they're unarmed.

Behnom and Andrew take all of the cops weapons away from them. They then leave with Big Boss and General Pacn. Big Boss takes Liz with him, and General Pacn releases Knight as they leave. He also locks the cops in the lab.::

[b]Chapter 15[/b]

[b][color=darkblue]nate38: Nate

Mgoblue201: Jacob

Rayhovite: Ray

Msamuleman69: M. Samuel

Mr.Hero624: Joe

Escee: Jesus

gamerchick86: Jamie

april: April

Dillo64: Orrin

FrogTheKnight: Knight

DaBest13: Mike

Threm: Big Boss

vornoff: Andrew

Behnom: Behnom

Pacn99: General Pacn

blink182ska: The Blinker

PandaMasterX4: Panda Master

Zeldahoolin: Hoolin

thebigxer: Andre

VideoGamerX19: Liz

yoshidude81: Seth

mitchman16: Mitch

DrJawn: Dr. Jon

Baller_: Baller

Supergreg64: Greg[/color][/b]

The cops were locked in the lab. Knight, Big Boss' pet frog was overgrown, armed, and ready to attack.::

[b]Nate:[/b] So what do we do now?

[b]Jacob:[/b] I'm running for it.

Jacob runs to the door, and tries to get out, but the door was locked.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Dammit, it's locked.

[b]Ray:[/b] Yeah, we already knew that.

[b]Nate:[/b] Well we gotta think of something.

[b]Ray:[/b] Alright, Jacob and April, the two of you go untie Mike, Jamie and Jesus. Joe, Nate and I will fight this frog. Orrin, try to see if you can find a weak spot for this frog.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] What do I do?

[b]Ray:[/b] Just stay away, and try not to get killed.

[b]Joe:[/b] Alright, let's do this!

Jacob and April go to Mike, Jamie and Jesus to untie them. Mike was still unconscious.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hey Mike, wake up.

[b]Jesus:[/b] The man is out cold.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Yeah, he got hit pretty hard.

[b]April:[/b] Looks like you might have to carry him Jacob.

[b]Jacob:[/b] What, me carry him? You're looking at the wrong guy.

[b]April:[/b] Do you want me to carry him?

[b]Jacob:[/b] That's an idea.

[b]April:[/b] Jacob!

[b]Jacob:[/b] Why don't we just leave him here. Nobody likes Mike anyways.

April gives Jacob a mean stare.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Alright, fine.

April and Jacob untie the three of them. They head to where the other guys were. Jacob carried Mike there. Meanwhile the other guys were dodging Knight's attacks, until Orrin could find a weak point on Knight.::

[b]Ray:[/b] Orrin, you got anything yet?

[b]Orrin:[/b] No, not yet. This guy looks pretty solid.

[b]Ray:[/b] Well hurry it up, we can't hold this guy off forever.::

Knight strikes his sword down at Joe. Joe still in pain from the bullet wound in his leg, just barely hobbled out of the way. Nate runs by, and helps Joe up. The two run to where Ray is.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Any of you have an idea?

[b]Joe:[/b] I say we rush him. It's three against one.

[b]Ray:[/b] Yeah, but he's fully armed, and we're not.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Guys, guys! I think I found his weak spot.

[b]Nate:[/b] What is it?

[b]Orrin:[/b] It's his legs. I noticed that he has trouble balancing himself when he walks. He's used to moving on all fours. Walking on two, and giving him all that heavy armour is making it hard for him to walk. If we can find a way to get behind him and push him over, we can quite possibly beat him.

[b]Ray:[/b] So how are we gonna get behind him?

[b]Nate:[/b] I have an idea. If we get a decoy, to distract him, then two of us can get behind him, and push him over.

[b]Ray:[/b] That's a great idea. Joe and I will try to push over this frog, and you can be the decoy Nate.

[b]Nate:[/b] Wait, why am I the decoy?

[b]Ray:[/b] Cause it was your idea.

[b]Nate:[/b] Dammit!

Nate goes in front of Knight, and starts trying to distract him. Knight attacks Nate, and Nate does his best to avoid his attacks. While Knight is distracted, Ray and Joe go behind him, and push him over. Knight falls over easily. When he was down, Joe jumped on him to try to keep him down, while Ray ran to grab his sword. Knight pushes Joe off him, and gets back on him feet. Just as he gets up, Ray swings the sword, and cuts off Knight's left leg. Knight falls to the ground. When he was down, Ray gets the sword, and thrusts it through his face, killing him.::

[b]Ray:[/b] Well that's that.

