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So, TPE, how are you on this fine Saturday evening?

Okey dokey

That's good. Per usual, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

I am TPE, and I'm here because without me this board would be terrible

It would? How so?

Who else is going to step up to the bat? Mgo? He can barely go five minutes without crying about Jon Kitna

...The bat?


Yes, for?

When someone says "step up the bat" it means taking responsibility and doing something

Responsibility? GCB? You lost?

Well, responsibility isn't a good word. I post a lot of topics because I want the board to be big and active, and I think other users should try to do this as well.

People often criticize you for turning the board into a blog. What do you think about that?

I don't feel I post about my personal exploits more than other people. Plus maybe I'm being arrogant, but I think my adventures are geniunely interesting and people sort of cheer for me whenever I do something that leans towards me living a normal life

ie. teh ladies and not Speed Racer?

Speed Racer had a girlfriend though, we could all learn a lot from him


Like you can wear a really gay shirt and still get a girlfriend

That's good advice. Alright, moving to the next mandatory question, "a/s/lzorz?"


Do you have a funny accent?

I don't think I do. The Texan accent is sort of a myth I think.

Or is that just because you can't tell if you yourself have an accent?

No one has ever told me I had an accent, and I know what I sound like.

Okay, fair enough. What do you think of Texas? I've never even been close

Texas is a really great state with a unique culture. We are sort of stereotyped as a desert wasteland with hillbillies, but Texas is a really culutured place and is a great place to live.

I'd like to work for Retro someday myself, so that's good to know. Don't want to be surrounded by hillbillies

See that's another thing, a lot of people don't realize all the great things that have come out of Texas, like Retro. Id Software, who did Quake, also came from Texas.

Yeah, I know Austin is a pretty major technological center of the country. I'm not completely uninformed.

Dallas too. A lot of companies like Pizza Hut and Blockbuster and Dave & Busters started in Dallas.

Pizza Hut FTL. Don't tell me you like that crappy pizza.

Domino's is better, but Pizza Hut had a lot of good stuff like stuffed crust. Reggie worked for Pizza Hut, DON'T HATE ON REGGIE

Reggie good, Pizza Hut terrible. Worst pizza chain evar. But Dave & Buster's kicks ass, so that's okay. Anyway, moving right along, how did you find the GCB? Also, my roommate seems to think that the word is "dagnammit"

I moved here when all the SSB people moved here. Ray will tell you that I didn't come until months later, but I posted on the first day. CHECK THE SSB COMMUNITY THREAD FOR PROOF.

Why would Ray lie to us?

Well I didn't like the board as much back then because I didn't want to leave the SSB board and the GCB was spammy, so I guess he took offense to that. Plus he wanted to call it the Super Smash Bros. Community Board, which was stupid.

Okay, what users doth TPE respect?

Well, I respect everyone. I might be a bit biased towards liking older users like Brad and bw because I've known them for so long, but there are a lot of cool new users that I like as well.


I think meds is the one that stands out the most since I guess you could say he's the newest one of us, but that ultimate_cartman guy has potential as long as he doesn't change his Talho icon.

Didn't he already change his icon?

He did change it to Maddox but he changed it back to Talho. AND THIS INTERVIEW IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ME NOT OTHER PEOPLE

Okay, let's talk about TPE. How did you get your username?

Well, I made my username when I was 13. My two favorite things at that time were Pokemon and Wrestling. My favorite wrestler was The Rock, and he had a move called "The People's Elbow." So I put in Pika intead of People's and there ya go.

Is there a "The_Pika's_Elbow1"?

Yes, me

...And a "The_Pika's_Elbow"?

Okay, well I had another username before this one, which was the exact same, but without the 2

Why add it? Forgot the password?

I just wanted a new start on the board

Would you change it if you could?

If I could change it and keep my WULs and post count, I'd probably just shorten it to TPE

Okee then, how about your icon? Who/what/why?

Well, I made my icon. It's Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, one of my favorite anime series. I just really liked it because it's different from the other Motoko icons.

It certainly is. Doesn't really look like her, what with the hair and her not being naked.

She's not really that naked in the TV show. The hair actually has like all those weird symbols and patterns it shows when they hack into the net, but you can't see it. Still looks cool though.

Alright, let's got to the bottom of this. How do you, TPE, feel about "tpe is lame"?

When it first came around it didn't really bother me. A few months later it really caught on though, and people would pretty much ignore what I would say and just post that phrase. That made me really mad because it felt like I couldn't talk about things without people throwing that at me. Now people don't really do it.

Yeah, took awhile though. What do you think would have happened if you did post your picture/name?

The interwebs would explode. Quite a few people do know my name though, mostly because they tricked me.

How did they trick you? Man, that sounds like a Mxyzptlk thing to me.

Its complicated. Like six people found out one night because of this stupid internet thing. I can't say much more than that I think maybe 7 or 8 GCB users know my name. Though I have outright posted it on the GCB before, but I hid it ever so stealthily


Yes, I do.

Okay, just making sure. By the way, I was really hoping you'd say that. Anyway, what are your favorite books/movies/TV shows/musics/games/etc.?

What a complicated question. Just pick an art form and ask me properly.

Mr. Elbow Two, what is your favorite book or books?

I don't really read too many books because my other hobbies take up all my time and money, but I really love The Phantom Tollbooth.

What's that about?

It's about a boy named Milo who gets really bored one day. He gets a mysterious package that is actually a tollbooth, and he goes through it into a magical land. It's not your typical fantasy land though. It's really unique and funny and everyone should read it.

