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Real Name Louis Murgolo
Nickname/aliases MURGOLOOOOOOOO
Gender Male
Birthday 2/07/1991
Nationality American
Registration date December 2nd, 2003
Ban count 1
Other frequented boards Games Community Board, Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Baseball
Favorite video games Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Bros. 3
Favorite movies Back to the Future
Favorite SSB character Mario

Louis Murgolo, called Linguine on IGN, is best known for his eccentric last name, which people randomly shout whenever they see him in an elongated caveman bellow of Murgolooooooooo. Linguine joined IGN on December 2nd, 2003. He originally saw his brother posting on, and he wanted to emulate his older sibling and do the same, but he was kept from doing so. Linguine later stumbled on to IGN while searching for Paper Mario 2 information and signed up. However, IGN soon held him in its grasp and he could no longer escape. He became a regular poster on the Mario Bros. Board, but GAMECUBEFAN7 invited him to the GCB, and from there the legend of Murgolo grew.

Linguine was a mainstay in the Sports Riot with his Official 2006 GCB New York Mets Thread in which no mod actions were taken against him, but he could not escape a banning for his participation in the Life Riot. He created a topic with the subject "Life is a...", and with a message of "...bitch, so just STFU and accept it", trying to make fun of the entire riot, but he too was caught in the vicious webbing of MysteryMod. He has also taken part of Mr. GCB, Who can go the longest without "it" contest, and the User Battles. He is a self admitted New York Mets whore. He is one of the youngest posters on the board.

[edit] External Link

Linguine's IGN Profile

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