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The GCB is the premiere message board on IGN, composed of its finest posters. And adidas198.


We're Currently working on 391 articles.

The Games Community Board (GCB) is a message board on IGN and is the premier place on the web to discuss anything from video games, movies, religion, current events, to just conversing with others and getting made fun of. It was founded March 18th 2002 by the mexicans mariooooooooooooo2 and rayhovite, and is home to some of the best users in all of IGN. Originally slated to be called the Super Smash Bros Community Board, it was soon changed to be called The Games Community Board to encompass all of IGN's Game Boards. The GCB is known for being one of the fastest new boards. Like all new boards, it was given 30 days to achieve 1000 posts to stay open permanently; it achieved this in less then 24 hours. Since then it has continued to be a successful board, achieving over 800,000 posts to date. Events like the FIFA World Cup, riots, the First National Bank of the GCB, and games, as well as GCB Awards and the GCB Presidential Election have become memorable on this board.  In September 2016 the GCB Podcast was launched.  Many times the GCB is jokingly considered a nation and users have even designed a Flag of the GCB and have written a National Anthem of the GCB.

On October 18th 2012, The Games Community Board was officially renamed to just "The GCB".   This supported by most of the long standing members of the board as a way to curb the amount of gaming threads that would surface on the board from one-off posters.  Some newer members of the board didn't understand this move, mainly the Gamespyforum members, however there opinions were not important.   

The GCB Empire Consists of:

The GCB:
The Motherland, our forefathers came here from the various game boards during the great migration to create the ultimate community on IGN.

The Other GCB:
The Gear Community Board is the original GCB Colony. Despite the natives for the most part refuse to conform to GCB rule there are more than enough GCB users there to justify calling it a colony of this great nation of ours. The Other GCB's users have been domesticated and brought up to the GCB's standard of posting, although most do not post in the motherland.

Formerly known as the Crashday game board, it has the same ID number as supergreg64. He is the leader of this small and sparsely populated GCB colony.


The largest colony of the GCB.  The first GCB Settelers arrived and tried their best to convert the savage natives to the ways of the GCB.  Few were receptive of the GCBers and a struggle is still on going, but efforts are being made to stabilize this colony.  The GHCB appears to have been a once a great board, but has fallen from grace in more recent times.


Ruled by Conapple_Pokopo, Pokoponesia was once known as "The Tick" game board.  This colony has a very small population, but is thought to be a haven for alts of the GCB.  They can live here in piece without being discriminated.

The Khan Islands:

The Khan Islands are ruled by khandoit.  During the impreialistic era of the GCB khandoit traveled to these small game boards and claimed them in name of the GCB.  They are virtually uninhabbited by any users.  The boards that make up the Khan Islands are as follows: Khan the Absolute Power, Contact, and 9 Worlds.



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