Even me?

Especially you.

Man, I totally saw that coming and really hoped you'd say that too. Alright, Mr. Elbow, what kind of music do you enjoy? Any bands of interest?

I'm into all kind of music. Lately I've been getting into fantasy metal bands like DragonForce and Rhapsody.

Heard of DragonForce, not Rhapsody. I guess one of my friends was listening to DragonForce for 4 hours straight, the same twenty or so songs, because he only had one CD and his iPod batteries died.

I think DragonForce is more popular, but Rhapsody is just so much better

Why do you say that?

Because Rhapsody has a song with the lyric "smell the hate of angels" and DragonForce doesn't

Makes sense to me. Alright, what is your favorite TV show or shows?

"The Simpsons" is my all-time favorite TV show. On TV I mostly watch animated shows, but I like sitcoms too. For dramas I normally just watch "Nip/Tuck," "Lost," and now "Dexter," which is a really awesome new show.

Dexter? There's only one Dexter to me and he owns a laboratory.

It's a new show about this forensics expert who works for the cops, but he is also a serial killer who murders people who don't get caught.

Dexter's Laboratory


Are you sure? You just named a show with Dexter in the name and it wasn't that.

Yes, they are different shows.

Anyway, what is your favorite movie?

"Lawrence of Arabia." It's both a complex character piece as well as an exciting adventure epic.

Yes, I think I remember you saying that you want to see it in theaters one day?


If by stalking, you mean "Have a weird memory and remembers something TPE said probably over a year ago", then yes. Okay, what is your favorite game?

"Paper Mario." Not sure why, it was just a really pleasant experience all around. I just think it did everything perfect.

Even moreso than "Thousand Year Door"?

Yes. Thousand Year Door was somewhat repetitive as there was quite a bit of backtracking. I really enjoyed the additions to the battle system though.

What about the paper elements?

Those were interesting. It felt like they were moving it towards more platforming elements, which is what "Super Paper Mario" is.

Here we talk about Mario RPGs and this and that for awhile. I'm sure nobody cares to read about it.

What games are you on right now?

Right now I'm playing "Pokemon Fire Red." I'm really hyped about Diamond and Pearl so I am getting my Pokemon fix as well as training some Pokemon so I can transfer them over to the DS games.

What type are you going to start with? And which version are you getting?

Not sure about my starter, probably the grass one. I'm definitely getting Diamond because Diamonds > Pearls.

Alright. I have to ask one more question about people that aren't you, just because the GCB is assuredly dying to know. Who don't you like on the GCB?


That's it? Aside from me?

adidas adidas adidas next question

Okay. What's your major in school?


Know where you'd like to work?

Not sure. I'd like to work for a major newspaper, but I wouldn't be opposed to working for a website or maybe a magazine or whatever.

Do you want to do video game reviews or something? You seem to want to do them on your school paper.

I really like reviewing. I want to be a film critic for example. I haven't done any film reviews since I started working for my school newspaper though so I'm kind of worried.

I assume you've told them that you want to? You should to "The Departed," everybody's talking about that one.

Well, my paper already has two contributors that review a movie a week. They are ok, but I think Im better.

Tell your editor you want a chance to prove your almighty worth?

I have, but you dont always get to do what you want to do, especially just starting off.

That is true. Alright, what do you like to do in your free time? Movies, gaming, presumably writing...

In my free time I mostly just watch movies or play video games or look stuff up on the internet.


Yeah I love Wikipedia.

Alright, here's an interesting question. Do you believe that you will obtain and keep a girlfriend for some fairly lengthy amount of time, before you are out of college?

That's a really tough one. I really don't know how people get girlfriends. I try to be social and go to school events, but nothing has really progressed.

I just really don't know how to get one exactly.

Threm says confidence...

I do have confidence, but theres a lot more to it.


Like finding a girl for one.

Do you have a predominantly male school?

I'm sure it's half and half, but there aren't just girls sitting around, wishing someone would date them.

Oh? Ever seen a girl's blog?

By blog, do you mean weblog or is blog some sort of new slang for vagina?


Not really

Well, most of them basically say "Guys suck, I wish I could find a good guy." All you have to do is show them that you are one.

Most girls seem pretty hypocritical though. They say they want a nice guy, but they go for the "bad boys" who really don't care about them.

Maddox FTW?


Well, it can be true, but it's still a generalization and there are girls out there that are not like that.

Well I haven't met any.

You know zero females that you would consider nice and probably not stupid enough to want some jackass?


Hmm, wow. Well, keep trying, everybody's cheering for you except for Dillo because he doesn't want to lose to you.

Yeah everyone fixates on me, but Dillo is 21 and he hasn't had a girlfriend. Plus hes black, he should have dozens of fat white chicks begging to be his gf.

Maybe he's too busy posting on the GCB. We should ban him until he gets one, amirite?

rite, nataku too

Cause he's black?

And he hasnt had a girlfriend either.

You three should form a clan, whose sole goal it is for the next year is to obtain a girlfriend. Then share her among you all.

I should probably do that on January 1st

Why? Every day is a new year.

I respect the Roman calendar, that's why.

Still following it. Isn't today the new year from October 14/15 (depending on where you live)

I will crush you


Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter?

GRAW, I WILL CRUSH YOU. Such as the interjection used in Star Fox 64 by bosses.
Anyway, thank you for being my interviewee and responding to some fairly difficult questions. Any closing comments or final words?

I rule

What about final words for others?

I rule

Okay then!

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