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Real Name Seth
Nickname/aliases None
Gender Male
Birthday 9/23/1988
Nationality American
Registration date Feb. 2002
Ban count 1
Other frequented boards Games Community Board, Atheism, Agnosticism and Philosophy Board, The Vestibule, Free Stuff Board, etc.
Favorite video games Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, SSBM
Favorite movies Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite SSB character Samus

yoshidude81 is the IGN moniker for Seth, who currently lived/lives in Cleveland, OH, but goes to college at RIT, in Rochester, NY. He hopes to be involved in the game industry in the future.

He was introduced to IGN by a friend, regarding Animal Forest (the earlier Nintendo 64 prototype of Animal Crossing), though he had seen the n64.com site earlier.

By the time Gamecube came out, he was reading the site fairly actively. There was a ton of Super Smash Brothers Melee information that was Insider-only, so he signed up for that, given his love for the original Super Smash Brothers. He browsed IGN for all of the info and videos and everything that he couldn't see before, and stumbled across IGN Arena. He signed up for Arena and started posting a bit, learned all the ropes, the veterans, etc. Over time (about a year), he became fairly well-known in the Arena community.

He wanted to branch out a bit, and he saw that a lot of users that he liked posted on the GCB. So he came over around January of 2003[citation needed]. The first topic he posted in was Baller's Amazing Race sign-up thread, where he called Mike as his partner because he was the only one he knew that didn't have one yet. The game never went anywhere, just like most things on the GCB.

hes also teh looszar. lolololol i vandilised mi own topic lolololol.

Over time, he came to be fairly well-known on the GCB. He was good friends with Ray and many others. He came to be good friends with Hannah also, but that largely wasn't until after she left the GCB.

Eventually, he grew somewhat tired with IGN. He went over to a site called www.tvrealm.com that a fellow Arenite had made for those that didn't like how IGN was going, their treatment of Arena, etc. He was still on IGN a bit, but very sparingly. He wrote for the Games Section of the site and moderated as well. Things went well for awhile, particularly for Ray, who got Tales of Symphonia for free to review, got to go to E3 as press, etc. Eventually the president left for some reason, and things just spiraled downwards. The site is still up, but is very much a shell of its former self.

Long story-short, he came back to IGN. Since then he hasn't been as active as he once was, maybe because he managed to garner a bit of a life during that time, or maybe because things had changed so much. He currently posts on the GCB mostly, but also on The Vesti, the Philosophy Board, and some others, mostly game boards. He hasn't exactly been well-known since his return, but he still enjoys it.

He has recently started doing User Interviews on a regular basis. And these have been received well, and he has received much praise on his interview skills and the interviews in general.

Wow, nobody read this whole page, did they? I don't think I'm a good enough user for all this.


Console: Super Nintendo

Disney Movie: Lion King

TV Show: The Simpsons

Book: Undecided at the moment. Maybe 1984.

Word: Pulchritudinous

Quote: "siht daer naht od ot retteb evah I"

Games Played Online


Animal Crossing: Wild World
Name: Sethness
Town: LalaLand
Friend Code: 2148-1769-9690

Mario Kart DS
Seth is lazy and will get the information for this game later.


Unreal Tournament 2004 - Yoshidude

He also owns games many online not currently installed, including Halo PC, Aliens vs. Predator Gold Pack, Counterstrike and more.

Xbox and Xbox 360




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