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ThunderGuy is one of the many moderators the GCB has had over the years. He signed up on January 15th, 2001. Being a soccer fanatic he posted mostly at the Soccer Board, and he didn't join the GCB until early 2006 when invited there by another user. Also known as BlunderGuy, Thundern00b, and ThunderThighs, he rarely exercised mod action on the board while MysteryMod and that1guy64 took the opposite approach. At the time he attended Ohio State University, and because of that he has verbally sparred with Mgoblue201 on many occasions.

ThunderGuy ultimately fell victim of the infamous mod curse when he was caught selling his account and modding privlidges.

He now plays proffessional soccer in Major League Soccer.


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Thunderguy's IGN Profile

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