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Threm registered for the IGN boards in November of 2000, but he did not first post until mid 2002 when searching for help in Super Smash Bros., and it was not until December of that year that he started posting regularly. While having little desire at first to be an Insider, he was adopted for one year by Mariooooooooooooo2 on March 9th 2003. The only thing Mario2 asked of Threm was that he post regularly at the GCB. When first coming to the GCB, Threm was not immediately accepted into the tight community the board had formed in the year since its creation, but over time he became more active in posting, and has over time achieved fairly large popularity at the GCB, and has since become a important part of the GCB family. While for the most part being well liked, Threm has gotten into some rivalries with some of the users on the board, mainly TPE whom he considers his arch-rival. He has also had leser fueds with both Dillo64 and Escee. He is credited with starting TPE is lame and Old Balls.


[edit] Name

Threm got his name from a series of books called Bazil Broketail. The character actually named Thrembode, was a evil wizard who played a important but minor role in the first 3 books of the series. In 1995 when Threm Alpha tested on the game The Realm, he chose the name Thrembode. Over time, as he created new characters and moved on to new games, he eventually just used the name Threm. And since has used it or some variation of it everything gaming and internet related he has since then.

[edit] Icon/King Threm

Threm has only ever used one icon, which at first was highly disliked but is now a part of his very character on the GCB. Threm due to his icon is often portrayed as a large monkey similar to King Kong or Donkey Kong, but with his happy monkey icon as the head. Thebigxer was the first to start the King Threm image, but it was not until zeldahoolin asked Dillo64 to draw Threm as a large monkey that the legend of King Threm truly took off.

With the changes to the board, and the ability to have a larger icon, Threm added a crown to his icon to further play into the King Threm role.


[edit] Keep Smiling

Threm has become well known for the Keep Smiling tag he places at the end of each of his posts. The keep smiling tag began on teh smash boards, and although he always posted something about smiling at the end of his posts, it was not until around 500 posts that Kraven213 suggested the format that it has today. Since then he has hardly gone any posts without posting the tag.

With the changes to the board, and the ability to have a banner as a signature, Threm retired the old signature and replaced it with a banner with the same slogan.


[edit] Games and Events

Threm takes a large role at the GCB in organizing and running events, such as:


User Battles


GCB Calender

[edit] Presidential Elections

Threm is a constant runner in the GCB elections and is the leader of the GCB political group the Brew Crew along with uber kitu CRM ierey Vice-Presidential candidate vornoff.

In the 2005 Elections, Threm finished third in voting.

In 2007, Threm had once again put the Brew Crew in the running for the presidency.  However, while on vacation, Threm was backstabbed by vornoff who removed his name from the ballot and vornoff ran in his absence.  It should be noted that Threm still did vote for the brew crew, as it was his party.  This turned out to be a deciding vote as Vornoff won the election by a single vote.

In the 2008 Election, Threm ran again, this time placing second in voting.  This was the first time that Threm and vornoff ran opposing each other, however neither won.

[edit] Awards/Achievements

2003 GCB Summer Awards:
Most Optimistic.

7th SSB Awards:
Most unusual/weirdest user,
Biggest Spammer,
Nicest user.

2004 GCB Awards:
Most Optimistic.

8th SSB Awards:
Nicest User.

2005 Spring Canada Board Awards
Best User from St. Albert,
Best Male User,
Best/weirdest Username,
Most Conservative User,
User most likely to move to the USA .

2005 GCB Spring Awards:
Most Enthusiastic,
Coolest User.

9th SSB Awards
Nicest User.

2005 GCB Summer Awards:
Best Veteran,
Most Enthusiastic,
Most Optimistic,
Coolest User,
Best Icon,
Best Topics,
Best Male User,
Best Overall User.

2006 GCB Awards:
Most Enthusiastic,
Most Optimistic,
Most Dedicated,
Coolest User,
Best Icon,
Most Generous,
Most Right Wing User,
Most Left Wing User,
Best Male User,
Best Overall User.

2007 GCB Awards
Most Enthusiastic,
Most Optimistic,
Coolest User,
Most Likely To be Modded,
Best Bio,
Best Male User,
Best Veteran,
Best Overall user.

