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Real Name Brendan Scott
Nickname/aliases scotty
Gender male
Birthday 17/02/1985
Nationality Australian
Registration date February 23, 2001
Ban count 2
Other frequented boards Games Community Board, Aussie board, Developer Forum, Anime General Board, Nintendo DS General Board
Favorite video games LoZ: OoT, LoZ: MM, ToS, SSBM, MGS
Favorite movies Jurassic Park
Favorite SSB character Ethan (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

scottyijoe (Brendan Scott or scotty to those on the boards) is a regular at the Games Community Board. He is well known for being the only Australian user on the board.


[edit] Biography

scotty lives in Australia with kangaroos and things.

[edit] Board Biography

scottyijoe signed up in February of 2001 simply because he visited the main site several times a week. He posted a few comments in the Gamecube General Board and wasn't seen for a long time.

After a hiatus of more than a year (he still visited the sites for news and information) he returned to the boards as a lurker. He would read topics on the Pokemon Board to improve his knowledge and skills and occasionally posted in moveset challenge threads. After another (this time much shorter) hiatus time he looked for boards of other games that he enjoyed playing and found the Golden Sun Board and the Super Smash Bros Board in 2004.

He became a regular at the Smash Board rather quickly and slipped into the vet community almost unnoticed. Many new users commented at the fact that he was allowed in so quickly. Even though he had very few posts he wasn't a noob due to the many years of lurking and was more mature than many users due to his age. This helped his cause and he was welcomed by the likes of thebigxer, AvacadoGenesis, CommanderCool, Jovelo, Dillo64 and SSJ5Vegeta.

He decided to become an insider shortly after meeting the above users and then looked for where they posted besides the Super Smash Bros Board. There he noticed a common link between them all. They all posted at a place called the Games Community Board.

In early 2005 he made his first few posts. The board was hostile to newcomers back then and many people were not too impressed with a new face. Eventually he found his own niche and was accepted by the community. In his short year at the GCB he has found a new home board and excellent users to talk with.

[edit] Ban History

scottyijoe has 4 bans to his name.

quote spamming - the mysetery mod

Why do people on message boards... riot - the mysetery mod

Posting images of private boards (mod board) - likely darkblood

ATTN: Vorn riot - luis

[edit] Awards

User with best signature

User with best icon

Most lazy user

Most "around" user

Most hard-working user

[edit] Hobbies and interests

<Complete at another time>

[edit] Trivia

<Complete at another time>

[edit] External Links

scottyijoe's IGN Profile

Thanks to TPE for the template!

scottyijoe is unique in that he's the only GCBer from Australia. Because of that he is perhaps the only person that understands things like the Australian Football League. Having signed up on February 23rd, 2001, he didn't start posting until the summer of 2004 on the Golden Sun Board and Super Smash Bros. Board. He came to the GCB during March of 2005 and posted frequently at first. He participated heavily in the Spam Day 06 Riot and some say he helped instigate the Life Riot with his signature. His real name is Brendan.

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