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gamerchick86 registered on September 2nd, 2003, and started posting on the GCB shortly after. That summer she met alotofbs101 in Nintendo's Camp Hyrule they put on every year, and he convinced her to come to IGN. She lives in Bethel Park, PA, and is a big fan of Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, and other animes, MMORPG's, and Harry Potter. She won Nicest User in the 2005 GCB Awards Show, and is noted for her extreme niceness and the way she seems to blend in and flow within the undercurrents of the GCB. Off the boards she met both Mgoblue201 and PDarkLink when they traveled to her house during Thanksgiving weekend of 2004. She is embarrassed that the Pirates play in Pittsburgh, but she was happy when the Steelers won the 2006 Super Bowl.

(who the heck wrote that about me?! O_o ) - jamie

(mgo did) - Andrew

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