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Real Name Chris Thomas Wilson
Nickname/aliases ZH, Hoolin
Gender male
Birthday 6/15/1988
Nationality American
Registration date 2/18/01*6/26/02
Ban count 5..or so.
Other frequented boards none really...pop in to a few..former reg boards.
Favorite video games Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Mario Bros., Dance Dance Revolution.
Favorite movies Little Miss Sunshine, Office Space, Fight Club, Batman Begins, Mean Creek, In Good Company
Favorite SSB character Samus




zeldahoolin started out on IGN in 98 using the URL of www.gamesages.com to get there. ZH registered 02/18/2001 11:52:28 AM with the name "hoolin" the name was later Permabanned for the reason of going ont he Pokemon board and posting "Pokemon sucks balls" The name is now un-banned DO to some SMOOTH talkin from ZH's hawtness. After getting hoolin banned ZH made other names such as hoolin2, and hoolin3. Sadly after a long depression of missing his old account, hoolin, ZH migrated to the gamefaqs.com boards. Sad, I know, what a sad lil bitch. After many months of posting on that crappy site, ZH then realized, THE MADNESS MUST END! It is then that ZH had made the legendary "zeldahoolin" account. Then later making a break through post on the IGN Shenmue boards under the newly registered account "zeldahoolin" ZH started his new career and a clean slate. The slate is now slightly tainted...He blames Threm, friggin monkey.

[edit] ZH's GCB Beginning

zeldahoolin *chris* was invited to the GCB by Jarrod *blink182ska* and has been stationed there for...a long ass time. Nicknames go as follows: ZH or hoolin..that's about it. ZH now contributes to the board with his sometimes humorous, sometimes stupid, and sometimes serious posts. Rarely posting any threads, but when he does, they are worth the wait. Hoolin has become somewhat of a GCB veteran, or at least was nominated for best veteran in the most recent awards. (old statement I don't know when "recent" was...maybe 06?)

[edit] Things ZH Does for Fun

Hoolin has been spotted on many of occasions kicking his friends ass at Soul Calibur 2,3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee (but he owns at Smash 64) and slaying some Horde ass in world of warcraft *Skywall* Hoolin enjoys a good skateboarding on a cold day that way he doesn't get all..hot and sweaty easily. He also likes to make short little movies with his friends and play music in his band "Alan Greenspan". Hoolin enjoys to shoot around in basketball, he is a good point guard and can sink 3 pointers better then Labron James. He will probably win the MVP award while playing for....The Californian GCBees.

[edit] GCB Awards

ZH has Won the following awards:

  • 2005:
  • Silliest User
  • Weirdest User
  • Best Icon
  • 2005: Summer Adition
  • Silliest User
  • Most Generous User
  • 2007:
  • Most Generous User

[edit] Adopted Users

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