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Real Name Joe Rally
Nickname/aliases Hero
Gender Male
Birthday April 13th, 1983
Nationality Canadian
Registration date May 16th, 2001
Ban count 4
Other frequented boards Games Community Board, Hockey Board, Canada Board, Super Smash Bros. Board, Mario Bros. Board
Favorite video games Super Mario Bros.
Favorite movies Gladiator
Favorite SSB character Luigi

Mr.Hero624 is the heroic user of the GCB, but really isn't much of a hero.  In fact, he's the polar opposite of a hero.



Mr.Hero624 registered on May 16th, 2001. He used to be a mainstay on both the Mario Bros. Board and Super Smash Bros. Board, but spent most of his time on the Games Community Board. Another Canadian who loves hockey, Mr.Hero624 is a two time university drop out, and is currently employed as a Tech for an automation/DJ company. He enjoys making icons, and is known for his love for both the Mario and Megaman series, and Seinfeld.

[edit] The Name

Mr.Hero got his username from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There was a part where the soldier with the Keaton mask called Link Mr.Hero. Hero loved that name since the day he first saw it, and used it as his username for everything he used since then. The "624" part of his name comes from the combination of Hero's two favourite numbers 6 and 24.

The Beginings

Mr.Hero first found IGN in 1997 through a buddy while looking for pictures of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Hero would frequent IGN ocasionally, and eventually created an account in May of 2001. Just a couple of weeks after creating his account, Hero accidently found the IGN Boards, while making a Google search on the Super Mario Bros. and created his first IGN post in the Mario Bros. Board. He then quickly found the Super Smash Bros. Board, and became a regular there. Hero wasn't very popular at first, because he didn't have IGN Insider, and all insiderless users all blended together due to a lack of an icon. He soon started getting notability from his great posting, and was asked to join The Regular Elite of the SSB Boards.

[edit] The Regular Elite

Mr.Hero624 was the 10th and last user to join The Regular Elite. He was also the only Outsider in The Regular Elite. Hero's weapon was the Anti n00b Battle Axe.

[edit] An Unfair Banishment

In November of 2001, Hero got his first ban on IGN. He got banned for 2 weeks for account sharing. What really happened was that Hero's buddy was logged in and Hero posted under his account. After a couple of posts, Hero noticed that he was not using his account and changed it to his. After a couple of posts, he got banned. The bannishment was very unfair, but it couldn't have come at a better time, since it happened just days before the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

[edit] The GCB

Hero migrated to the GCB with most of the rest of the SSB Board users on March 18th 2002. For over a year and a half, Hero was one of the most regular and one of the more popular users of the GCB. Until the GCB MU kept track of GCB posts, Hero ranked 4th all time in GCB posts, and was gaining on everyone infront of him. He likely passed Mgoblue201 and moved to 3rd, before he dissapeared for year from October 2003 to October 2004. Just before Hero dissapeared, he was incharge of the GCB MU. He did it from the beginning of June to the end of October in 2003. He took charge of the MU after Mgo fell to The Curse of The MU's, and had the longest streak of doing the MU without falling to the curse of the MU's until Escee took over the MU.

Just shortly after his return to the GCB, Hero created his most monumental thread ever, Man I'm Getting Old. :|. The thread started out as Hero complaining about feeling old. It then derailed into plans for a poeroi CRM nowo starring Mr.Hero, Threm, stoney556_3000, Mariooooooooooooo2, Baller_, and TheBigXer. The thread ended up getting over 300 posts. Since then, Hero has been more of a lurker who posts from time to time. He still shows flashes of the old Mr.Hero, but a lack of time, and a lack of being home, keep him from posting the way he has.

2005 and 2006 weren't the best years for Hero at the GCB. He has kinda seen a falling to his character and doesn't seemed to be liked by many, like he once has. He has been called a robot by many, and has recently been claimed to be of lower status, than the lame The_Pikas_Elbow2.

2007 saw a resurgence to Mr.Hero.  It was a much better year for Hero than 2006. He is no longer seen as a robot for one, and is also seen again as the cool user he once was. Hero wrote the sequal to his successful GCB User Movie in 07.

