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Real Name Robert
Nickname/aliases SSJ r21x
Gender Male
Birthday 9/28/1986
Nationality unknown
Registration date April 2002
Ban count 4
Other frequented boards Basketball
Favorite video games The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Favorite movies Planet Terror
Favorite SSB character Link

SSJ5Vegeta (ESS-ESS-JAY-CINCO-VEE-GEE-TAH) is a veteran poster on the GCB. After a slow start he became assimilated into the GCB community and is now recognized as one of its finest and best users. SSJ’s posts have positively effected the entire GCB community and because of him is now a better place for it. The GCB would be immensely different had it not been graced by his presence.


IGN History

A long time follower of IGN, SSJ created his current account in April 2002. He had a previous account had been purged for lack of activity (not logging in enough), thus he took the name SSJ5Vegeta. Simply put, choosing worthwhile usernames is something he was never good at. Inactive for most of the year, SSJ began to frequently post in 2003. He bounched around different boards, testing out each community. Eventually, he landed on the Super Smash Bros. board. There he made somewhat of name for himself. In the late summer of 2004 he received an invite to post on the GCB and has been there ever since.

[edit] Time on the GCB

SSJ has spent many years on the GCB. His words have echoed throughout the board's bright history, enhancing the lives of the many who frequent there.

"SSJ, you're fucking awesome" Quote by everyone at least once.

[edit] Icons

SSJ was once an accomplished icon maker. He was best known for creating awesome basketball related icons. In 2004, an Icon Compeition was held. He won two first place awards.

gamesffgold.gif sportsbasketgold.gif

SSJ's Icon Page

[edit] Time on the Basketball Board

SSJ has been posting on the basketball board since 2003. Although his participation has faded over time he still stops by giving the most insightful and quality posts on subjects involving the San Antonio Spurs, the greatest team in all of sports history.

GCB Games and Events

SSJ has participated in many of the GCB's games and events. He is a common mainstay in the User Battles having been in each one since 2004. Most recently he joined the GCB Music Club for the first time.

[edit] Elections

In 2007 SSJ made his first step into the GCB political process. Joining The Party Party as the Secretary of Offense, Defense, and Special Teams he joined DaBest13 and Solar7 in their campaign. After the disbanment, AvocadoGenesis reformed The Party Party and SSJ was upgraded to Vice Presidental Nominee. Along with Lilb1190 the underdog party managed to make it to the final ballot.

[edit] Awards

2011 and 2012's Most Underrated. Never won anything else. Fuck that Pity Award.

[edit] Bans

Ban 1: Rioting on the basketball board. Pokemon themed.

Ban 2: Rioting on GCB. Life Riot. Became one of the The Twelve afterwards.

Ban 3: Called somebody an ass on the basketball board. Unwarranted ban. Reversed by Luis.

Ban 4: Rioting on GCB. Inspired by nestclop's "Could care less vs Couldn't care less" thread, created multiple threads along with FrogtheKnight and nestclop. All 3 received bans, no one cared.

[edit] Trivia


[edit] External Links

SSJ5Vegeta's IGN Profile

SSJ's Icon Page

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