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The User Interviews are an idea that have come and gone on the GCB over the years but have never really been something that has been seen to the end. Many users have done them, but few ever went beyond even 1 or 2 completed interviews. The recent re-incarnation of the interviews is done by Yoshidude81 and have been a success so far. Although only time will tell if he will continue to do them, or if he will fail to do them like many others have done***.

[edit] Interviews

All the following interviews were done by Yoshidude. No previous interviews are known to be saved.

Luis' Interview

Taku's Interview

Mario2's Interview

Threm's Interview

TPE's Interview

Linguine's Interview

Alotofbs101's Interview

UPDATE***: YoshiDude81 failed at keeping up with this.

[edit] 2013 and the GCBro Interview

Recently, Syri has started a more modern incarnation of this calling them "GCBro Interviews". The idea was originally a GSF idea that originated from HappyTroopa, but no one cares about him.

A GCBro interview involves her "picking a name out of a hat", and whomever name she picks makes a thread asking them questions and asking the GCB to do the same. Thus far she has interviewed the following users.

HappyTroopa -

AvocadoGenesis -

SSJ5Vegeta -

ExplodedSoda -

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