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Jovelo is known for his cool sense of humor. An enigmantic figure, he joined IGN later than most GCB users on May 29th, 2004. On the Mario Bros. Board he won the Beanstar Award in the 2004 Boardie Awards because he could kick all the other newbie's asses. In the 2005 award show he was voted funniest, smartest, best fanfic writer, and favorite user. On the GCB Awards he won the best newbie and most improved awards during the spring of 2005. Jovelo and kevpod both popularized the Go to Nintendo fanfiction on the Mario Board in early 2005, an epic journey of self discovery and irreverence. During the GCB User Battles he lost to Threm in the second round.

Jovelo helped propogate the theory that half of the GCB is the same person. With the help of The_Pikas_Elbow2 he began combining users together and came up with names by blending their names. TPE took most of the credit though and to this day Jovelo is rarely remembered for it. He also came up with the short lived idea of Jovelo points, in which users were given points by Jovelo for making jokes, ragging on TPE, or simply to show respect.

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