[b]Jacob:[/b] Good job guys, but there's still the question about getting out of here.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Leave that to me.

Orrin examines the door.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] April, Jamie, do one of you have a bobby pin?

[b]Jamie:[/b] Yeah, I've got one.

Jamie gives Orrin the bobby pin. Orrin starts to fidget it around the key hole. Orrin manages to get the door unlocked.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Like I said earlier, no lock in this world can stop Orrin the Great!

[b]April:[/b] Get over yourself.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Oh come on baby, you know you want me.

[b]April:[/b] Yeah, I'll show you how much I want you.

April walks over to Ray, and kisses him.::

[b]Orrin:[/b] Ray, what did you do to my girl when the two of you were locked up together!?

[b]Ray:[/b] Now is not the time to squabble over this. We have to go stop Big Boss.

The group leaves the lab, and begin to look for Big Boss. Meanwhile Big Boss was in his lounge, with all of his henchmen. Liz was there with them as well, tied up.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Men our day is finally here. The super serum we've been working on for months has finally been perfected. Our army of super soldiers is only days away now.

[b]Andrew:[/b] What will this mean for us?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You guys will now be the generals of my army. A big promotion for all of you, but with that comes a lot of new responsibility, so don't make me regret this.

[b]Behnom:[/b] You won't regret anything from us sir.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Alright, then we mustn't await. We have to build our army fast.

At this moment Seth walks in.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad...

[b]Big Boss:[/b] What is it now Seth?

Seth takes out a gun, and shoots General Pacn in the lower back.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Pacn!!!

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Things feel cold boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Don't worry Pacn, you'll make it.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] You're always optimistic.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] And you're always negative.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] We make a great team.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Yeah, we do.

[b]General Pacn:[/b] Boss, just do one thing for me. Kill the boy.

General Pacn passes out.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Pacn don't go!!! Andrew, get Pacn, wrap the wound and take him to Dr. Jon instantly!

[b]Andrew:[/b] Why me?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Don't make me shoot you.

Andrew gets General Pacn and takes him to Dr. Jon.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] And you, you've finally completed your goal of being my biggest mistake ever, didn't you?

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad, I only did what you wanted.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I wanted Pacn to die!?

[b]Seth:[/b] You wanted me to be more like you!

[b]Big Boss:[/b] And you think I'm just a man who kills people? I'll show you a man who kills people.

Big Boss filled with rage grabs Seth, and takes him towards the window.::

[b]Seth:[/b] Dad come on now, think rationally. I'm your son.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I have no son.

Big Boss throws Seth out the window. Seth plummets 30 stories to his death.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Anybody else want to get on my bad side?

Silence filled the room.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Good.

A few moments later the cops come into the lounge to stop Big Boss.::

[b]Ray:[/b] It's over Big Boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You guys, you're still alive, but Knight...

[b]Orrin:[/b] He's dead.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Men, kill them!

Big Boss stops Behnom.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Behnom, you're my right hand man now.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Big Boss, I'm honored.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Now's not the time. Just get the girl, and take her away, anywhere. Just make sure she doesn't escape.

[b]Behnom:[/b] And how about yourself?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] I'm gonna start working on the plans.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Alright, don't worry Big Boss, I won't fail you.

Big Boss fleas the scene. Behnom grabs Liz, and leaves as well. Meanwhile the cops were in the middle of battle with Big Boss' henchmen. Joe noticed that Behnom took Liz and ran after him.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Joe, where are you going?

[b]Joe:[/b] I'm going after the guy who took Liz.

[b]Jacob:[/b] I'm coming with you.

[b]Joe:[/b] Stay here and fight for once Jake.

Joe leaves. The cops with M. Samuel and Jesus had outnumbers Big Boss' henchmen eight to four, but the fight was even, due to the fact that none of M. Samuel, Jesus, and April were fighters, and the fact that Jacob was a coward and stayed away from the fight. After a bit, M. Samuel, Jesus and April were told to stay out of the fight for their own safety. When the three of them left the crowd, four one on one battles came to be. Ray took on Andre, Orrin was up against Panda Master, Nate faced The Blinker, and Jamie had Hoolin.::

[b]Andre:[b] You think you tough, but Andre beat you.

