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m00m00m00 is the ultimate enigma on the board. He is often pictured as a giant silhouette of a cow, and indeed he seems to be some ancient force with immense and terrible powers. He registered on June 14th, 2001, and began life on the Super Smash Bros. Board. Known for doing the SSB MU for a short time, he also managed the amazing milestone of doing over a thousand posts in one week, a feet that has rarely been equaled since outside of spam day. Some say m00 is also the nefarious creature c0wc0w, a user that popped up from time to time to spread his madness throughout the boards. m00 posted on the GCB for quite awhile and was involved in many activities, including being the star of a fanfic written by Mgoblue201, but in recent years m00 has fallen away from the boards, posting judiciously from time to time. Off the boards m00 is a mystery. He lived in Plano, Texas, for most of his life, but beyond that not much is known. Only a few users have ever seen his picture.

In 2008, m00 returned to the GCB with a vengence.  m00's returned coincides with the board picking up in activity for a considerably amount of time.  He posted threads and posts with a fury unseen in some time on the GCB.  He promoted activity mainly through gaming, namely brawl.   m00 was rewarded for his very large contributions to the gcb in 2009 by winning the user battles, and by winning numerous awards in 2010 and 2011.   After a couple years of posting at a torrid pace, and often keeping the gcb active by himself, m00's posting has slowed down somewhat.  He is still an ever present poster on the board and will remain one of it's most important and influential posters in the gcb's history.

In 2010 and 2011, in the hurt heal and user battles.  m00 was ganged up on and beaten, far sooner then he was expecting.  This became even funnier when m00, on both occasions, went on aim and accused everyone of cheating, or just complaining that he was ganged up on.  He complained to others that he was not included in the alliance, and then later said he'd never take part in the games again.   In the case of the user battles, he had many of his posts deleted, to avoid being further laughed at his outrageous reactions.   This all became even more funny, when the 2011 Hurt Heal was beginning, and he has started to claim both outbursts were cleverly planned.  Which is of couse, ridiculous.  But that's out m00.

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