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Real Name Steve
Nickname/aliases Solar, Captain America
Gender Male
Birthday 8/14/1986
Nationality American
Registration date August 3, 2000
Ban count 2
Other frequented boards Games Community Board, Football Board, The Vestibule, Current Events Board
Favorite video games Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros., Halo, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Favorite movies Back to the Future, Animal House, Superbad, It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite SSB character Pikachu/Marth/Diddy/Sonic

Solar7 is a veteran of the Games Community Board and one of its longest registered users. He is probably best known on the GCB for being its longest moderator, and one of the few to not succumb to the GCB Mod Curse. Despite his time in the community, he was demodded for a lengthy time in 2004, only to return in 2007.


[edit] Biography

Solar was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 14, 1986. He spent his early years living in a few different states, since his father was in the military. For a few months, he lived in Arizona, Texas, and Chicago. Eventually he settled back in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his parents bought him a Nintendo Entertainment System to improve his hand-eye coordination.

At the age of 7, he recieved a SEGA Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which led to becoming a SEGA fanboy.

On 9/8/99, he stood in line to purchase a SEGA Dreamcast at midnight, which is possibly the nerdiest thing he's ever done.

In high school, he was Editor-in-Chief of his yearbook for two years, which led him to pursue a major in Journalism. He attended Arizona State University, only to question whether he truly wants to be a journalist. Eventually, he decided to become a communications major, and has now graduated.

Solar works for GameWorks, previously owned by SEGA.

[edit] Board Biography

[edit] In The Beginning started its board system in late July, of 2000. After learning of its creation, Solar signed up on August 3, 2000. Thanks to this, Solar has a surprisingly low User ID of 8832. Since IGN did not yet have boards for all of the current generation's systems, he stuck primarily to the Pocket board.

[edit] Dreamcast General Board

On the Dreamcast General, Solar came into contact with a group called Club Dreamcast, or "Dreamcasters," for short. As a clan that was formed for SEGA's burgeoning online infrastructure, the Dreamcasters came into contact with other clans, most notably SegaMac's incarnations. SegaMac would later become a good friend of Solar's, inspiring him to become a moderator, but would later become one of the most infamous Ex-Mods on IGN.

[edit] Phantasy Star Online Board

The Dreamcast reached its pinnacle of online activity when PSO debuted, dragging Solar along with it. He met many people, and created a clan. (At its namesake, the now defunct Solar's activity was at an all time high, but at that point, he was lost in the shuffle of an enormously active board. At the PSO Board, he met Escee.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Board

The Super Smash Bros. Board was relatively young when Solar first began posting there, and he soon found that the discussion of a game he couldn't even compete online with, was actually rather lively. He became a regular there after a short while.

Deciding the Super Smash Bros. Board could stand to be cleaned up, he stole a long running gag from the PSO Board, and determined to stop spam and flaming with the use of the "Anti-n00b Sword." Soon two users, bw13187, and NagaSadow, were intrigued, and attempted to follow suit with their own "Anti-n00b" weapons.

Solar's notoriety skyrocketed, and finally culminated when submgx decided to create The Regular Elite. He used the "Anti-n00b" weapon idea, and decided to create a group of users who were the regulars of the board. Once some cried foul that this alienated others, the thread went into a downward spiral, until Solar arrived, attempting to quell the rage over the "Anti-n00b" concept. Everyone settled down, and the "RE" existed for quite some time.

The following day, Tal-IGN requested user nominations for a new moderator, and while he was edged out by EarthBounder55, Solar suddenly thought that modship was an attainable goal. More nomination threads came and went, and after a brief hiatus, Solar became a Mod.

Eventually, Solar would attempt to restructure The Regular Elite, only for it to backfire and alienate more people than it had originally. The idea was eventually scrapped.

Excitement over the pending release of Super Smash Bros. Melee had the board extremely active, but once the game was released, some of the changed mechanics had left users angry or out of touch, slimming the board to a smaller community of regulars. Solar went on another hiatus for a few months, requesting a de-mod.

[edit] Games Community Board

Shortly after user rayhovite helped create the GCB, Solar returned, and became a Mod again. After ridiculously posting an "I'm back" thread on the Smash Bros. Board, he was guided to the GCB, where he became a regular once again. A few years passed, and Solar's activity fell significantly. Eventually, he was demodded. When college came around, he found himself with a great deal of time on his hands. He rediscovered IGN, and after purchasing Insider again, slowly renewed his posting spirit. After some time, luisoscarb convinced him to get remodded. He went on to hit 7,777 posts on 7/7/07, and continued his renewed affection for posting into a streak toward 10k. At the same time, the GCB Meet was beginning to form. 8 years and a day after Solar7 signed up for IGN, he ended up finally meeting members of the boards. Days later, he would recount the events in his 10k thread. Ever since, the GCB has held a special place in his heart.

Solar won the 2011 User Battles

[edit] Awards


Kitu CRM iereiest Male

Best Moderator

Best Admin Colors


Hottest Male User

Best Mod/VIP Colors


Hottest Male User


Hottest Male User


Best Mod


Best Mod


Best Mod

Biggest Alcoholic

Solar is also well known for his large phallus, particularly the fact it is larger than vornoff's.

[edit] Electorate History


Vice President, The Brew Crew


Vice President, 26As


President, The Brew Crew

[edit] GotGCB

In the hit GCB game, Gospel of the GCB, Solar7 and mtomato, another moderator, were the final bosses. Their demise was all but assured, but in the closing scenes they could be seen fleeing the celebration.

[edit] Hobbies and interests

Solar's hobbies are mostly mainstream, and since SEGA became a 3rd party, he has had no particular allegiance to any console. He is a fan of Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Shooter, and Sports games.

He is a big fan of obscure 80's junk, in particular Saved By The Bell. Zack Morris is one of his idols.

Comics have always been one of Solar's loves. While he didn't read many comics between 2000 and 2007, his favorite superhero has been Captain America (Steve Rogers) since childhood. He favors the comparisons made to himself and the character.

Sonic the Hedgehog is Solar's favorite character in any medium. Years and years of waiting for Sonic the Hedgehog to be playable in Super Smash Bros. were found to be a huge waste of time once he found out that he was useless in Brawl. He now plays as Diddy, but tries to play as Sonic from time to time.

Solar's favorite band is Lostprophets, but he has an affinity for most music.

[edit] Trivia

Solar's favorite football team is the Arizona Cardinals, and people rip on him for it. Now, they rip on him for going all the way to Tampa and getting tickets, only to watch them lose. It was one of the most devastating things he's ever witnessed.

[edit] Quotes

bw13187: "Solar7. Yes, the n00b-bustin', good-postin' hair-gellin' American with a scary icon to boot. Main proprietor of The Anti-n00b Sword, he is both a warning label and a role model to n00bs everywhere."

[edit] External links

Solar's Myspace

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