Ray punches Andre in the face. Andre falls down, but is quick to get up. Andre then hands a big blow to Ray. The two continue to hand blows to each other. Meanwhile Orrin was scheming up some weird martial arts against Panda Master. These moves looked like Orrin would ultimately hurt himself. Panda Master was getting really over heated at avoiding these weird attacks, and eventually fell down. Nate in his fight was starting to get dizzy from The Blinker's constant blinking.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Do you have to blink so much?

[b]The Blinker:[/b] I am The Blinker!

The two of them continue to fight until Nate falls down due to dizziness. Orrin goes over to help Nate out, but ends up pulling one of his hamstrings with his strange form of martial arts. Jamie was holding her own with Hoolin. Nothing really special was going on with that fight. Jacob was running around pretending to fight, but in reality was doing nothing. With both Nate and Orrin down, and with three of the bad guys still standing, the bad guys had the edge. At this moment Mike woke up.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Where the hell am I?

[b]Jesus:[/b] The year is 2399, you've been frozen for three hundred years. I am the second coming of Jesus. Welcome...

[b]Mike:[/b] What?

[b]Jesus:[/b] I'm just kidding. You better go help out your friends though, it looks like they can use it.

[b]Mike:[/b] You're right bud. I'll show these guys not to mess with me.

[b]Jesus:[/b] Hey buddy, in the name of Yahweh.

[b]Mike:[/b] In the name of Yahweh my friend.

Mike heads to battle. He grabs The Blinker from behind. He then turns him around, and pokes him in the eyes.::

[b]The Blinker:[/b] My eyes, I can't blink!

Mike then grabs The Blinker by the neck and chokes him for a bit. He then throws him to the floor. Mike then goes to aid Jamie. The two of them easily take Hoolin down. Andre was the only one left. Mike went to help Ray out, but by the time he got there, Ray had delivered the final blow to Andre. Nate gets up, over his dizziness, and helps Orrin up as well.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Well that's that.

[b]Ray:[/b] Good to have you back Mike.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Yeah, as annoying as you can be, we probably wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

[b]Nate:[/b] Hey guys, where's Joe?

[b]Ray:[/b] Don't tell me he went after Big Boss alone.

[b]Jacob:[/b] No, he went to save Liz. I told him to let me come and help, but he was like no, you have to stay here, you're too valuable to the team.

[b]Ray:[/b] I don't think Joe would say that, but it's good to know that someone went to help out Liz.

[b]Nate:[/b] So what to now.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] We go get Big Boss.

The group heads out to find Big Boss, hoping that he hadn't already fled the scene. Meanwhile Joe had followed Behnom to a room, but Behnom locked himself with Liz in the room. Joe still fully unarmed had to figure out a way to get into the room.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] There, now with the door locked, that pest finally won't get between us.

A noise came from the door. It was Joe trying to break it down.::

[b]Liz:[/b] If you knew anything about Joe, you'd know that he never gives up.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Let him try to break that door down. All the doors in this building are made of pure titanium. There's no way he will get through.

Liz tries to kick Behnom.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] You are a feisty one, aren't you? I'm gonna love [F-word]ing you.

[b]Liz:[/b] Don't you think Big Boss will get really mad at you if you [F-word] his future wife?

[b]Behnom:[/b] And how do you think Big Boss will find out?

[b]Liz:[/b] I'll tell him.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Ha! At this point Big Boss will take my word over yours.

Liz was trying to think of ways to stall Behnom. As for Joe, he had stopped trying to break down the door for a while now.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] This is going to be good.

[b]Liz:[/b] Wait, aren't you gonna wear a condom?

[b]Behnom:[/b] What for?

[b]Liz:[/b] Well I've [F-word]ed a lot of guys in the past. You'd have no idea what diseases I might have.

[b]Behnom:[/b] I've [F-word]ed a lot of girls. I'm not afraid of no silly disease.

[b]Liz:[/b] But without a condom you might get me pregnant, and then Big Boss will believe me, that you raped me, when I tell him.

[b]Behnom:[/b] Damn, you make a good point there. Well there has got to be a condom somewhere in this room. We mustn't worry.

Behnom goes looking for a condom. Liz turns around, and sees Joe outside on the window sill. Joe couldn't get in cause the window was locked, and Liz was still tied up, and couldn't go open the window for him. Liz then directed Joe with her head to move over to the side. Joe took a while to figure out what she was saying, but eventually got her.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Eureka. I found one.

