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Games Community Board - The request thread that created the GCB

Man I'm Getting Old. :| - Started out as Mr.Hero624 complaining about feeling old. Derailed into plans for a poeroi CRM nowo starring Mr.Hero624, Threm, stoney556_3000, Mariooooooooooooo2, Baller_, and thebigxer. On a completely unrelated topic, the thread had over 300 posts...

Artist Guild: Eventual 56k Warning - A thread created by Cengah to compile all the GCB artists' art.

GCB "Contest" Official Thread! - A thread for the GCB contest to see who could go the longest without doing "it". Ended in a draw between Linguine and X-pert74. By then, noone else cared.

Official Lets play Ds games together!!!!! - A thread created by thebigxer compiling everyone's DS Friend Codes for the various DS games. Also used to challenge other users to matches.

Official GCB Music Club Discussion Thread - After listening to all the GCB Users express their love of music, UnanimousPrime began to realize just how out of touch he was with music. He never listened to the radio and never looked into anything he'd heard about. He had no real reliable source for discovering new music. Deciding that something needed to be done about that, he created a sign-up thread for a GCB Music Club. The idea was simple: everyone would take turns recommending a song for everyone else to listen to.

GCB Music Club II Discussion Thread - The Music Club disappeared for several months when users lost interest due to long wait times. It has since returned, now under the guidance of escee with stricter regulations and a more organized way of keeping track of members and sending music.

~~The Official GCB Anime Club~~ - A club created by Brad for discussing anime.

The "Dillo draws stuff for You" Thread - During the 2005 GCB Presidential Elections, Dildo made a thread for people to request art from him. A transparent attempt at garnering votes, it was still an awesome thread with great art and the origin of a few GCB staples.

Hey Threm Thread TheMaster52's thread titled for Threm, but for anyone truthfully. It is full of interesting animal video's and picture.

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