2008 GCB Awards
Most Optimistic,
Most Dedicated,
Most likely to be modded,
Best Icon,
Most Generous User,
Best Markup User,
Best Male User,
Best Veteran,
Best Overall User,

2009 GCB Awards

Most Optimistic,
Most Dedicated,
Coolest User,
Most Likely to be Modded,
Best Bio,
Most Generous,
Best Male User,
Best Veteran,
Best Overall User

2011 GCB Awards

Most Overrated

Winner of Thebigxer's SSB Trivia

Winner of the 2005 GCB User Battles

3rd place in 2005 GCB Presidential Election

Winner of the 2006 GCB User Battles

Winner of the 2007 GCB User Battles

Winner of Behnom's GCB Quiz

[edit] Bans

1st: Oct 2003 - 24 hrs - received for his part in the Ass Riot. Posted several threads in the riot along with thebigxer and was eventually banned by mtomato.

2nd 3rd and 4th: Occured from January 04 to February 05 - All 24 hrs - All received for spamming on the GCB.

5th: 72 hrs - received for his part in the ATTN: VORNOFF Riot. He was the instigator of the riot, that was completely coordinated over teamspeak.

Note: Threm feels all his bans were deserved.

[edit] Users Adopted

Mariooooooooooooo2 1 year February 06-07

Vornoff 1 year March 08-09

Evan 1 year July 08-09

It should be noted that Threm maintains a firm belief that users should not be adopted. Even though he has himself been adopted and has adopted mario2, he still believes that users if they claim to want to be insiders, that there is no reason that they cannot pay 20 dollars for themselves. He stands by his belief that people who don't pay for their own insider are simply too damn cheap to pay for it, and do not truly care about the boards enough to pay 20 dollars, which is nothing. He can often be seen in adoption request threads saying these things.

[edit] Personal Life

Threm's was born July 11th 1984 on Prince Edward Island. He is the 3rd child of 4. Threm is married in real life to Andrea.  They were married on May 21st 2005. They have 3 children.  Gaven was born on December 19th 2005 and Rhea was born on March 3rd 2007, and daugher Parker was born March 27th, 2010. Preston and Coen, twin boys, were born on October 22nd, 2011.

[edit] Random Shit

Consoles - Atari 2600, Atari 5200, NES, Sega Masters System, Commodore 64, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, SNES, Neo-Geo, Sega CD, Sega 32, Gameboy Pocket, Jaguar, Playstation, Gameboy Color, Sega Saturn, Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, XBOX, Playstation 2, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy SP, Gameboy Micro, XBOX 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii.

Favorite Games

1. The Realm

2. Super Mario Brothers 3

3. Fallout 2

4. Perfect Dark 64

5. Ultima Online

6. Nexus TK

7. Skies of Arcadia : Legends

8. Diablo 2

9. Final Fantasy 7

10. Mass Effect

11. Super Smash Brothers Melee

12. Fallout 3

13. Halo 3

14. Super Mario Brothers

15. World of Warcraft

16. Mario Tennis 64

17. Mario Kart 64

18. Minesweeper

19. Diablo

20. Starcraft

Top 10 Movies

1. Shawshank Redemption

2. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

3. Gladiator

4. Braveheart

5. Spiderman

6. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

7. Star Wars Trilogy

8. Indiana Jones Trilogy

9. Die Hard Series

10. Lethal Weapon Series

Favorite TV Shows - The Simpsons, Smallville, CSI, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, Las Vegas, Shark, The Ultimate Fighter, The Score, Dexter, 24, The Wire, Rome, Bones, Chuck, Weeds.

Favorite Books - Roots, Dragons of Argonath Series, Dark tower series, A song of ice and fire, Lord of the rings, The Giver, Wheel of Time, Malazan book of the fallen, Swan Song, The Gunslinger, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Shack, The Stand.

Favorite Music - Tim Mcgraw, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Michael W. Smith, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Paul Brandt, Corb Lund, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Rodney Atkins, George Strait.

[edit] Others Users Quotes About Threm

Dammit Threm, everything is dicks with you. UnanimousPrime

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