Behnom goes towards Liz.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Now we [F-word].

[b]Liz:[/b] You know it's really hot in here. I can use some fresh air.

Behnom at this point is on top of Liz.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Hot is the way I like it babe.

[b]Liz:[/b] ::Whispering into Behnom's ear.:: When I'm cool, I'm a better lover.

Behnom, hearing that, jumps up, heads to the window and opens it. He then goes back on Liz, and begins to start raping her. Joe walks into the room and heads to Behnom. He grabs Behnom by the collar.::

[b]Joe:[/b] What do you think your doing?

[b]Behnom:[/b] Cripes!

Joe pushes Behnom off of Liz. Behnom falls to the floor. Joe walks towards him.::

[b]Behnom:[/b] Come on now. We can be reasonable.

[b]Joe:[/b] You were trying to rape my friend, weren't you? You lost your option to reason.

Joe slams his foot on Behnom's throat, and leaves it there until Behnom suffocates to death. He then goes to Liz and unties her.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Joe, you saved me.

[b]Joe:[/b] It's all in a day of duty.

[b]Liz:[/b] Joe.

[b]Joe:[/b] Yes Liz.

[b]Liz:[/b] I swore to myself that I would never let my emotions ever get the best of me, but...

Liz jumps on Joe, and starts kissing him.::

[b]Joe:[/b] Liz, what's this for?

[b]Liz:[/b] Just shut up and kiss me.

Meanwhile the rest of the group had found Big Boss. He was in a factory section of the building. This is where the serum was made. Big Boss was on the third floor of this factory room. Only half of the room was in floors, while the other half was all open, this is where the giant pots with the serum were.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] So this is it, isn't it coppers? Well if you want me, your gonna have to come get me.

The third floor was the top floor, so Big Boss had no further floors up to go. There were two stair wells, so the group split in half, one going up one set of stairs, while the other went up the other. They finally reach up to Big Boss and had him cornered.::

[b]Mike:[/b] It's over Big Boss.

[b]Big Boss:[/b] Will you guys stop saying that!

Big Boss takes out a gun, and shoots Ray in the stomach.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] If you guys were smart, you would have armed yourselves before coming after me. Now no one moves, and I'm gonna leave here lock you guys in, and make the room self destruct.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] And ruin all of your hard work?

[b]Big Boss:[/b] That work has already been ruined by you meddlers. Now I bid you guys adieu.

Just before Big Boss leaves, Mike finds a rock on the floor. Mike bends down to grab it, Big Boss shoots at Mike, but Mike realizing that he would be shot at if he went down to get it, managed to dodge the bullet. He then threw the rock at Big Boss, hitting his hand, and knocking the gun to the floor. Nate then charges at Big Boss and pushes him over the railing. Big Boss grabbed onto the railing, but was losing grip to it quickly, due to the bullet wound on his hand, when he was shot by Joe earlier. Mike heads over to the railing, reaches over for Big Boss' hand and grabs it.::

[b]Big Boss:[/b] You're actually gonna save me, after all I did to you?

[b]Mike:[/b] No, I just wanted to spit on your face, before you died.

Mike spits on Big Boss' face, and then lets him go, leaving him to plummet to his death. Big Boss landed into one of his pots of serum.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Well I'm glad that's over with. The damn guy thought he could have his way with me. Well like always, I always have the last laugh, and do you want to know why, because I am the best. That's right I am the be...

[b]Nate:[/b] Umm, Mike, you might want to turn around.

Mike turned around, and saw what seemed to be a giant over grown monkey about 25 feet tall behind him, who had grown out of the serum. It was in fact Big Boss, who was mutated by his serum. The serum in these pots were still imperfected batches.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Oh [S-word].

[b]Orrin:[/b] You had to spit on his face, didn't you?

[b]Mike:[/b] Guys let's get the hell out of here.

Jacob was already gone at first sight of the monkey. The rest of them made their way out as well, as the giant monkey was demolishing the place down. Nate and Jesus helped carry the wounded Ray out. The guys get down to the bottom floor, and exit the room.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Guys, we gotta get to my helicopter. It's the only way we'll make it out of here alive.

[b]Orrin:[/b] But we gotta stop this monkey, or else who knows how many people he'll kill.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Don't worry, I have an idea.

