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Vornoff came to IGN looking for Game Boy Advanced information before its release. He started posting on the message boards using his Dad's account, primarily on the Game Boy Boards as an outsider. Soon after, his Dad purchased insider and gave the account to Vornoff. With his new found account, Vornoff proceeded to explore insider features and soon found the Arena Boards. While the game wasn't that good, the arena community was great, and the clans that were formed at the board soon became vornoff's home on the internet. His glory days in arena were spent as a leader of the largest clan, Clan Fusion, and as a high-ranking member of the Cocky Bastard Clan (Coba). His biggest rivals included banditcom, a former GCB member himself. Vornoff became driven to be #1 at arena, and through many hard worked hours he eventually met his goal, a goal which came with a VIP and title, the latter which he still sports today. In mid 2002, vornoff ventured to the GCB, following the Brothers of Victory members for more battles. From there he gradually started posting at the GCB more and more and started to get to know some of the vets. He became a regular at the board during the FIFA World Cup phenomenon. In early 03, Arena was removed from IGN, and the arena boards started to die, vets and regs stopped coming, and eventually the arena boards were deleted. It was after this deletion that the GCB became his new home board. It was around this time in mid 03 that Vornoff began a torrent run to try to become the top poster at IGN. While spamming at the Canada Board, Pokemon, Earthbound, and Vestibule, vorn went from 28k posts to 54k posts in no time at all. While vorn never became the top poster, he did become the 3rd highest poster at one point before deciding to shower and take a break. Since then vorn has averaged about 5000 posts a year and has never returned to his spamming glory. These days vornoff can be seen primarily at the GCB or the Hockey Board, cheering in futility as the Canucks undoubtedly fail to win their first ever Stanley Cup.

vornoff is also the reigning Mr. GCB, as voted by the ladies and "in-between" males of the board. He is believed to be the kitu CRM iereiest man in all of iceland (Canada, not to be mistaken with Iceland).

vornoff was the inspiration and brainchild for the ATTN: Vornoff riot; an ingenius plot brought to fruition by the likes of King Threm, DrJawn (formerly gamingwiz), scottyijoe, and vorn himself.

In August of 2007, vorn was voted the 3rd President of the GCB, succeeding Mgo in a stunning 1 vote victory over both Dillo and Mr. Hero. He has promised to actually do something during his reign of terror, unlike his predeccessors.

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