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mitchman16 signed up for IGN on October 17th, 2004. He is Canadian, and thus his inclination is toward hockey. Like Linguine he found IGN on his rampant internet search for Paper Mario 2 information. He signed up, but it was a few weeks before he began posting. The floodgates open, and he unleashed a torrent of posts, and then a short time later he found his way to the Mario Bros. Board. He spread his reach to the Vestibule, and within eight months he had accumulated over 20,000 posts. After reaching that lofty apex his posting slowed. His transition to the GCB was not immediate. He was invited there from the Mario Board, but he didn't really take notice until he was going through Dillo64's history and found a post on the GCB. Many old friends had posted on it, so he decided he would stay. His earliest memory of the board was of Threm not letting him vote for the User Battles. mitchman16 later retaliated by beating Threm in their battle. In the 2006 User Awards he did not win anything, but he was nominated for twelve. He is often refered to bitchman16.

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