They keep running. The monkey breaks down the factory wall, and keeps chasing them. As they were running, they bump into Joe and Liz.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Guys, follow us, we're in trouble.

Joe and Liz look behind and see the monkey. They join the group and run. The monkey was being slowed down by all the building parts collapsing on him, but he knew where the cops were headed, and was heading there himself. As the cops got close to the helicopter, they saw Mitch.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Mitch, come with us now.

Mitch joined the group and they all ran towards the helicopter. They arrived to where the helicopter was, and M. Samuel revealed his plan.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] Alright guys, I have a plan. It's too risky, so I'm gonna have to go at it alone.

[b]Nate:[/b] What is it?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] You guys all find a hiding spot. I'll get in the helicopter and force this monkey to chase me out, making him plummet to his death.

[b]Jamie:[/b] But why are you willing to do this?

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] I helped create this super serum, so I gotta help destroy it.

[b]Nate:[/b] Sounds like a good plan to me.

[b]Mitch:[/b] I won't let you do this alone.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] You've always been loyal Mitch. Alright come with me. Everyone else hide, we gotta do this fast.

M. Samuel and Mitch board the helicopter. The rest of them hide.::

[b]Mitch:[/b] I'm shocked you actually are willing to do this boss.

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] You actually believed me out there? Get this thing started, and get the hell out of here.

[b]Mitch:[/b] Yes sir!

Mitch tries starting the helicopter, but it was stalling.::

[b]Nate:[/b] Wow, now that's smart. They're trying to lure the monkey by revving up the engine.

Mitch finally gets the engine started, but the monkey was in sight. The helicopter lifts off. M. Samuel sticks his head out of the window.::

[b]M. Samuel:[/b] So long suckers.

[b]Nate:[/b] The damn guy fooled us.

[b]Orrin:[/b] Well it doesn't seem like he's gonna make it out anyways. Here comes the monkey.

The helicopter leaves the dock, but just as expected, the monkey jumps out to catch it, and catch it, it does. The monkey also manages to hang onto the ledge of the building. Mike finds a crowbar, and walks towards the monkey.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Well if it isn't deja vu.

The monkey roars at Mike.::

[b]Mike:[/b] The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout.

Mike slams one of the monkeys fingers with the crowbar.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Mike slams his next finger.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Up came the sun and dried up all the rain.

Mike slams the third finger.::

[b]Mike:[/b] And then Mike came along and killed the spider once again.

He slams the pinky, and with that the monkey lost grip, and plummeted down 30 stories with the helicopter, to his death. Ironically, the monkey landed right next to his son Seth.::

[b]Mike:[/b] Well that's that...

[b]Jamie:[/b] Please don't say another speech.

[b]April:[/b] Hey guys, we gotta get Ray to the hospital quick.

So they were off to the hospital. When they got there Ray was rushed immediately to the emergency room. Liz decided to go pay Dr. Jon a visit as well. Joe, Mike and Jamie come with her.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Dr. Jon, we meet again.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] You guys, you're still alive. Then that must mean that Big Boss is dead.

[b]Liz:[/b] Yup, and soon you will be too, if you don't tell us where Baller and Greg are.

[b]Dr. Jon:[/b] They're in the first room down the hall on your left. Now please leave me be, I did you no harm.

The four of them walk to Baller and Greg's room.::

[b]Liz:[/b] Hey there?

[b]Baller:[/b] Hey guys. Where've you guys been, you look beat up.

[b]Mike:[/b] Well you missed quite a mission. There were giant frogs, giant monkeys, Jesus, you name it. It was quite a thrill.

[b]Baller:[/b] Is he just exaggerating like usual.

[b]Jamie:[/b] Actually, he's as accurate as he's ever been.

[b]Baller:[/b] Well it's a shame I missed it.

[b]Liz:[/b] So how's Greg.

[b]Baller:[/b] He's in and out. He's still having trouble regaining full consciousness.

[b]Joe:[/b] Well we wish him the best.

[b]Baller:[/b] So where are the rest of the guys?

[b]Liz:[/b] The rest are waiting for Ray in the ER, except for the Commandant whose coming, and Jacob, who... whatever happened to Jacob anyways?

Meanwhile back at Big Boss' lair.::

[b]Jacob:[/b] Hello, is anyone here?

Jacob hears a noise, gets scared and runs away.::


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