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One of the founding fathers of the Games Community Board. He registered in 2001 and became a noticeable user on the Super Smash Bros. Board because of n00bish posts and his lack of proper English. One of his first threads was on extolling the virtues of Donkey Kong. This led to his popularity quickly growing and combined with his desire to help people, Mario2 became quickly one of the most recognized users on the SSB. With his increase in popularity and the SSB board being very active, he, along with rayhovite took it upon themselves to found a SSB Community Board. Although the idea failed at first, the idea was soon converted into the Games Community Board thus spawning a board that would become incredibly successful. He was one of the main instigators in the FIFA World Cup fiasco, losing a bet to Mgoblue201 when Mexico lost to the United States. In late 03, early 04, he left the SSB board to focus solely on posting at the GCB. In May of 2006 with the annoucement of Super Smash Brothers Brawl he made his long awaited return to the SSB board.

Its been rumoured that he will come back to the GCB at some point and reclaim his spot as the founder/president and best user to ever post in that message board.

[edit] Users Adopted

Threm - 1 Year March 03-04

Thebigxer - 1 Month April-May 03

Note: When Mario was adopting Threm and Thebigxer, the one year subscription was meant for thebigxer but somehow IGN would not allow this happen so Threm got the one year subscription cheating Thebigxer out of full subscription.  Thebigxer whined about this a lot, however Mario2 has never confirmed this.

[edit] External links

Mariooooooooooooo2's IGN profile

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