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Thebigxer first Discovered IGN when he registered for his hotmail account and it asked wether he wanted to recieve regular info about video games which he decided to sign up for. The info came from IGN and ever since then He has checked the page daily. Around that time the boards opened up he and he made an account under the name jarjarbottle a play off Jar-Jar Binks but it was only temporary so that he could access some other stuff on IGN. At that time IGN ran a weekly editoral called Hardcore TV which was fairly popular, it eventually moved to the boards which is when thebigxer discovered the board system. He made a new account in july 01 under the name of thebigxer and began checking out the boards. It wasn't till he started playing SSBM seriously though that he began posting regularly on the SSB board. He became a regular member of the of board and participated in the Pandamasterx4 ssb trivia game which was one of the reasons he came back often. Shortly after he began posting regularly on the SSB board the GCB was created and many of the users left the SSB board for good.

Thebigxer was then introduced to the GCB through Mariooooooooooooo2 who felt he would be a good member and therefor adopted him. Alotofbs101 was the first person from the GCB to WUl thebigxer formerly welcome him to the GCB. Since that time Thebigxer has been a regular of the board contributing to its small art community.

Thebigxer and Cengah started the Artist Guild which was a thread for all the artist on the GCB to post their artwork and get feed back. Thebigxer has also started various other drawing threads such as the request a drawing thread and the Draw Off thread.

Thebigxer also runs a personal website at and hosts this wiki off it for a free(what a nice guy).


[edit] Personal life

Doesn't have one!

[edit] Hobbies and Interests

Like all users at the GCB Andre Enjoys Video games especially those made by Nintendo. Aside from this Andre enjoys creating art(digital paitings,drawing,3d models), photography, reading about video games, and playing various sports.

Although his tastes in music has changed over the past few years it has always mainly consisted techno,trance,jazz,rock and video game music. Some of his favourite artists include Bonobo, Evil Nine, Cold, and The Pillows

[edit] Gaming Jobs

Bioware Corp.(Edmonton)- Environmental Artist

[edit] Users Adopted

IncineratorX - 1 year

[edit] External Links

Thebigxer's IGN Profile

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