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mtomato is one of the oldest and most well known users on the GCB. He registered on June 30th, 2001, and quickly ascended to modship on the Super Smash Bros. Board with Solar7 to combat all the influx of newbies, along with fellow moderator Earthbounder55. He later transfered his vast power to the GCB, which he helped rule with a laissez style. mtomato was a part of the board pop culture in things like the GCB comic, where he assisted Solar7 in trying to put the recently escaped convict IncineratorX back behind bars. mtomato's posts trailed off around 2004, and he now very rarely posts on IGN, although he is still known to lurk the boards. He is a huge James Bond fan, and he used to sport a Pierce Brosnan icon quite regularly. Like Bond he protected the board from evil and was indestructable no matter how many bullets flew his way or how many crazy stunts he was in. Chances are mtomato does not drive an Aston Martin.

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