2008 could possibly be Hero's most notable year on IGN since 2003.  For starters, he has been as active as he's ever been in the last 5 years.  Then, he along with Dillo64 won the first ever GCB Team User Battles.  He also started working on the GCB User Sitcom, though that is currently on hiatus.  With a bit of a slow down to the GCB at the end of the year, Hero did not bother renewing his insider until Feb 2009. 

When Hero returned, after being gone for about 3 months, he continued his great participation.  On April 1, 2009, Hero possibly pulled the best April Fools joke ever, with his fake GCB Awards fanfic.

On April 16, 2009, Hero's DNA was spliced with that of Escee's to create Mr.Escee624, the supreme heroic son of God.

To this day, Hero continues to be a regular in the GCB, and one of their most notable users.

[edit] Mario Bros. Board

The Mario Bros. Board has for the most part always been Hero's second resident board. During his SSB Board days the only other board Hero posted on was the Mario Board. When Hero moved to the GCB, the Mario Board was bumped down as his 3rd most frequent board, but as SSBM died down, so did Hero's posting in the SSB Board, and the Mario Boards became again his 2nd most frequent board.

In the Spring of 2003 Mr. Hero created the Mario Game Survivor which lasted until the end of the Summer of that year. This game was very popular, and 2 years later he created a Mario Game Survivor II, which was just as popular. He got all the way to the Semi Finals this time around, and lost his Insider. He ended up renewing his Insider a couple months later, but by then it was done, and so was his motivation, and it was never finished.

Hero no longer posts on the Mario Bros. Board.

[edit] GCB User Movie

The GCB User Movie was a successful fanfic that Mr. Hero wrote early in 2003. It was a story about a bunch of cops who were up against B.S., an evil man who wanted to turn the entire world into dirty Mexican's, with a machine called the Crazy Mexican Making Machine(CMMM). Just three months after finishing writing the first movie, Hero began work on a sequel, but he only wrote 4 chapters before bailing on it.

In May of 2007, 4 years after the first movie, Hero began working on what is now the true sequel to the GCB User Movie. This time the cops are after a mob boss known as Big Boss, who is trying to rule the world. The sequel was not quite as popular as the first movie, but it is still loved by many. Hero also has claims that due to age and experience, he believes that he wrote a much better story in the sequel than with the original.

[edit] GCB Presidential Elections

In winter 2007, Hero created The Daily Hero, A news tabloid that mainly focuses on scandels, and tarnishing the reputation of people. After The Daily Hero gained some popularity, Hero decided to run under a party he created, the Party That Stands No Chance of Winning. PandaMasterX4 was his vice president for a couple of days, but quickly ditched Hero for Dillo64, seeing that it was a waste of a party. Hero then hired on Escee as his vice president, and shortly after hired on Rob-Bert as his secretary. The party was actually quite popular, and came in second in a poll held by UnanimousPrime. UP never actually finished the elections, and everything was for naught.

In July of 2007, DaBest13 brought back the 2007 election, and Hero ran again with Escee with his party, which had a new name, The Truth. He made the change of the name, knowing that he actually had a shot of winning. Traptor25 signed on as the new secretary.

In 2008, Hero left the Truth, to join the Brew Crew as Threm's vice president. The two accompanied with Behnom as secretary, were the heavily favoured powerhouse party who where expected to win with ease. But with Uber's late miraculous push as a write in candidate, the Brew Crew finished in second. After losing the election, Hero realized he made a mistake in leaving the Truth, and rejoined the party. Hero plans to run in the next election as the president-elect of the Truth.

In June 2009, the GCB Elections began. Hero for the 2nd time, attempted to run for President of the GCB, under his party, The Truth. He ran, with long time VP-elect Escee, and newly acquired secretary, FrogTheKnight. After the primaries, The Truth absorbed The Direct Initiative of Awesome and replaced Escee with UnanimousPrime. Mr.Hero went on to win the 2009 Election, to become the GCB's 5th President.

[edit] The Icon Maker

Mr.Hero is one of the GCB's more notible icon makers. He has made 73 icons, and has managed to get 36 of them submitted onto IGN. Here's a link to his icon page.

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