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submgx registered on June 13th, 2001. He was an active participant of the Super Smash Bros. Board, blending in with the denizens. When he came to the GCB he enacted a stunning metamorphosis and turned awesome, acting badass and using drugs. He was banned frequently, one time even inspiring a GCB comic. submgx faded from the boards and disappeared, but it would not last. A short time later a strange user known as IncineratorX began posting on the Vestibule and GCB, and it was revealed to be submgx reborn. Since that time he has gone between submgx and IncineratorX, although at least for now it appears that the latter is dead. submgx up until that time went by a fake picture he posted of himself as a spiky haired blonde kid with dashing good looks. Of course this fooled no one since everybody knew good looking people don't go on the internet. Around that time submgx invented the Chess Club when he posted pictures of the girls he had played twister with. The Chess Club is a group of women in some sort of strange perverse sexual love ring, and playing chess refers to doing the underwater scuba dive. submgx lives in Canada. He still posts sometimes on the GCB.

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