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Panda has had a long history with a lot of the GCB users, before the GCB existed. Due to his laziness, he never got insider and remained posting on the SSB board. One day in 2005, he was adopted by Scottyijoe, which lead him to post on the GCB. Since there he has primarily been an exclusive user to the GCB.

Panda is known for his travels across the US in playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. He used to practice and train under the 2 top players of California. Due to his arrogance in MLG LA, he never excelled past this point. This was his top Melee high and was content at where he was. He took out one of New York's top players and took out a round from the 2nd best player from the USA. Since then he won several tournaments, but people kept on learning as he kept his pride. As the world got better, Panda started to lose interest due to drama in the competitive scene.

Since then Panda has just spent time on the GCB with posts and other games he played. In 2008 Panda won 2 GCB Awards. Best Gamer and Most Overrated User.

He has since left the GCB in 2010.  Mainly because he's a bitch.

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